📺 Obscurity of DC Club and Justice League Book Club Present: Metamorpho Madness Marathon | Sunday, May 15 | 5 PM Pacific/8PM Eastern 📺

Greetings, @ObscurityofDCClub and @JusticeLeagueBookClub!

You’ve read Metamorpho Madness, now get ready to watch it!

Rex Mason, aka Metamorpho, wants you to click here for more!

What we’re watching:

  • Justice League S1, episodes 22 and 23: “Metamorphosis, parts 1 and 2”

  • Beware The Batman S1, episode 6: “Toxic”

Note: We will be taking a five minute break after the Justice League episodes conclude, so everyone can stretch, get a snack and get set-up for Beware The Batman’s take on our favorite elemental superhero!

When we’re watching: Sunday, May 15th, at 5 PM Pacific/8 PM Eastern.

Where we’re commenting: In this thread, and at the above date and time. :point_up:t2:

How we’re watching: The above listed episodes are available on physical and digital media, while streaming on HBO Max.

However you choose to flex with Metamorpho, please be ready to push Play when the clock strikes your time. :play_or_pause_button: :watch:

@Jurisdiction and I hope to see you :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: here, this coming Sunday!
:dc: :justice_league_book_club:


I still have yet to watch any episodes of “Beware the Batman” so I’m really excited for it!


“Toxic” is commendable for being the only Beware the Batman episode to avoid the blasphemy of having Batman’s boy sidekick be Katanna


Its a good show. I enjoyed it during the DC Nation block on Cartoon Network, along with its subsequent Blu-ray releases.


I am looking forward to this watch. I might even read the associated selection.


Ayyyy! We’re looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

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S’good stuff man, so do eeeeet! :grin:

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17 hours until we hit play!!!

but who’s counting??

3.5 hours!!!

45 minutes until the start of the WAL! Who’s ready?!?!

No seriously, I got a note from Ready but I’ve never met the guy!

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I don’t think that’s even his/her real name…


damn catfishers…

30 minutes!!

15 minutes

For the Justice League episodes, let the 2nd one start automatically?


We’ll have a 1-minute break between Metamorphasis Pt 1 and Metamorphasis Pt 2.

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Just checking. everyone deals with consecutive episodes differently.


Paging Team Vroomizoomi


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4 minutes!

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queued and ready