[New To DCUI Book Club] August 10th New Releases Curated Selection post!

The [New to DCUI Book Club] presents: another fun curated selection of what to consider reading from this week’s new releases August 10th, 2021, on DC Universe Infinite! This is another big big week everyone, so let’s dig in together!!!

Future State: The Next Batman #3 DC UNIVERSE INFINITE Continuing the introduction to the Magistrate and the world of Gotham. The Outsiders story continues with Black Lightning like you’ve never seen him and the beautifully-drawn Arkham Knights criminal-misfits-now-heroes story continues.

Future State: Harley Quinn #2 DC UNIVERSE INFINITE Girls just having fun in the near apocalypse continues!

Future State: Swamp Thing #2 DC UNIVERSE INFINITE Continuing the mind-blowing journey with writer Ram V into one of the possible Future States of DC, just keep saying “there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home” while reading this fine piece of future horror.

Future State: Wonder Woman #2 DC UNIVERSE INFINITE Yara Flor continues to stay alive and even healthy while throwing herself into wildly-dangerous situations.

AND PRESENTING THE NEW TO THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD: Hardware: Season One #1 DC UNIVERSE INFINITE It’s finally here, and we get it on DCUI the same time everyone else does!

Please let us know which comics you decided to choose yourself this time around to read, and what you liked or didn’t like about them this time around.

Have a probing question for the rest of us to discuss and ponder concerning one of these titles? Please post here.

If you like, display favorite panels as well! Let’s celebrate this week’s haul on DC Universe Infinite!!


I love me some Hardware however I think Swamp Thing is going to be the first one I’m reading out of this pile


@Don-El , yep… Swamp Thing first for me, then Harley. :+1:



My eyes are really on HARDWARE though. Can’t wait to dive into that one. STATIC has been less than interesting for me, but I really enjoyed ICON & ROCKET.

More MILESTONE is always good.


I am liking the revised mythology of Wonder Woman


Yes! I love the Brazilian mythology.

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Future State: Swamp Thing #2

Superbly written story, great ending, very intriguing and compelling.

I’ll be very curious to see if any of this ties in with the current new Swamp Thing series by the same writer.

I am going to read Hardware. But I think I’m going to wait for all of Future State to be here before I start reading through. I read some of it 6 months ago but the rest I want to read together so I don’t forget what is happening. I have a general idea of the main storyline but I am still looking forward to all the individual issues.

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Well I think in a few weeks it’ll all be here

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