Obscurity of DC Club -- Reichuss Mansion

also house of mystery because even if people have heard of it
I doubt they read any of it I haven’t other then one brave bold comic

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That’s actually already on my list I think

Fair point. I’m adding it now

This is probably where this belongs, not over at Noonans…

Tailgunner Jo Gillis/Artis 1988 6 issues
Skreemer Milligan/Ewins/Dillon 1989 6 issues
Hex Fleischer(w) 1985 18 issues (the final issue twist was unexpected, but fits Hex completely)
Seaguy Morrison/Stewart 2004 2 - three issue miniseries
Vimanarama Morrison/Bond 2003 3 issues
Arak, Son of Thunder Thomas/Colon 1981 50 issues, 1 annual
Arion, Lord of Atlantis Kupperberg/Duursema 1982 35 issues, 1 special
Breach Harras/Martin 2005 11 issues

I’ve read a lot of obscure books over the years. I know there are a lot more of them, and I’d only have to list the ones I own or have read…

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this is actually on the list already!

These are all going on now

We have a different series about Arion on the list already :slight_smile:


Like I said, I can come up with a lot of obscure stuff.

And I’ll readily admit, I haven’t read through the whole thread…

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Lol that’s alright!

I was reading through a wiki on the publishing history of DC comics and I had to rein myself in on listing more obscure books than I did, because I saw bunches of others…

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put as many as you want!

Okay, you asked for it…

Alpha Centurion Special 1996 one shot
Anima Hand/Whitcover 1993 16 issues
Atari Force Conway/Thomas 1984 20 issues
Aztek Morrison/Millar 1996 10 issues
Beowulf Uslan/Villamonte 1975 6 issues
Black Condor Augustyn/Morales 1992 12 issues
Blue Devil Miskin/Cohn/Cullins 1984 32 issues

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There are definitely others, but this will have to do until I can get back to things…

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They’ve all been added, except for Black Condor, as I think most comic fans know him

No problem. It’s up to you to decide whether the criteria are met or not.

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I’m back, and I have a few more…

Conqueror of the Barren Earth Cohn/Randall 1985 4 issues
Crimson Avenger Thomas/Brooks/Gustovich 1988 4 issues
DC Challenge various writers/artists 1985 12 issues
Electric Warrior Moench/Baikie 1986 18 issues
Empire Waid/Kitson 2000 7 issues
Fallen Angel David/Lopez 2003 20 issues plus 33 at IDW
Fanboy Evanier/Aragones and others 1999 6 issues
Firebrand Augustyn/Velluto 1996 9 issues
Gilgamesh II Starlin 1989 4 issues
Guns of the Dragon Truman 1998 4 issues
The Hacker Files Shiner/Sutton 1992 12 issues
Haywire Fleischer/Giarrano 1988 13 issues
The Heckler Giffen/Birnbaum/Jones 1992 6 issues
Jack Cross Ellis/Erskine 2005 4 issues
Jemm, Son of Saturn Potter/Colan 1984 12 issues
Jonni Thunder Thomas/Giordano 1985 4 issues

And as always, please forgive me if I’ve included something that’s already been mentioned or discussed. I’m lazy and haven’t read the whole thread. These are just books I’ve read and enjoyed in the day…

More to come, unless I’ve already overdone it…

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None of these are on DCUI

Added to the list

The L.A.W. Layton/Giordano 1999 6 issues
Lab Rats Byrne 2002 8 issues
Lazarus Five Jolley/Harris 2000 5 issues
Loose Cannon Loeb/Pollina 1995 4 issues
Lords of the Ultra Realm Moench/Broderick 1986 6 issues plus a special
Mister E Jeter/Snyder III/Geldhof 1991 4 issues
The Nazz Veitch/Talbot 4 issues
The Next Williams/Smith 2006 6 issues
Night Force Wolfman/Colan 1982 14 issues
Outcasts Wagner/Grant/Kennedy 1987 12 issues
Outlaws Friedman/McDonnell 1991 8 issues
Primal Force Seagle/Hooper 1995 15 issues
Psyba-Rats Dixon/Dutkewicz 1995 3 issues
The Psycho Hudnall/Brereton 1991 3 issues
Reign in Hell Giffen/Derenick 2008 8 issues
Ronin Miller/Varley 1983 6 issues
S.T.A.R. Corps Vado/Felchle 1993 6 issues
Scare Tactics Kaminski/Williams 1996 12 issues
Skreemer Milligan/Ewins/Dillon 1989 6 issues
Sun Devils Conway/Thomas/Jurgens 1984 12 issues
Takion Kupperberg/Lopresti 1996 7 issues
Time Warp various writers/artists 1979 5 issues
Twilight Chaykin/Garcia-Lopez 1990 3 issues
Wanderers Moench/Hoover 1988 13 issues
The Weird Starlin/Wrightson 1988 4 issues

I don’t know what is or isn’t on DCUI, I’m afraid. I was just listing obscure books I’ve read over the years.

It’ll give some of you a reason to dive into those dollar boxes at your local shop… Most of what I’ve listed is 80s-90s stuff, and the great majority of it isn’t worth an awful lot. I just remember enjoying them when I read them back in the day.

And now that I’ve hijacked this thread for far too long and probably ruined some people’s chance to suggest some of their favorite books practically no one has heard of (sorry), I’ll shut the heck up.


I definitely want to read them all, but I can’t use them for the club if people don’t have access to them. However, I will request most of them to be put on DCUI.

not at all!

Don’t worry about it! If you have recommendations, go ahead! That’s why this thread is here! I’m just sorting through the ones that you posted above.

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I understand about not being able to use them for the club if they aren’t widely available. Still, the titles are out there if anybody wants to go to the trouble to track them down…

I was going through the list at wiki and found myself going, “Oh that one! I completely forgot about that!” It’s been a long time since I read some of those. I was a different person then (younger, mainly) so maybe they aren’t as great as I thought they were at the time, but I generally try not to judge. I’m spending my money and my time, so I try to just sit back and enjoy the ride…

Oh, I know I said I was done, but I have to add:

The Cowboy Wally Show Kyle Baker 2003 Vertigo
Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children Louapre/Sweetman 1989 30 issues

They probably won’t be on DCUI either, but obscure, definitely, and BSUC is obscure and weird…

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Hey @ObscurityofDCClub! I’ve been debating with myself about it the Female Furies are obscure or not. I’ve decided to just ask you all since, if they’re considered obscure, we may be using them in for the club.

Are the Female Furies obscure
  • Yes
  • No
  • Who are they (which is also a yes)
  • They’re obscure, but not enough to be focused on in OODC

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That’s a tough one, it all depends on who the character is that hasn’t been seen on Superman The Animated Series or a lego video game about villains. :thinking:
So maybe.