Obscurity of DC Club/Smallville Fan Club Collaboration Read-A-Long: Chloe Sullivan!

It’s the Obscurity of DC Club and Smallville Fan Club collaboration of the year!


We’re kicking it off with the obscure unless you’re a Smallville fan:
Chloe Sullivan!
Age Requirement: 12+

Chloe Sullivan was a character made specifically for the TV superhero drama, Smallville. She was a great reporter, hero, and friend to Clark Kent/Superman throughout the whole series. Because of her great success in Smallville, DC made some comics with Chloe in them. However, since Smallville ended, so did Chloe’s popularity. The following comics are the only comics (outside of the Smallville fandom) to include Chloe as a character! We hope you all enjoy!

These comics are…
Action Comics Issue 893
Action Comics Issue 894
Action Comics Issue 895
Action Comics Issue 896
Which all happen to be in…

Jimmy Olsen’s Big Week – This is a 70-page giant, just a heads-up!

Discussion Questions:

  1. Did you prefer Chloe more in Smallville, or in the comics? Why?
  2. What was your favorite thing about Chloe in the comics? What about in Smallville?
  3. Are you a fan of Chloe? Why or why not?
  4. Obviously, there are a few differences between the Chloe in Smallville and the Chloe in the comics. Are there any aspects from the comics that you would’ve liked to see in the show, and vice versa?
  5. Considering Allison Mack’s recent scandal (@Bar-El wrote a profile about it here), do you think it’s fair to judge Chloe’s character based on one actress who played her? (This has been a recurring question online.)

To learn more about Chloe’s character, you can click this link to get to her comic wiki page, or this link to get to her Smallville wiki page!

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That’s pretty crazy considering I don’t think I’ve ever read any of these? If I did, it was b4 I watched Smallville cuz I don’t remember ever seeing her in a comic b4? U nailed it on obscure, that’s the name of the game so well done!!!


Thanks @capo-mage!


U know it. I can’t wait to read em!!!


Heh. I like Chloe in the show and the Smallville Season 11 comics. I just separate her actress from the character, but it is really crazy how it all went down.


I’m not a Chloe fan. What happened to the actress is awful. I can’t speak towards the character from season 11 (never read the comics), but her role has been too dominant. Clark is almost completely dependent on her. Many choices that Clark has made, have had to be almost wholly on her opinion. Many poor relationship with Kryptonians or all thing Kryptonian have been jaded and specious, almost to the point of self-loathing for Clark. While I’m sure many people love/like her character, I do not. I mean no disrespect towards anyone that is a Chloe fan. IMDB records her presence in the show at 205 episodes with Tom Welling at 217 episodes. Too dominant of presence.
EDIT: But I am a Huge fan of Smallville, it’s difficult to imagine Smallville without her. Preferably less, though.


First saw her in Smallville and found her funny and smart


:slightly_smiling_face: Here’s my answers to your questions…

  1. Probably comic, since she’s her own character.
  2. She work with Clark and a very good journalist, and on Smallville I really like the episode Where she force everyone but Clark to tell the truth. This is a awesome Crossover you’ve got going on here! :grin:
    And that was a honest truth.
  3. No, not anymore, because of a sick crime that Ms. Mack did, was sick and unthinkable, sadly I’ve got rid of my Smallville (10 seasons) DVD because of her.
  4. If Perry White ever leave the Daily Planet, she’d make a great editor.
  5. Yes & No. Say you’re a fan of Naked Gun movie series, And you see O.J. Simpson, because of his history in the 90s (A very long story) where he may have murder his wife and a friend of her, at the time, you may stop watching the movie.
    As years goes by, you find yourself going back to the movie and enjoying it, trying hard not to remember Simpson’s history.
    Last year when I still had Hulu, I watch Smallville JSA episodes. It was great seeing that episodes,
    While Ms. Mack didn’t commit any murder, what she did was almost unforgivable, but once she get out of prison, I hope she can turn her life around for the better, she may have killed her career, she can make a huge difference by helping people in a good way.

Alright everyone, turns out I made a minor mistake! You can ignore the issues from Action Comics. They are all in the 70-page giant. Oops! The 70-page giant also holds the conclusion!


Time to answer the questions @Bar-El and I wrote!

I prefer Chloe in Smallville. She’s nicer and I honestly like the fact that she relies on Clark, while also being independent.

I loved Chloe actually knows how to fight in the comics! In Smallville, I love that Chloe has powers.

I love Chloe! She’s funny, sweet, and a badass. What more could you want?

I’d definitely give Chloe the ability to fight in Smallville. I’d give the Chloe in the comics the powers that the Smallville version had, and a bit more of a backstory than just “Jimmy Olsen’s ex-girlfriend”.

I don’t think it’s fair to judge Chloe’s character based on Allison Mack’s scandal. Allison Mack and Chloe Sullivan are 2 separate people, and judging one of them based on the other just seems really unfair to me.


