New to DCU Book Club Week 5: Death Metal #3, Detective Comics #1025, and Wonder Woman #760

Hello everyone! Welcome to Week 5 of the New to DCU Book Club, where we will be reading and discussing comics currently coming the DC Universe Infinite.

What is this club?

We will be discussing stories big and small. Both Batman and Adam Strange, while making sure that you have ALL the context that you need to enjoy the story. You are missing as few details as possible, and that you will be able to understand everything. We will also be following a reading order I wrote to read the stuff you will need to enjoy Future State and Infinite Frontier. You can see the reading order HERE . As the weeks progress, we will read books including

  • Batman

  • Wonder Woman

  • Death Metal (and it’s tie-ins)

  • Joker War (and it’s tie-ins)

  • Strange Adventures

  • Far Sector (a phenomenal Green Lantern Story)

  • Justice League Dark

  • Rorschach by James Tynion and more.

There are series I’m missing. Some missing stories are great stories, while others are mediocre. Some notable titles are missing like Superman and Aquaman and this is because I’ve decided either 1) The run isn’t worth your time (like Superman) or 2) That the run is too far in to be accessible for jumping right in(Like Superman and Aquaman).

I apologize for this running late. This won’t happen again, I just got busy. We will post Week 6 on Wednesday and then Week 7 on the next Tuesday. I cut one book so that this week could be easier.

Dark Nights: Death Metal #3

The Story so far:
After Lex Luthor took over Earth, the heroes of Earth were gone. Wanting to control the earth, the Batman who Laughs defeated Lex and became the right hand man of the goddess Perpetua. After the heroes of Earth and the Batman who Laughs fought, the Batman who Laughs molded the world in his image. Now hundreds of evil Batmen control the world. Superman is locked in a prison and Wonder Woman serves as the jail keeper of the Batman who Laughs enemies waiting until she can make a move against him. After Wally West (The 3rd Flash) arrives, Wonder Woman decides to attack and kills the Batman who Laughs with her invisible chainsaw. Having a back up plan though, the Batman who Laughs implants his brain into a Bruce Wayne who was given the same origin of his powers as Doctor Manhattan. Now he is known as the Darkest Knight. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman and Batman have taken off in a rocket to free Superman.


  1. Who’s your favorite evil Batman in Death Metal so far
  2. What was your favorite moment of the issue?
  3. How much sense is the story currently making on a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being it is so clear that I am sick of how easy the story is to follow and 1 being “What did I just read?”

Detective Comics #1025

The Story So Far: The Joker has taken the entire wayne fortune and with it, he wants to control Gotham once and for all. With his new sidekick Punchline, he has poisoned Lucius Fox, The Head of Wayne Enterprises and the temporary Alfred. Presumably, this issue takes place after Batman #97, but it’s so vague that you reading this now, won’t be a problem.


  1. What’s your favorite artistic choice in the issue.
  2. How do you feel about the Kate/Bruce dynamic in this issue.

Wonder Woman #760: The Story so far:
Diana was moving to a new apartment when she met Emma. Quickly the two clicked and began to develop a friendship when a car was about to crash and Diana saved the person in the car. When she looked at her eyes, the driver was hypnotized. After seeing the mind control, Diana went to Stryker’s Island to question Maxwell Lord.


  1. How did you feel about the reveal at the end?

  2. What do you think Maxwell Lord is up to? Is he involved?


Please only read what you want to read. Also to encourage discussion, please format all comments like my comment below so that people can engage discussing the weekly books they read and ignore the books they haven’t read yet.

Week 6:

Batman #97

Dark Knights: Death Metal Guidebook #1

Nightwing #73

And Gotham Nights #1-6

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I am checking out Wonder Woman 760 first.