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That update would be nice. I’ve been monthly rather than annual. It’s just the way my economics work out.


A very happy and relaxing holiday break @Applejack

And a happy holiday to all the usual suspects that hang out here.


Jebus, this whole exchange was great and made me warm and tingly. Thankfully, not the Ralph Wiggum kind of warm and tingly (Clancy must buy rubber sheets for that kid in bulk), but warm and tingly all the same.

hands @AlexanderKnox a grant and @Applejack a case of assorted Playmates Simpsons swag

Marge: “Homer, I found someone who can help you!”

Homer: “Is it Batman?”

Marge: “No, he’s a scientist.”

Homer: “Batman’s a scientist.”

Marge: “It’s not Batman!”

Oh, mercy. I need to watch this episode now.


@AlexanderKnox, next time ask @Applejack if there’s a six foot Bat in DC Universe? If so is he on DC Payroll? If so what’s he doing after DC Daily is over? :slightly_smiling_face:


Hope you have/had a great Christmas and New Year!!! I want to know what you can do to get an announcement of a Wonder Woman animated series for me for my birthday? It’s long overdue, and you have until January 28th after all… :nerd_face: :gift: And where is the Wonder Woman emoji??? This has been a tongue in cheek demand, sort of…


When i click on the news article above it says no content and doesn’t go to the link I also cant play videos like youtube from here in that same post i can click on the read/ watch and it will go to right thing

Im using ipad with i think the latest ios app

Edit to show what happens

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HI Applejack, Any chance you, or any of the other mods, appearing on DC Daily ? That would be a cool show to watch. I admit I have not seen them all, so I realize this could have already occured.


Yes, that would be great. Obviously the more data we can get, the better.


Those are issues I’ve seen on Mac OS X with Firefox.

Also on the iPhone app, there is difficulty playing embedded video links. (Like the Stargirl or WW trailers, for example)

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Just for reference @Applejack the PC I’m on is not a Mac. Sounds like this might be an issue with Firefox itself although I’ve no real idea what version of Firefox is on the computer I’m using. Thankfully I’m more of a Chrome user so it doesn’t really effect me.

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Thank you for the thorough response, @Applejack! I really appreciate it.

After learning more about the wikis from @AlexanderKnox and @JasonTodd428 (thank you again!), I completely agree. Your example shows how this avenue can fast track encyclopedia entries, storyline cards, News stories, and more (in addition to community thread topics). I see the vision for the databases starting to come together and look forward to joining in the progress of that functionality.

I’ve been watching the “Think You Know” posts for an opportunity to contribute. That’s an excellent idea!

The missing Encyclopedia character is Kamandi. He has two comic series here on DCU, yet no entry to learn more. I’d like to formally request his addition. Please let me know if I should add to Suggestions.

P. S. Best TED Talk ever! :wink:


That is a great idea, would love to see that!!!


Made a thread for us. Official Crying thread. Link didn’t copy but you can search it. Hope you don’t need it.


Unfortunately, not everyone is feeling so happy…


Well, that’s Batman for you. He’s not exactly sunshine and lollipops, afterall.


Hi Applejack, First I hope you’ll have a Happy New Year, I have some questions to ask, ready?:slightly_smiling_face:

  1. You started the Office hour thread back in February, what was your favorite question by someone you happily answer?

  2. How’s it feel to have a thread that has over 3,153?

  3. I read the 12 days of Christmas article about Bullet for Bullock, and was suprised that it was based on a comic book. How many comic do DC Library has that Batman the animated is based on and where can I find them?

  4. For 2020, can DC Universe please add Zeta’s Project and Krypto the Superdog on here. That would be great!

  5. Will the DC store add any new items next year like DC Universe pillow you see on DC Daily?

  6. What did you think of the new Wonder Woman trailer?

  7. Sometime I wish the 1966 Batman movie was made by Warner Bros. Now that Disney own 20th century Fox, does that mean we’ll never see Batman the movie (1966) on here someday?

  8. :roll_eyes: Oops, I’ve been asking to many questions, as always Thankyou for your time answering my questions even some may be ridiculous!
    :partying_face:Happy 2020!


@Kelex, Am I asking @Applejack way to many question?


:crystal_ball: As I see it, yes


:roll_eyes:I had to ask! LOL!


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