I try to separate the art from the artist. I like Smallville Chole and while I wish Mack had gotten into that cult, I can still watch the series

  • Did you prefer Chloe more in Smallville , or in the comics? Why?
    • Its hard because in Smallville we get to see her growing into her own person besides all her super friends but in the comics she’s less connected to that world. Even in Season 11 she and Oliver are starting a family and trying to figure out how that fits with all the superheroics. So I’d have to pics show Chloe. Plus, as much as I hate Allison Mack today, she really was a fantastic actor and made it easy to be captivated with Chloe’s subplots.
  • What was your favorite thing about Chloe in the comics? What about in Smallville ?
    • Again, I’m totally biased for the show and probably because we’re watching the early episodes right now, but I love her character on the show especially in those early seasons. She’s the stand in for Lois and the fact that they tie them as cousins was such a great move. Seeing the character in the comics just makes me so happy! I mean even Otis gets brought into the comics! There’s something really sweet about it. Like when they bring in past superhero movie actors to play cameos. Just warms my heart :slight_smile:
  • Are you a fan of Chloe? Why or why not?
    • I’m a fan. But I think she and Pete should have become a couple and she could have been one boss First Lady to his POTUS.
  • Obviously, there are a few differences between the Chloe in Smallville and the Chloe in the comics. Are there any aspects from the comics that you would’ve liked to see in the show, and vice versa?
    • I actually think the comic version of her is still true to her TV character enough that I literally read her speech bubbles in Mack’s voice lol I feel like its the same character and I loved her flirting with Jimmy, BA reporters nose, and they even had her VW Bug! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  • Considering Allison Mack’s recent scandal (@Bar-El wrote a profile about it here), do you think it’s fair to judge Chloe’s character based on one actress who played her? (This has been a recurring question online.)
    • Ugh this is such a hard one. Its easy to say love the art, not the artist, but dang it’s not that simple. I’d like to be able to separate the two but unfortunately it’s just not that easy for me. Instead I find I can at least enjoy the episodes and get excited to see the character make it into the comics, but it’s clouded by the knowledge that she’s a monster and how heartbreaking it is for such a great character to be marred by the person who breathed life into it in the first place! Just like with Michael Jackson music, I still love the music, but it leaves me thinking about what a garbage human he was and how sad that his life’s work will forever have a dark cloud following it around. Same goes for other actors, or hey even directors, that we learn are either horrible people or straight up criminals. It’s just heartbreaking on so many levels. It also feels wrong to give these people any margin whatsoever when they’ve ruined innocent peoples lives and traumatized them for no other reason than they are sick. They deserve everything they have coming to them too. Be it jail time or literally a career thrown down the toilet. As a society and in the entertainment sphere in particular, we need to pay attention to the warning signs and go above and beyond to either protect artists from being so abused that they continue the cycle, or have zero tolerance for literally criminal behavior. Mack was like, 19? when she started Smallville. Most of the rest of the cast and crew were all adults. There is a huge vulnerability there and that cult completely swooped her up. Where was her agent? Her parents? Not to mention (sorry now I’m on a rant) the dude running the cult had done so like, 3 other times and the Feds were totally keeping tabs on him. What were they waiting for?? How did he slip through all those other times?? Just infuriating. And I haven’t seen the documentary yet so maybe the facts would explain this better but from what I’ve gleaned pretty much everyone knew this guy was slime. Ok rant over :face_exhaling: I’m just so tired of hearing about the entertainment industry’s repeated failures to look out for their employees. I know it’s not really set up that way, but maybe it needs to be? :woman_shrugging:

There were so many great discussion points in your rant, but my main question is, what happened with Michael Jackson lol?


Are you sure you want to know? There’s a documentary I think on HBOmax called Leaving Neverland about it. He was a pedophile.


Oh damn


Into extremely weird things. Watch Dave Chappelle’s stand up. He talks about the documentary, or just the documentary. But, Dave has a way of putting it like nobody else & getting away with it…

  1. The show of course, her character had plenty of time to become fully developed and had many an interesting arc.
  2. In the comics, the fact that they added her to Clark’s overall story, she didn’t have much time to share. On the show, wow one favorite thing, would be hard her smarts, determination and cuteness.
  3. Of the Character Chloe Sullivan in the Smallville show, I definitely was, however when rewatching I have to admit her current situation does tarnish the show a bit.
  4. From the little seen in the comics, the characters were quite similar, so not so much.
  5. That’s a hard question as the character is not the person who plays them, but in this case she is the only one to play the character so will forever be linked to her. Is it fair to the character no, it isn’t, but I will be surprise if we ever see her again. However DC has constantly rewritten Deathstroke as a character even though initially he was a pedophile, so one never knows.

My opinion of Chloe is not based on Allison’s scandal. I had my opinion before it. My take on Chloe is that one can’t really separate Chloe from Smallville.

The one thing that bothers me, is that she is very anti-Kryptonian from the beginning of season 5 and on. I think that the character Clark began to be anti-Kryptonian for a while there, sparking self-loathing. My take. Reduce the number of episodes that Chloe is in. Maybe to half of them, or more.


I watched that documentary & it’s…well, I’m speechless. I honestly can’t believe it’s reality. Kristen Kruek got out of there just in time.


Which stand-up?