Plan Your Own DC Universe Movie Slate

Here’s mine

Superman: The Last Son Of Krpton: after years of protecting metropolis, Superman discovers a cosmic mystery involving an alien conquer known as Brainiac. Now the man of steel most embark on a mission to discover the truth about his home worlds missing city of Kandor and to protect his new home from being shrunken into a bottle

Batman and son: Bruce Wayne struggles to raise his biological son, Damian. But a disaster in Gotham brings the two closer! Doctor Hugo strange is hired by Ras Al Ghul to create an army of Bat monsters. Now the father and son duo must work through their differences to save the city from doom

Wonder Woman and the amazons: Diana of Themyscira embarks on a quest to bring peace between mans world and paradise island. Her goals may have failed once villainy INC is formed and tries to paint the amazons as the bad guys.

The Flash: Enter the speed force: 1 year after the death of Barry Allen, Wally West discovers him alive in the speedforce. But once Barry starts acting different, Wally and his new kid flash Ace discover that Barry Allen might actually be the reverse flash in disguise!

Justice League International: Batman and Martian manhunter bring together a ragtag group of heroes to defeat evil on an international scale. The teams attempt to protect the world are challenged once a new villain known as The Gray Man arrives and tries to break the JLI apart

The Gotham Knights: After Batman and Robin leave the city for a mission, Tim Drake and a group of Gotham based heroes discover a threat involving Batwomans father. Now Tim, Spoiler, Batgirl (Cass), Batwoman, Azrael, Batwing, and Blue bird team up together to stop the Colony.

Zatanna: Zatanna teams up with John Constantine and Tim Hunter to find a lost item that once belonged to her deceased father. The trio must journey across the world to stop a deadly cult from gaining the team before them

Justice league Versus the crime syndicate: the original Justice league reunite once a group of villains from earth three arrive on their earth and attempt to replace them. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz), The Flash, Cyborg, Green arrow, and black canary must unite to stop the Imposters and also team up with earth threes versions of Lex Luthor and The Joker who want to help destroy the syndicate.

Green arrow and black canary: Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance work together to stop a assassin who has been slaying Vigilantes around the world who is known as the Onomatopoeia. The duo also teams up with The Question, Huntress, and Nightwing to stop the killer.

Mister miracle: Scott Free and his wife Big Barda journey across space to rescue kidnapped children on the planet Apokolips. The two must battle through darkseids army and Granny Goodness herself to save the children from their tragic fates awaiting them


Carter Hall

Katar Hol


The Dragon of Barbatos

The Silent Knight

Airwing of New Genesis

Gold Hawk

The Bird Man of Easter Island



Koenraas Von Grimm

General K’Tar Deathbringer



For me it would be:
Doom Patrol (retaining the TV show cast, but with Beast Boy added)
Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz)
Jonah Hex
Justice Society of America (set in the 40s)
Sandman Mystery Theatre


From Titans?


I would just continue the Snyderverse with the original cast.

  1. Henry Cavill in MOS 2

  2. Batman Vs Deathstroke starring and directed by Ben Affleck

  3. Justice League 2

  4. Legion of Doom film that was teased at the end of JL

  5. Justice League 3

  6. Superman/Shazam Vs Black Adam

  7. Deathstroke film or tv show ‘takes place before fight with bat’

  8. A New Gods tv show or film (directed by Ridley Scott)

  9. Justice League Dark directed by Guillermo Del Toro

  10. Crisis on Infinite Earths, Forever Evil, Doomsday Clock, Kingdom Come, or Final Crisis. Something that brings all of the characters together and it’s a big conclusion to the entire DCEU. Basically something like Infinity War and Endgame over at Marvel.


Teaser of Batman’s confrontation with Slade. :fire::crossed_swords: :00_deathstroke: :batparrot:


I haven’t ever watched Titans, but I don’t see why we couldn’t use the same actor. Beast Boy was originally part of Doom Patrol, so he should be in the movie IMHO.


