Comic Menu Glitch on DCUI?

Hey all! I’m still experiencing an issue that had been mentioned in the past, but I sort of assumed it had been fixed…

When I click on the Comics tab, sorting A to Z, and scrolling through all of the titles, getting all the way down to “Superman”, then click/tap on it - when I back out, and go back to the full list, instead of continuing on where I left off, in the “S” with Superman, I’m popped back up to the very top again. Now, to see the titles from “Superman” to the end, I have to do a bunch of scrolling to get back to where I was.

Anyone else still experiencing this? This seems like an issue that may have slipped through the cracks…

Thanks friends!


Hey @macdad34.93097!

I’m so sorry to hear this is still an issue! I’ll pass this along to the team, but can you also send a message to our Support Team? Make sure you let them know the device and app info that you are using.


Submitted. :slight_smile:


So, I just got a response, and it read as if they thought I was making a feature suggestion, and not reporting a bug/issue… is that a standard response?



I can’t say for sure if that is or not. However, I can make sure the dev team is aware of the issue. :slight_smile:

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Thank you!


Hopefully that helps