:renegade_robins: New Year. New Look :renegade_robins:


Members of @RenegadeRobinsClub both myself and @AlexanderKnox have some questions we would like to ask you all as we head into a new year for the club. We are thinking of changing up the club here to encompass more members of the Bat Family and not just the Robins we have been covering since this club’s creation. This would of course mean a name change from Renegade Robins to The Bat Fam but we will be keeping the same flair we’ve always had as a way of honoring the club’s history.


  • What is your opinion on this change?
  • We were also wondering how many members of this club are now on the Ultra level and how many are on just the normal level?
  • What have been some of your favorite stories we’ve covered or just your favorites in general?
  • Who are some of your favorite members of the Bat Fam?

Also it’s a real simple matter to join in on the fun here. Alfred will be happy to lead you to the Bat Cave where you can join us!

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While I would be sad to see the focus shift away from the Robins, as I love the alliteration and the more specific focus, I do think it might increase participation, so while I would personally vote against it, it wouldn’t be too bad.

I am an Ultra member.

Of course, I’m a huge Stephanie Brown fan, so all of those (except her death) are my favorites! But particularly her return.

Other than Steph, I adore Huntress and Batwing (Luke Fox). And Alfred and Julia Pennyworth!


sounds awesome