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Outsiders Preview

The BatFam is taking a trip back to 1983. The long-running series The Brave and the Bold was coming to a close, and a new Bat-book was in order. The final pages of BATB #200 offered a preview of Mike W. Barr’s vision for a team of heroes led by the Darknight Detective. They would be known as the Outsiders.

Some of the Caped Crusader’s band of allies were brand-new creations, but two of them were established characters: Metamorpho and Black Lightning. And this team-up was not the first time they had worked with the guardian of Gotham City. Join us this month to see the stories that led to the adventures of BATO.

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I. Batman & Metamorpho

  • Brave & the Bold #101, 154
  • Justice League of America #42

II. Batman & Black Lightning

  • Brave & the Bold #163
  • Justice League of America #173-174

III. Outsiders Preview (Backup Issue)

  • Brave & the Bold #200
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