I haven’t seen it either


Superman-not origin but first big foe. The villain livewire but real villain Lex. Lex Corp had a hand in her turning wants revenge a story of hope and choice with Supes Lois jimmy trying to help live wire.

Batman-already experienced on Steph as a Robin. Dick is NW not in it. Jason dead. Tim is not Robin at the moment also not in it. Barbara oracle. Opening battle against joker and Harley(still with him here). Just another day kind of thing but big story involving Shiva and Cass and LoA.

Wonder Woman- modern day. Head to man’s world via Steve and Barbara Anne Minerva who are there on archeology history stuff (Steve is security). Villain is Veronica Kale wants power of the Amazons. Help of Giganta as her muscle. Post credit cheetah

Trinity Movie- the main three unite after discovering poly from Vandal Savage. His plot involves a lot of dc lore and places introducing other leaguers of Aquaman Mera Martian Manhunter Flash (Barry) Hawks. Tease Perpetua ends with LoD tease Lex kills savage

Supes 2- in space on warworld. Find supergirl there. Big story of family freedom and what’s supes without everything but Sg takes down Mongul as hero of warworld. GL into too with John on WW

Aquaman- manta involved similar story to first movie but more look at Atlantis in kingdoms and more characters like murk Dolphin Tula etc have a role.

Wonder Woman 2- Barbara becomes Cheetah WW tries to save her but can’t captures hoping on day to save her.

Manhunter- orgin slash battle with brother. Introduce Miss M.

Barry Flash-origin battles RF in origin. Teases rougues throughout.

Batman 2- Now more bat family in it. NW Tim Steph Cass Babs. Red hood story. Involving Penguin and the other mob bosses.

Hawk movie- based on 2018 look at Carter and Shayra.

JL movie- villains team first forming LoD. Lex Jok/HQ Giganta RF Manta MM Bro. Big fighting different heroes. Heroes team to win. HQ starts to doubt J here. Tease perpetua

Supes 3- big story with darkseid new gen and Apokolips. Miracle barda intro here. Super family too (Kara Lois Jimmy LiveWire) more lanterns too

Aquaman 2 battle with manta. Jackson Intro

Flash 2- Rougues intros Wally to mix

Teen Titans- lead by Dick lead team is Miss M Cass and Steph Wally Aqualad. New age if heroes. Story revolves around Donna Troy.

Wonder Woman 3- Battle with the gods all Amazons show up. 3 tribes. Big epic story about truth. Ares main foe. Cheetah gets cured.

Justice League Dark- team is Z Swamp Thing Abby Arcane Constantine Deadman. Story touches magic corners. Involves upside down man and other foes.

Harley Quinn- fights joker big break up battle in Arkham. Supporting cast some inmates and other from comics. Including Ivy.

Green Lanterns- Looks at all lanterns and colors. Big lantern story from rookie Cruz perspective.

Batman 3- Ra’s fight for Gotham. Meaning if family members intro Damian.

Miracle/Barda- Multuverse story sets up crisis.

JL2- Crisis on infinite story leads to perpetua

JL3- Perpetua reshape world. Heroes work threw it with everyone to save day. Focus on trinity. And the End.


Casting for all the movies

Why does Batman seem like the only good guy in it?

I thought Savage was immortal

No Raven or Beast Boy?


Vandal can be killed.




I’m terrible with casting so I wouldn’t know :sweat_smile:

The rest of the family are still good. Just wanted more focus on the Batman robin duo. With Oracle and Alfred too.

Yeah immortal means he won’t die of old age but can die of other means.

