Reading Recommends For Halloween

I would have to say the Long Halloween trilogy and Witching Hour. I haven’t read it, but…it’s got witch in the title. Maybe Batman and the Monster Men. .:+1:


Also Arkham Asylum books. Especially Grant Morrison’s A Serious House on a Serious Earth. I wet myself, but I don’t like horror.


I dont think its on DC universe, but Vertigo’s(rip) the wake is pretty good horror-wise. If you’re a Scott Snyder and Sean murphy fan it’ll be a good treat.


I’ve Added - I’Vampire I really hope it feels like a Hammer Horror Vampire film

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Justice league Dark

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DC wise I would say:

The Long Halloween
Haunted Knight (a must)
Blackest Night

There’s also a cool Halloween issue during Brubakers time on Batman.

  1. Red Rain (Batman vs Dracula)
  2. Blackest Night (Death Ring)
  3. DCeased (Anti-Life Eqtn Zombies)
  4. American Vampire (Vertigo)
  5. Death of the Family (New 52)
  6. Curse of Brimstone (On Here)
  7. wytches (Snyder)

I would recommend a ton more, but you should definitely start there.

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DCU Halloween special is on the app

This thread is much appreciated!!

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I still haven’t even read dark metal smh.

Swamp things american gothic storyline, 34,35 to 50. Its got ALL the monsters. Bogieman, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, etc, and its a helluva good read


Great thread and picks!

Batman Vampire Trilogy
Seven Soldiers: Frankenstein
The Spectre - always great
Phantom Stranger

Batman who Laughs and DCeased series are good Halloween reads. Gotham characters have always been a little dark but these have plunged into the creep factor.

Batman/Aliens was very well done. Thanks for mentioning it.