PLEASE STOP with the Marvel Unlimited comparisons.

Am I happy with the comic selection, absolutely NOT.

They could have easily thrown in numerous older runs that do not sale anymore and made everyone happy.

But in saying that, this service was never meant to compete with Marvel Unlimited. They were 100% clear about that the whole time. Marvel Unlimited would be twice as much, or more, if they offer their current selection, plus new shows and older movies and series.

This service is more Netflix for DC fans than it is Marvel Unlimited.

The comparison is a horrible one.


100% agree. Thank you

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They were never clear about that. Sorry. The soonest we got any indication about what they were actually doing comic wise in any real terms was the live stream with Kevin Smith DAYS before it launched. Over a month and a half after the pre-orders were made available and they were touting what titles they were going to carry to media that they only ended up with 1-3 issues of without being clear how many of each issue they would carry.

Sorry but the only people you’re even talking to anymore are the people who got duped into pre-order thinking they would in fact get something much closer to Marvel Unlimited or at the very least get a selection of good comics instead of 1,000 #1s.

As long as they won’t give me a refund, I’ll do what I want on these forums thanks.


I didn’t pre-order until after the Kevin Smith show. You keep saying everyone enjoys being scammed, but some of us actually did research and acted as informed consumers when we bought. Details were scarce, yes. But just because you set unrealistic expectations based only on what you wanted doesn’t mean the rest of us did. I’ve had zero app issues, I can watch shows on my TV, and I’m reading comics that I otherwise would not have read.

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There was a video released a month before Kevin’s show. It showed the comic section in depth and they were clear on it being a selective selection.

Pretty sure this was released right at the time of pre order.

Like I said, they could have added so much more and made everyone happy without losing sales, but it was always 100% clear this was not going to be Marvel Unlimited.


When they first mentioned comics they called it a curated collection. That to me, meant that it was going to be run like a museum where selections come and go the way exhibitions come and go at museums. True, there will always be some permanently available selections the way there are permanent displays in museums. But the rest will all be rotating selections that come and go as the occassion fits. (some hero gets a movie, (or a new show here on the site) they introduce a “best-of” section)

Got my refund…keep pressing them.


@golddragon - that’s my understanding now as well since they’re still not being clear regardless of what the OP says. I didn’t expect the 20k comics that Marvel Unlimited has, but I did expect much more than the 2,600 or so they released. I also expected quality titles to be filled out with stories, not nickel and dime crap like #5 missing from a series or #1 missing from Crisis on Infinte Earths let alone that it’s only 2-4. That’s just shameful.

I followed every piece of news leading up to this launch enthusiastically. I pre-ordered the day it became available because I love everything DC and wanted to show my support. I can assure anyone who wants to defend DC that they were not clear at all about the number of comics til the Kevin Smith video, they misled people with how many titles they said they were going to carry leading up to that video, and they still are not being clear about their plans going forward. There was no way to know what you were getting before the Kevin Smith video and to a degree, you still don’t know what they’re doing. They’ve just buried their head in the sand.

It’s more than clear that this was all a business decision to try to get people to spend more on comics as, unlike Marvel, they see this as a sales opportunity. Spending budget on crap like DC Daily, which is nothing more than a glorified commercial, instead of adding more comics, which is what most people seem to be clamoring for, makes their objectives clear.


DCU is $75/year
MU is $69/year
Netflix $6/year portion of Marvel shows and movies on Netflix (Marvel cost 4% of Netflix budget. 4% of Netflix premium subscription for a year is $6).

And you get the newer Marvel movies on Netflix.


Marvel Unlimited costs the same…and has 10x the comics…

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Marvel unlimited has a bunch of app crashing bugs and while it has tons of comics, not all are good comics. They also don’t have complete runs of comics yet either. DCU just got started. Give it time. The selection will get better.

Needmorecomics- how many movies and TV shows does Marvel Unlimited have?

@Clowe - Marvel Unlimited is fantastic. It crashes every great once in a while but totally worth it for 20k comics that has almost everything from them you could wanna read up til 6 months ago. DC’s approach to this comic selection does not lend itself to things getting better.

From their customer support FAQs:

“How often do you add new comics to the platform?

Our base library will include 2,500 titles some of which will switch out on a quarterly basis. Additionally each week we will bring a special limited engagement title including some of DC’s most essential storylines. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive all the updates!”

That means that at best, they are going to add a little something you want to read quarterly and you have to get a newsletter to find out when it’s released. On top of which, if they take the same approach they did to things they’ve already released, you get it minus at least 1 issue which they will try to make you purchase to finish like Crisis on Infinite Earth which is missing Issue #1. There’s no reason at all to have faith in them. The comics portion of the service was clearly a money grab.


To all the apologists. It’s not so much a matter of us wanting DC Universe to be an answer to Marvel Unlimited. It’s a matter of us wanting to keep it in the mind of DC that we want a DC equivalent. There was a perfect opportunity, with this service, to offer that. I know I would, and I assume many of the others complaining about the comic selection, gladly pay as much if not more than 7.99 for an offering similar to MU.

To that saying MU doesn’t have full runs either. I say you should actually use the app. You can read every Fantastic Four. Every Amazing Spider-Man. Every Avengers. Every Uncanny X-Men. And every currently running series is being filled out on a six month delay from the current issue.


Please stop with the Marvel Unlimited Comparison?



One more comment in regard to us ceasing the comparisons to Marvel Unlimited


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To those who thought this would be MU are just dumb. Idk how many times they said it would not have most content. Were you guys just playing dumb along they way with a hope it would be what you wanted? You’re running the fun for those who know what’s going on. Also it’s literally day 5…

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I’m just saying my physical collection shouldn’t be greater than what DC can put up online. At most this’ll be a service I sign up for 1 month a year to see what the original shows are doing. It’s for casual fans who don’t already have a movie collection and need comic selections to be chosen for them in minimal quantities.


Why not let them know how we feel? That’s part of what this forum is all about. The current selection is not getting the job done.


Antie- be mad. I’m not happy with the selection but at least make good comparisons. This service wasn’t supposed to be MU.