OFFICE HOURS VOL II: Ask DC Universe Your Questions Every Tuesday Night!

Would you brush your teeth with an X-Men toothbrush shaped like one of Wolverine’s claws?

Or a toothbrush that looks like Cyke’s optic blast?

Asking for a friend…

turns and winks at nearby Colgate execs


It could also be an awesome new DCUI dance as well. Maybe The spoiler avoider!!! :man_dancing::dancer: :joy:

What do you think @Applejack? Has @Razzzcat inspired the second most popular DCUI dance craze ?!?!


Ah, Harlan Ellison.

Let’s ask James Cameron what he thinks of him.

walks into Mr. Cameron’s office and asks if he could write an assessment of Mr. Ellison down; Jim proceeds, then hands me a piece of lined paper and I leave his office

Okay, let’s see…he…

reads what Jim wrote

Yeah, this is…colorful. Wow!

On a dental hygiene note, I tried Batman toothpaste a few years ago and by the Order of St. Dumas, it sucked. Mssrs Kane and Finger would be most displeased with their co-creation being utilized to push such a crummy product.


A superman toothbrush


One, I’m not sure if they’re still available, as Covid-19 has messed up all sorts of distribution. Two, I’d recommend asking the hygienist first instead of the dentist.


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I would imagine the Wolverine clawbrush, obviously coated with razor sharp adamantium, would save you time and money that would be wasted on flossing. However, it would probably be offset by all the suturing needed afterwards to put the gingiva (gums) back together.



I bet it was rebranded Crest Pro-Health from a few years ago. That stuff was nasty! We actually had a “Lunch & Learn” back then with a P&G rep who, when we all told her how horrible the taste was, actually told us that we were wrong and that it tasted great. That same rep also had the unmitigated gall to, instead of taking lunch orders from us and going to a local sandwich shop or restaurant to bring us lunch like every other rep on the planet does, actually showed up with pizza from Domino’s! It was like that episode of Seinfeld when Kramer dumps his underwear on Jerry’s table and Jerry says that now he has to move out.


A company representative who insisted that their poopy product was indeed great and that those who have the most intimate familiarity with it were wrong? The hell you say! That never happens. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If she comes back with Dominos and you don’t want it, I’ll happily eat it and tell her that I don’t floss, either. Its okay, I brush twice a day and in a thoroughly, yet reasonable, vigorous fashion each time. :slight_smile:

begins Seinfeld impression

What’s the deal with floss? You place a little string between your teeth and, along with thorough brushing, all the crap in your mouth is suddenly gone? Well, I don’t think so, Puddy!

does a shot of Scope and ends Seinfeld impression

I sure could go for some Kenny Rogers Roasters chicken…

hears a barker in the distance yell “Get your Kenny Rogers Roasters chicken here!”

Time to go crack open Todd Flanders’ piggy bank (again) for a broccoli-free, ****load of napkins accompanying, Family Feast!


Being the way overaged kid I am, yes, yes I would… :slight_smile:


Being an overaged kid (as well as a former Toys R Us and Flintstones vitamins kid) myself, I salute you with my Superman toothbrush!

Disclaimer: I do not actually have a Superman toothbrush. I might be inclined to purchase one, but I’ve never come across said item. My current toothbrush is by the fine folks at Colgate. Or Crest. Either way, its soft and provides a nice, refreshing brushing that removes Mountain Dew breath quite aptly.


Oh, she’s not coming back! After she left, to get rid of the residual nasty in my office, I had to get a specialized cleaning crew that usually handles crime scene clean-ups. And also a priest to do an exorcism.

In addition, I believe that handing off second-hand Domino’s (or even first-hand) is a violation of the Geneva Convention, and I wouldn’t want to do that to you anyways. I know I’m a dentist, but I try not to be a sadistic bastard.

Nowadays, I don’t bother with the “lunch & learns” (this is before Covid-19). Now I just have the reps meet me at the Original Bar & Drill at the end of my day and week. If the rep doesn’t have any remarks about the Bar & Drill, then I know they can’t be trusted!



Was actress Amy Adams part of that cleaning crew? She was in a movie about cleaning, you know.

I bet Amy Adams smells like fresh-baked cookies. She’s quite lovely, so its only logical to assume that she exudes a heavenly, naturally effervescent scent of fresh-baked, just out of the oven, baked goods.


Haha, yeah, the very attractive redhead Amy Adams and her unexpectedly enjoyable movie, “Sunshine Cleaning”, was where I stole that idea for that part of the post. :slight_smile:


Aren’t all redheads very attractive?

Wait, scratch that. Years ago, I knew one who wasn’t. She was nice on the outside while being a selfish, holier-than-thou, conceited, hurtful, dumpster fire of a ***** on the inside.

Her aside though, they’re absolutely a winning team! :fireworks: :football: :goal_net:

Meanwhile, on the topic of dental fun:


(Gee, this thread has taken a most interesting turn. As the Grateful Dead once said, “What a long, strange trip its been.”)

Sorry to hear about your dumpster fire experience. I guess I’ve been lucky with ex’s that way. Consequently, the joke that immediately comes to mind (about ex’s and hair color) is something I’ll withhold since some might read that joke and make assumptions that aren’t true (in fact, just today, I referred a patient of mine to my ex-wife and her husband for a procedure they like doing).

Therefore, I shall agree with your premise and say yes, redheads are very attractive in their own unique way, and bid you all adieu.

Again, thanks for the laughs, Vroom.


That little witch wasn’t an ex, thank Rao. I avoided the Kryptonite bullet that she was and then some. :grin:

You’re welcome for the laughs. If you want to kick a Superman lolly my way as an additional thank you, I wouldn’t say no. :wink: Heck, make it two if you can. I’ve been a good boy in my teeth upkeep. Look, here’s a photo of me and my chompers:


says “I wish I looked like Tyler Hoechlin. Maybe then, I’d…well, sell more aluminum siding, as it were.” to himself

Oh well. We are as we are.

looks at the above photo once again

Well, I’m not too far off from him in all honesty (my having brown hair aside). If I ever get my derriere to the gym, I could possibly pull it off…in 1,000 years, just in time for the Legion to debut! :00_legion: :nerd_face:


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I did see some posts from people who said they got packages in late 2020, so I was just curious.


Thank you

What’s wrong with that?