New titles are not appearing

It’s Thursday, two days after when new books are supposed to “appear.” For some reason all I keep seeing is last week’s new releases. Can you help?


Hi @Steibjo.8251. Welcome to the community! I am very sorry to hear that you are not seeing the newest releases yet. Sometimes deleting then installing the app again can fix this problem. If that does not work, please reach out to customer support, They would be able to look into this and see what is going on.


I’m having the same issue.

I’m having the same issue! I have already re-installed the app and I’m still get the same stuff from last week!

Try checking out the list of new comics here @Steibjo.8251 @ear1605.94125 @RiffPowerchordWhat's New 4/18: BATMAN - ONE BAD DAY: PENGUIN

It looks like they’ve been added to the platform!

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Can anyone tell me why I have not seen anything new in New Releases since 4/11?

For now you can view the new releases above! @nathenleeturner.16315

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I see the new titles in the Ultra latest releases but none of them will open. Get uh oh try again later or refresh

I didn’t have the trouble some reported about still having last week’s issues showing instead of this week’s, but now I have next week’s listed which as @kid.gsh mentioned show oops pages when clicked. If I had not already read this week’s, I would have to search for them which is no better than those who had to search because last week was showing. Like I said, I’ve already read this week’s issues so I’m not too inconvenienced, but will this be happening in the future?

If I could make a suggestion.
It would be very helpful if the administrators of this app would post any known problems and update those posts.
It would save a lot of subscribers from trying to contact customer service or needlessly reinstalling the app because we think its just a problem on our end.
It would save both the users and the admins a lot of unnecessary work.