OFFICIAL Comic selection grievance thread

Use this thread to let the administrators know that you are unhappy about the small selection of comics available.

It’s fine and understandable to not have an entire catalog or full runs. However, having only one issue or three issues of a series (sometimes even not in order!!) is not acceptable to me. It seems several people agree with me.

Hopefully we can have a civilized thread here, and people can thoughtfully add what they wish to have in the service in the coming weeks.


I will have to agree. At the same time I know that each Week DC stated they plan to release more comics every Wednesday.

Very disappointed about the limited selection only to find out they expect us to pay for the issues next month. Essentially I’ve paid $75 for a comic reader that isn’t as good as the one comixology has for free. And I’m assuming they’re not going to combine accounts with the DC comics I’ve already bought on their Amazon/Comixology platform? Would’ve been nice if they fleshed all this out before but I bought into the “Action Comics #1 to Rebirth” line and assumed they’d be at least competitive with the other industry leader and have full runs like on Marvel Unlimited.


I agree that they need to add A LOT MORE comic books, and then organize and categorize them, like Marvel Unlimited does. With that said, I will say just in the last 24 hours I have noticed that they have added more comics every couple of hours, so I think they are working on it, it’s just taking some time.

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Yeah agreed, I really think we should give it more time though. I’d say by the end of the month lets see where this app is progression wise from now. Keep in mind, we are still in the Beta and they are adding stuff by the hour like someone else mentioned. Definitely a lot of potential here though.

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Agreed. I get that Marvel Unlimited grew over time and it’s unfair to expect that much of a selection on day minus one. I hold out hope more will be added. However, the comments that the selection will be “rotating” do not give much confidence that a comprehensive selection is ever even the goal, much less the reality. Any benefit of adding more is negated if they’re also taking things off. It looks especially bad that they’re now saying we can purchase individual issues starting in October, which strongly supports the “we ended up paying for a service that is mainly going to be teasers for buying issues a la carte” theory. After waiting for years for DC’s version of Marvel Unlimited, and buying a year of this under the belief that this was finally it or at least the initial stages of it, I’m feeling ripped off and would cancel immediately if I had not prepaid.

I also have to admit I’m confused by those who say it was unreasonable to expect comprehensive or near-comprehensive access to comics at this price point. I don’t see how it’s unreasonable to believe DC can offer what Marvel has done for years.


The only thing I see as unreasonable is to expect the number of comics that MU has on day 1, it just wasn’t going to happen, especially since DC has several decades more of content. Slow growth with rotating new books in either every week or even a big drop once a month is fine. Bringing in new books while removing other books and expecting us to pay extra to get the books that were removed back is a deal breaker for me. I’m really hoping DC doesn’t do that because it would kill the service for most people primarily interested in the comics portion.

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I agree the comic availability is a bit lacking but its like day 1 of the service, hopefully they’ll keep adding more. It is kind of disappointing to open flashpoint and only see issue #1 and none of the side stories. I was also hoping for more complete volumes, especially the self contained stories like All Star Superman, Red Sun and others.


I would say for the people who say it’s unreasonable for DC to have equaled Marvel Unlimited on day 1 as being unreasonable - Marvel built their service from the ground up and in very little time got most of their back catalog online. DC has had a lot of time to play catch up and has had the help of Comixology/Amazon to digitize their catalog for them. For as much time that DC had and how far the technology has come they could have had half or a quarter the amount of books. DC is only going to have 10% of what Marvel Unlimited has done and then rotate books out as it goes along. It’s frustrating because the catalog is finished being digitized, they just want us to pay for 10-20-30-40-50-60-70 year old comics on top of the subscription fee.

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i agree but i’ve said it in other posts, give it time… official launch date isnt even until the 15th and nothing big will be available until October

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I hope they dont give us just a #1 and then charge for the rest of the run.

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I am honestly hopjng they are just waiting for the official release date of the 15th to fill out the caralog…


They been adding stuff as of late. Dark Knight Returns was just 1 issue but they added the rest, they also added Identity Crisis, Dark Victory, and Long Halloween. And that is only the new ones ive noticed this morning. Just give em time


Idk i saw that more comics will be available on October but for purchase and that there upsets me

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Yeah one issue of all the current runs is pretty nonsensical and brutal. That should not be in a pay service. They really need to deepen the comic list and fill it out with some newer stuff. Not everything but if we’re going to pay for this service monthly we deserve more than bare minimum free samples.

Above the comic selection it says entire catalog available for purchase in October. Kinda weak considering this is a monthly charging service. You would think that with the lack of streaming options at least we would have the run on the comic catalog. I know more content is coming, but what is keeping people from dropping after a month or so?


They are already pulling just as much stuff as they are adding. Impulse had the entire run up and now it’s down to 36. Adventures of Superman had 110 issues now it has 8. Birds of prey was over 100 then it was 40 now it’s less I think. Don’t get me started on how it looks like they are going for the whole death and return of Superman arc but they have two issues from each title involved missing right in the middle. Jim Lee said 2500 Comics would be available. That’s about what’s on here now but come on there isn’t even any point getting into this stuff. All star Superman has 11 out of 12 issues, missing #5. The disappointment so far is crushing.


I think Adventures of Superman was a glitch. It did say 110 issues but when you clicked on it, there were only 8, now it’s been corrected to say 8 issues. I can imagine that Impulse was the same situation ( I did see it said 89 the other day and changed to 36 but I never clicked on it to see if there were actually 89 issues).

It did say 110 on adventures for a while once it dropped to 8 but on Wednesday all 110 were there. Impulse did have all 89 too.

Has anyone noticed they have 80’s checkmate mixed in with the 2000’s checkmate?