New Trailer for Shazam! Fury of the Gods

Some people on reddit are bothered by this. Levi has been suspiciously unhelpful at marketing it, and a common theory is WB told him not to worried he would make a PR disaster.


Its hard because you don’t want to support problematic/toxic people, but at the same time its not completely fair to punish everyone who worked on the film because of one bad apple. So I just dunno.


I didn’t know about this until now and I just saw his tweet, but I’m not entirely sure if it’s actually anti-vax or not. Him calling Pfizer a real danger to the world could absolutely be an anti-vax stance, but it could also be more focusing on criticizing big pharma in general w/ practices like inflating the prices of vaccines and how Pfizer was involved in a fraud settlement, which he also tweeted about. I certainly hope he was focusing more on the latter than on being anti-vax, but it’s definitely frustrating that he never seemed to clarify what he meant by that initial tweet


Again bad news. The numbers have dropped to 32-42 million. They also said it should be expected to make between 77-110 million (those numbers are not disasters but indeed a huge problem).

The Mario movies looks like it will be a huge hit, and I see audiences (especially younger ones) saving their money to watch it instead, and that was always a big worry.

In addition I watched 5 Ninja Turtles episodes on Paramount plus today and all the usual Shazam trailers were replaced with Mario trailers.

On the other side the first film opened above expectations, and this film will have two weekends to try and make good money before Mario probably dominates. Maybe it will also have a late theater surge and make some good extra money there.

The hope for a film with this budget should be something like this-

Opening weekend-50 million.

Domestic total- 125 million.

Outside of the US- an additional 225 million.

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Sandberg has tweeted that major spoilers have been leaked.

I would think this site is safe, but do not say go reading comments on youtube and the like.

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The numbers have dropped again. Come on Jurassic World style opening.

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The film currently has 70% score on Rotten tomatoes.

“Bigger, weirder, and just about funnier than the first, the second Shazam! remains entertaining despite some tiresome plotting.”

On the other hand

“May be a shoddily made Skittles ad masquerading as a superhero riff, but it’s Levi’s performance that sends it into the stratosphere of cringe. Here’s hoping this is not only Shazam’s last outing but the nail in the coffin of the smarmy superhero as well”

A lot of them are saying it is weirder than the first film and lacks the emotional moments. It seems to still have the comedy of the first film. Sounds like too much plot is a frequent criticism.

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It is down to 67. I do not think it will maintain its “fresh” rating.

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Up to 68! Good news at last!

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Back down to 67 :(. Come on 60 or bust.

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Down to 63, but we still hot thst fresh rating.

Well film has bombed in South Korea. The first film made 5 million in South Korea. Come on British, French, Mexican, and Brazilian audiences.

Bad news. Down to 59 on rotten tomatoes for a “rotten rating.” It is just so great when comedies pull it off.

On the bad news critic scores are down to 55 (and reading them it seems the negative ones hate it while the positive ones barely like it). That is 35 points lower than the first film.

On the bright side after very low initial audience scores, they have surprisingly gotten much better at 84, which is currently ahead of the first film.

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