DCU Book Club Week 11: ROBIN: SON OF BATMAN Issues 1-6


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!

This week DCUBC is going to be diving in to Robin: Son of Batman issues 1-6.

Since this book stars a very polarizing character I want to do something a bit different this week. Before you read tell us what you think of Damian Wayne. Then, when discussion opens up let us know if that’s changed.

Like always spoiler discussion begins on Friday (11/30) and lasts all weekend. Feel free to leave spoiler free impressions throughout the week! All of this takes place right here, on this post!

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I’ll always love you, Damian Wayne.


I’m looking forward to this. This will be my first Damian comic.



Yay! I’ve really come to love Damian over the last couple years. He’s so grumpy I love it.

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I absolutely love the concept of Bruce Wayne having a flesh and blood son that he finds out about later in life. I really liked what Grant Morrison did with the concept in Batman Inc etc. So Damian up to New 52, I’m all in. Once they have him die and resurrect, I’m like “really?”

The idea of him hanging out with Superman’s son is a great concept as well.

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Is Damian the Robin on Teen Titans Go?

No, TTG is meant to be Dick. The only animated versions of Damian have been in Batman: Brave & the Bold, and the animated Batman/Teen Titan movies.

@Jay_Kay thank you!

For the prediscussion, this won’t work as well because I remember reading a bit of this in the past.

But for me, Damian is my favorite Robin. Yes, he’s a brat, but that’s why I enjoy reading him, because that creates awesome character interaction (he even makes Jon Kent more interesting). Plus, for all his bluster, there is a good, honorable core to him that makes him a character you want to see grow and evolve.

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Damian’s great. I’ve been a fan of his since Batman and Son came out. He’s a lovable brat.


I strongly dislike Damian in every single way imaginable lol


I have been meaning to read this series, so glad I now have the perfect excuse. I have mixed feelings about Damian. I initially disliked him, but then got to like him when he was paired with Dick’s Batman when Bruce was presumed dead. I don’t really like how he displaced Tim as Robin, but I can live with it. I also have liked Damian’s interactions with the new Superboy.

I only know him from the animated movies. And in each of one he just picks a way into my heart. It wasn’t until teen Titans Judas contract that I really liked him. I do think that was because of all the positive influences that he had at this point.

I am excited to read this comic book. I downloaded it awhile ago, but never got around to it until now. I can’t wait for the discussion.

I am on it. mattman

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Why isn’t the final issue of this series (13) available?


I really get annoyed by the fact that DC Universe doesn’t give us the final issue in most of the trades. It’s why Marvel is beating them with Marvel Unlimited


I’m part of Marvel unlimited too and I’m curious to see if they are going to slowly try to shift over to the DC Universe model of emphasizing Community as much.

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Not a fan of Damien. :man_shrugging:

Marvel unlimited! With a community! That would be so awesome!!!

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This series was great as long as Gleason was on it. Damian is a fantastic, ever evolving, character and this series continued the development that Tomasi’s Batman and Robin started.

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