new to dc

I’m kinda new to the dc comic universe. I grew up with the super friends. Watched the justice league cartoons. Read death of Superman. Love dark nights metal. I been reading comics for over 30 years. Honestly very few has been dc comics. With the new titans show I kinda love that show so far and kinda would love to watch,read,and learn more about the dc universe


Kinda welcome

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Thank you tx

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Welcome. :slight_smile:

welcome just saying DC is wayyyy better than marvel. :ok_hand:t5:

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Ugh, One Dark Raven…Shh!

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Try the book club on here it will help you get to know some of the characters. Last week we read Vixen. This week Damien Wayne son of Batman. I have been reading savage hawkman. Arkham asylum is also a good read. I haven’t been on here long but if you ever want to chat about comics marvel or DC I’d like to hear your thoughts. I also have a lot of fun on the community. Hope you enjoy.

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If you’re into documentaries and interested in DC history, I recommend The History of D.C. Comics special on here or perhaps browse the encyclopedia for characters that catch your interest.


Welcome @tec669, great to have you! @Dr.Doom makes a great suggestion; the book club is an excellent way to not only read new stories but get recommendations from other folks who can get to know your personal taste. You can copy/paste or click this link to get the deets:

We also have weekly Watch-A-Longs of the new Titans episodes on Fridays at 5pm PST/8pm PST. Watch the boards for announcements on the next one (usually late Wednesdays or early Thursdays).

Looking forward to seeing you around!

There are a lot of Threads in the Comic Books Community section with similar questions, Including Superman, the Legion of Super Heroes, and Green Lantern Kyle Rayner.

Some members of the community suggest that the animated series: Batman first, Then Superman, then Justice League and Teen Titans are a good introduction to the DC Universe.

For specific characters, the Encyclopedia may help.

There is little new Comic Book Material here ( pre 201 1 - New 52 and Rebirth)

Besides looking at the recommendations of fellow members, go to Comic Books, Go the bottom and click on Browse. The number of issues are given in each entry.
Try out entries with large numbers, especially characters you might be familiar with, like Batman or Aquaman. Year one entries are often good and require no prior knowledge.

Other issues are there because of their historic significance, like comics published in the 1940s. The advantage of older comics are that they are ‘done in one’, which means no continuation of the story in a subsequent issue or a different title, which may not be available here.

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Yeah the DCAU is an excellent introduction. You don’t have to watch the whole DCAU. Like I’m sure you know who the Joker is so you have to watch some Batman Animated series episodes. After you watch Justice League Unlimited. Check out Young Justice. It introduces a ton of characters. The show perfectly shows all the talents of the characters with some epic villains too.
As for comics, definitely read the stuff the book club does. Then every weekend, we have a spoiler filled discussion. Then when the weekend is over, Matt has the next book to read. I have some recommendations:

Batman Year One

Green Arrow Year One

All Star Superman

The Killing Joke

Also, the DC universe encyclopedia has a ton of information for a bunch of iconic characters. The encyclopedia tells the origin, villains, and essential storylines for a character you look up. Check it out!

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Welcome back read new gods ‘71 if u haven’t ever before. If u like titans it’s tough to miss on, as always I would say the earlier the better on preparing for shows & after that, once u get settled in, you’ll know what u like artist, writer, genre wise. If u get stuck scroll through the posts where other people have asked where to start. I haven’t seen a bad suggestion yet, & every one I’ve read that idk a suggested comic,I read & they were right every time. Also, the animated series & movies on here are awesome. Brave & Bold has the most rare characters & is an excellent way to traverse the history of lesser known characters. Justice League & JLU are awesome for semi newer to newer comics & Batman Beyond is the future. Young Justice is awesome but can be confusing if u don’t get the characters down 1st. Either way it’s a fun watch, but when u can watch & catch all the things their doing with the references it’s even better.

So what comics did you read?
That might help a little.You seem to have some knowledge another suggestion would be to check out the encyclopedia section and find some character that sounds interesting to you and read stories about them which will lead to more …

Yes, Encyclopedia is great, also if there’s a character u love or wanna learn about type name into the search at the top right of comic page & it will give u all the comics on here with that character. Or should say the ones they are the main focus of.

I mainly read x-men books all my life. I have read a lot of image and valiant too. When it comes to dc though I have read watchmen some vertigo titles most of the events. Like death of Superman. Crisis and stuff like that. Like I said I loved dark nights metal. I tried to jump on board on the new 52. So I read most of the first few issues when they relaunched. I was lost though. I like Batman.