[Poll] So How Do You *Really* Feel About 5G?

We’ve read quite a bit about 5G, lots of official (the generation books announcement) and unofficial information out there. If you’re being honest with yourself, how do you all feel about what you’ve learned so far? Excuse the binary nature of the poll. I figured if I had an “in between” option, it would be the safe vote most people pick. The idea is to see which side of the spectrum you’re closer to, even if you’re just leaning a certain way. Let’s vote and discuss.

  • I’m all in; super stoked.
  • Not really looking forward to this at all.

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I’m not thrilled about it because I feel that Rebirth largely fixed the problems with the New 52, and even though some editorial decisions after Rebirth have undone much of the good will that Rebirth brought, a full-scale reboot is the last thing we need right now.


Personally, I can’t think of a better way to undermine blockbuster movies about DC’s A-list franchise characters than to replace them with B-listers.


It’s probably going to be the end of DC comics


Not a fan. I feel DC is at their best when focusing on character driven stories then shallow event comics. Change is welcomed but it must be earned not forced.


I think it is a terrible idea and bound to fail. A big part of why you buy Superman comics is to also follow Clark, Lois, etc. I honestly do not see how the powers that be think this can succeed.

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Guess I need a third choice in the poll: undecided / wait and see. In fairness, I’ve been out of the comics reading scene for a long time (DCU is getting me back into it, admittedly) so I’ve not followed through the last couple decades of what’s happened to see if this is just a commercial attempt to jumpstart promote something that is on the downward slide financially.


I personally haven’t read much about it. I’m in one of those modes where I prefer to let the product speak for itself rather than the hype.

What I know about it makes it sound unnecessary, but I’m not spending any time worrying about it.


So, I also voted in the negative. Somedays I’m more open to the idea than others, but ultimately, I can’t say that I’m that into what we’ve learned so far. What I don’t like:

  • Clark, Bruce and Diana are pretty much the main reasons I’m into comics at all. Aging them and replacing them with others is not an idea that appeals to me.
  • Why get so bogged down? Why do the comics have to be in lockstep with the past 80 years. So will comics involving a certain character have to be told in a certain era? Too much of a restriction, imo. While the idea of a timeline that corresponds to real time is neat, I don’t feel it’s necessary for me to enjoy a story. I prefer a loose continuity… sliding timeline… whatever you wanna call it.

Hope DC is figuring out a way to do it in a more moderate manner.


Good point, but it can be argued that comics don’t have the effect on pop culture they used to. I doubt most people that went to see the current crop of blockbusters had any clue what’s happening currently in the comics. At least true for the people I go to the movies with.


Always the sane approach :slightly_smiling_face:

Makes sense. Figured most of us are somewhere in between. Wanted to make the poll a bit more aggressive, so the vote carries a bit more weight :slightly_smiling_face:

Wouldn’t go that far, but agree it may hurt their bottom line if not done properly.

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As I said in another thread. DC has been hitting us with constant big events one after the other for several years now. At the beginning it wasn’t so bad. We had Legends, Millennium, Invasion,…they were all little things.

Then we had the summer annual crossovers Armageddon, Eclipso, Bloodlines (with War of the Gods, Death of Superman Nightfall and Emerald Twilight thrown in between them) Now that may sound like a lot all added together, but it depended on how much you were reading. Also the Summer annual Crossovers didn’t often impact the rest of the titles outside of the participating annuals.

Then came Zero Hour! The first major Crisis since Crisis! and this is where the term “Crisis Level Event” was born.
After this we started seeing more of them.
Final Night
Our Worlds At War
Jokers Last Laugh
Identity Crisis
Infinite Crisis
Sinestro Corps War
Final Crisis
Blackest Night
Drowned Earth
Doomsday Clock
Now Generation Zero and 5G
(and I’m probably forgetting a few a long the way!)

The point is, that it’s been like going to an amusement park with your friends and the guy in charge of the trip keeps dragging you at a break-neck pace through every maximum experience thrill ride after another!

Sometimes you need to stop and rest. take a breather. do a slow ride across the park in the air tram or something.
That’s what DC needs to do. it needs to let everyone relax.


Funny, was just typing a little something about event fatigue, but you summed it up perfectly. Agreed!

No more cCosses or Reboots

Synergy between movies and CW requird that Dians Bruce Clask Lois and Jon stay as currently done.

If DC want a new world with characters replaced as additional comic line or even cuts titles to accommodate this okay by me i f AT&-T thinks it will generate new ideas for videos that is okay by me.

I.woud purchase both lines of comics.

If new versions replaced old characters

I would

Cut number of DC comivs to bare minimum

Wait a year to see new characters here.

If we all do that

DC is doomed.

I didn’t vote because I don’t feel that strongly either way. Since I mostly consume comics on Universe, Marvel Unlimited, or in trades, I’m never up to date on the latest happenings. After a quick google, it sounds interesting enough. It’s not a total reboot. That’s what I get tired of. I don’t need constant retellings of the same story I’ve been following for 40 years. Maybe 5G will be like New Coke and Black Label will be like Classic Coke and one or the other will eventually absorb the other (For Real Final Crisis). Or maybe it’ll be like Ultimate Marvel, which turned out to be great storytelling alongside the “regular” continuity (which also folded together later…and it was fine).

IMO there’s room for new stories and new takes on the characters. If anything, the long continuity with the same characters can be an anchor. This is why we get reboots and convoluted retcons like Metal. The only thing that I’ve heard that I don’t like is all the 5G or bust talk. Hoping that’s just typical hyperbolic rhetoric that fans get stuck in.

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Right, I think we’re missing a third choice: I really don’t care one way or another.

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Sounds like you lean a bit towards liking the idea, in which case no harm in voting positive.

I guess if you remove fan attachment to certain characters the argument becomes more about how interesting stories can be told in the context of 5G. That’s difficult for this fan to achieve though. Also, I think by tying heroes to certain eras, you’re limiting the stories that writers can tell. Pure speculation of course.

I get it. I didn’t really want a “neutral” option in the poll. In retrospect, I maybe should have added “lean positive” and “lean negative” categories (which I tried to address with instructions in the original post), but hindsight is 20/20. It’s all for fun anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

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