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@Applejack, two things:

☆ I hope you had a swell Christmas. Did you get what you wanted?

♧ When Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer, what was your reaction?

adjusts the legal pad on his lap and hums “This is Halloween” while patiently waiting for a response

Bonus Round: Did Charles from Charles in Charge change his name to Bob Lablaw and become an attorney? I can see him doing that and wanting a fresh start after no longer being in charge of the Pembrokes.

doorbell rings, followed by the voice of a man saying “Doorbell!”, to which I think to myself “Well, that’s nice that he knows its a doorbell, but will he answer it?”

I then begin to hum the second Charles in Charge theme upon looking out a window and observing an older man, rubber mallet in hand, glerfully chasing Buddy Lembeck off the property

That Buddy, what a character.

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Hi @Applejack, With Stargirl coming to DC Universe and CW this spring, does it means we’ll get season 2 at the same time as Titians season 3 next fall?


Are there plans afoot to bring Krypton Season 2 to DC Universe?

Also, have a happy New Year!


Season’s greetings, friends! I hope you’re all having a peaceful and pleasant slowdown to your 2019. :relaxed: I’m just kick-starting my own brain now, so please bear with me while I warm up the ol’ mindpower.

cracks knuckles


Same to you, MovieAddict! :snowman_with_snow:
Hehe, well, even if we can’t get an animated WW series for you, I’m sure we can figure something out in the realm of emojis. It’s criminal that the Amazonian Princess isn’t represented in our emoji pack, I agree.


Thank you so much for the clear breakdown and screenshots- this is super odd. We’ll get our QA team testing it on iPad as well. I’m not able to replicate that personally, but we’ll get a few other members of our team to take it for a spin.


Thank you like I said i can get around it by going to the news tab for most things but it should just go to the link. Not like its being linked off site


OooOoooh!! Funny you should ask! We actually had almost all our moderators on DC Daily on this episode here, from our fan event back in March- it was a huge pleasure to get everyone together, and you can also see many of our own amazing community members on this episode as well:

I have yet to appear as I like the cool dark of the shadows, but anything is possible :smiley:


Copy that- @LK3185 mentioned the same problem with YouTube, above. Do you get the same “Sorry, we weren’t able to find anything at this link” error?

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Yay, so happy to have another supporter for Wikis! They need to be nurtured like tiny little gardens, but one day we will make them a focus feature. I’ll pass Kamandi along to our editorial team, that would make Marguerite Bennett very happy, as well :slight_smile:


giphy (1)


Heya Reaganfan78! Happy New Year to you, as well! :slight_smile: I’m as ready as I’ll ever be :sunglasses:

Oh boy… A very specific question doesn’t come to mind (probably given the sluggish holiday-brain I’ve been accumulating since last Friday). When Office Hours first started, I used to gather up all the questions in advance and painstakingly pore over them to make sure I answered everything just right. I like that now I feel much more confident to jump in blind and give off-the-cuff, authentic answers that come from a place of more knowledge.

You know, any time someone comes to Office Hours to express their concerns is always valuable. People have a right to voice their opinion anywhere on the forums, happy, unhappy or otherwise, and it’s not always appropriate for me to chime in with a monologue in response. They should be able to say what they’re thinking freely without myself or a moderator trying to persuade them away from how they rightfully feel. But if they come to Office Hours, it’s an opportunity to really share the opportunities and possibilities and full value of what we do here. It’s a chance to open up a dialogue and have a meaningful conversational. Maybe not a FUN moment, but I truly do happily answer those because I’m very passionate about what we do.

Weeeeeell a little bit like cheating- like you said, I started back in February, so it’s a big ol’ time stack of comments. But it’s really nice to know that Office Hours still feels useful for members, so as long as people still have questions to ask, I’ll keep stacking the comments.

I don’t know that answer off the top of my head, but I can find out when the offices re-open in January :slight_smile:

I’ll pass the request along to our content team, absolutely!

I’m not sure about DC Universe logo items, but absolutely we’ll continue to add new items to the store!

Oh my gosh I’ve watched it about 20 times. I’m SO excited for it, probably even more excited than I was for the first Wonder Woman film. I think of the upcoming lineup it’s the DC film I’m most excited for.

Never say “never”, but at this time it’s not on horizon.

Sometimes ridiculous questions are the best questions, but it’s always a pleasure! Happy 2020 if we don’t chat again :slight_smile:


Welp, this is going in the rotation.


Nothing I can think of standing in the way!


:tropical_fish: indeed… stand by!

From what I can surmise, there is a deeper challenge here with that issue. We’ll have to take it to our archives department to find out what might have happened to the original that prevented it from being digitized. Sometimes there were damages or missing pages.

One of my orders of business upon return is to get a Q&A together with an archives rep, and this would be a good issue to ask about as a case study for others like it (issues that, by all other rights, should be represented, but why not?).


There are whole classes devoted to this topic! Below are some bullet points I give folks that can help improve resumes for all jobs you’re applying for:

  • Don’t make it flashy and graphical, UNLESS you’re a graphic designer- this actually can work against you, as many companies use automated processes and will not register a unique font, images, or unusual formats. Keeping it simple is considered more professional, as the content should speak for your skills.

  • Craft your work experience to tell a story of why you are qualified. Update job duties at past jobs to reflect tasks that are relevant to the job you are going for- Adding tasks that fill space, but aren’t relevant, will be easy to glaze over.

  • Include volunteer experience, certifications, or other achievements that could add color and personality to who you are; not only do you have XYZ job experience, but you also show diverse interests in social causes and a commitment to personal growth.

That’s a starter off the top of my head, hopefully this is helpful!


Chances are your annual subscription lapsed; you should have received an e-mail alert from DC Universe regarding this to help with avoiding this gap. There is also a 20% discount for folks who are re-subscribing, so please let me know if you missed out- or better yet, contact our billing team directly and they’ll get your sorted out ( I’m sorry for the trouble!


I just explored on my Android device, and I can’t find a meaningful way to do this from the “Messages” menu. Now, if you find the person you want to message, and you click their profile icon, you CAN message that way- a little workaround until we get the devs to customize a button for us :slight_smile: Thanks for the heads up!


The spirit of Santa Clark lives in us all!


I did, thank you! I got to watch Cats with friends and spend the afternoon reeling over how preposterous it was. It was a fantastic day. I hope you got what you wanted, too!

I doubled down on my sacrifices to Santa every year since.

Welp, yes, this is my headcannon now and forever. :clap::clap::clap: I bow to you, sir.