I wanted then and Star and cy but the more I thought about it I already introduced a lot of young heroes why not use them instead :sweat_smile:.


batman and superman worlds finest
wonder women
justice league
teen titans
batman under the red hood
red hood and the outlaws
crises movie


Which Crisis?


doesn’t matter :rofl:


I’m going to do mine in phases or chapters, since that’s how everyone else in the industry is doing it lol

Chapter 1:

Superman: Man For Tomorrow (During his second year as the man of steel, Clark is still adjusting to his life with his dual identities, becoming harder as Lois begins to follow his trail. He soon gets entangled in a large web of mystery as the villain Brainiac arrives to collect Earth and show Clark the truth about what really took place on Krypton, that ultimately led to the destruction of his home planet)

Batman: Heir to the Demon (While Batman & Nightwing are investigating an unusual wave a crime taking place in Gotham City, Talia returns with news that she has been raising Bruce’s son, Damian and thinks that it would be good for the father and son to bond. After discovering that Ra’s Al Ghul and the underground society named The Court of Owls are behind the planned “rebirth” Gotham, Batman is taken and Damian is forced to learn from Dick and decide if he wants to follow the path of The Batman or The Demon)

In a post credits scene, Batman discovers what Ra’s has been experimenting with… a motherbox. Batman pulls up a list of heroes, calls a friend and suggests they should put “the team” together.

Wonder Woman: Princess of Truth (Diana Prince is still adjusting to the life in man’s world but discovers an artifact that bring about the Gods of the old world. The villains Cheetah & Medusa steal the artifact, release the gods that have been wanting to wage war on humankind for their destruction. The blame of the god’s release is pinned on the amazons, which causes Paradise Island and Man’s world to go to war with each other. How can Wonder Woman prove the innocence of the amazons, protect mankind, and defeat the ancient gods all together?)

The Flash: The Speed Force Awakened (Barry Allen wakes up from coma after being struck by lightning and discovers his newfound abilities. Jay Garrick, the former Flash, will assist Barry along the way in learning the importance of heroism and following the rules of the speed force. A group of villains, infamously known as The Rogues have been tasked in finding an outworld object left in the destruction of Nanda Parbat. The Flash will have to go on a global adventure, while learning his new abilities to stop the Rogues from retrieving the object and preventing whatever destruction may arrive.)

The post credits scene will show the meeting between two detectives. The Flash brings Batman the mysterious object the Rogues were after, and they both realize that the motherbox and mystery object are both connected to something greater.

The Green Lanterns (Hal Jordan and John Stewart are investigating the sudden deaths of Green Lanterns Corps members. Hal & John are later met by Martian Manhunter who’s been following the same trail. The trio discover that there are other Lantern Corps and the main culprit of the murders is none other than Sinestro of the Yellow Lantern Corps. It is revealed in the final act that Sinestro has been tasked by a mysterious figure from Apokolips who foresaw the future and saw a Green Lantern attacking Apokolips, to hunt and kill Hal and John or those who match their willpower. The trio of heroes defeat Sinestro and kidnap the being who saw the future. They realize the universe is bigger than they imagined and bring a warning to the other heroes of Earth.)

In an end credits scene, a boom tube opens up and a large silhouette slowly comes forward from the portal.

Justice League United (Batman assembles a team of heroes with the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern Hal Jordan & John Stewart, Martian Manhunter & Cyborg to stop an incoming war from Apokolips, led by Steppenwolf & Granny Goodness. The story would be centered around Cyborg & Silas’s connection to the motherboxes and Apokolips. After Granny Goodness is defeated by the league, and the war is leaning into the league’s favor, Steppenwolf is killed by Darkseid, as he’s now tired of Steppenwolf’s failures. It’s the Justice League vs. Darkseid. Batman, WW & Cyborg defeat Darkseid and send him back to his planet.)

Darkseid was defeated too easily though. As the League regroups, the being who foresaw the future is about to be revealed, but suddenly disappears before the League. (he will be back). A message is sent that he has what he needs and will return in the future. Film ends with the League opening the Hall of Justice and the new recruits are revealed to be Aquaman, Green Arrow & Black Canary

End Chapter 1


Chapter 2

Batman: Hush ( The Batfamily has gone their separate ways. Nightwing leaves for Bludhaven. Barbara is adjusting to her new role as Oracle after her incident. And Damian struggles with his new path and new team. A new villain with the name “Hush” has arrived in Gotham City, and he’s taking Gotham’s greatest villains out, leaving the Batman having difficulty in keeping up. The deeper this mystery goes, the closer to home it gets for Bruce Wayne. Who is under that mask? And how does he know Bruce Wayne is Batman?)

Titans (As Damian gets used to his new life under Batman’s wing, he starts to get bored. Damian is struggling in keeping up with the Bat’s rules, so Nightwing decides to have Damian join a young team, the Teen Titans. Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, Wonder Girl & Kid Flash (Wallace West) welcome Robin with open arms, but he refuses. One of Batman’s enemy’s Deathstroke, has been contractually obligated to take out the Titans, as he also believes the Titans have kidnapped his daughter, Rose. Damian must learn how to trust and work with a team in order to defeat Slade Wilson, while also figuring out who is behind the contract.)

Aquaman (Some underwater stuff happens)

Arrow & The Canary: Hard-Traveling Heroes (A story that focuses on the reuniting of Green Arrow and Black Canary who both run into each other on a national trip to find the Ninth Circle. The film would flashback between the origins of the two heroes & their first meeting, that will later bond the two and fall in love. The story takes place before Chapter 1’s Justice League United.)

The Death of Superman

The Flash 2 (As the death of Superman looms over the world, Barry is having a hard time focusing on the job, as Superman was the man teaching him about the duties of being a hero. After a clash with Mirror Master & the Shadow, Jay Garrick returns… but with his powers. It is revealed to be The Flash from another Earth. Barry is stumped to find out there are other Earths, while Jay is on a secret mission that he refuses to talk about. Jay’s quest is put on hold as he realizes that this Flash needs his help to stop these new threats, and teaches Barry the final lesson on what it means to be The Flash. After the villains are defeated, Barry asks “Are you going home now?” and Jay responds “Not yet. I still have important matters to meet”, and speeds his way through a portal.)

It is revealed in a post credit scene that Jay was on a quest to recruit the most capable fighters from across the multiverse to stop an incoming threat.

Wonder Woman 2

The Return of Superman

Justice League Dark (Batman enlists the help of John Constantine, as the League have been noticing supernatural dangers on Earth, first noticed in WW2. Batman tells John that there’s a girl who’s gaining her powers, but doesn’t have any control over them & supernatural forces are seeing this girl as an opportunity to take her abilities and unleash hell on Earth. John meets Swamp Thing, Deadman, & Etrigan during the quest to find the girl, who later is revealed to be Zatanna. After they all get together, war between hell and Earth is starting with a quick cameo from Wonder Woman. John, Alec, Deadman & Etrigan leave Zatanna behind because she isn’t able to fight with the condition she’s in. Later in the final act, Zatanna shows up after learning what her abilities are all about and defeats whoever is the lead cause of the war.

post-credits scene, Batman and John are conversing about the balance between the supernatural and physical threats and Batman suggests that John should lead this new team. John refuses to lead, so Batman looks for another candidate.

End credits scene, we see John having a nightmare as he sees a massive red wave of energy sweeping across, what looks to be Earth… or Earths. John wakes up in fear. Screen goes black.

Justice League: DCeased (Darkseid returns to Earth with the virus from the DCeased storyline. Nobody dies as quickly like the story and it doesn’t become as messed up as the comic. During the final act, Batman & Cyborg come up with a cure, and stop the spread. Darkseid gets killed by Deathstroke, using the God-killer sword that he discovered at the end of Wonder Woman 2. Barry gets visions of catastrophe and disaster, and that’s when Dr. Fate & The Spectre show up. The man who was held captive on Apokolips in Chapter 1 was Dr. Fate wearing an alternate helmet from another world that showed him a destructive future. The Justice League are now introduced to the Multiverse. The anti-matter wave is spreading and consuming other Earths. Film ends)

End Chapter 2

The Multiverse is now in danger


No Tim Drake in your Batman movies?


Not a character I’m that familiar with, so why touch it?