Happy Tuesday!

This week is full of continuations for many fantastic stories including:

  • Catwoman #48
  • I Am Batman #14
  • Rogues #4

There’s plenty to sink your teeth (or eyes) into! Let’s see what’s new:




And if all these new comics aren’t enough to help keep your attention, we have a slew of events coming up this week and so much more in our Community!

Let us know what you are checking out first in the comments below! :point_down:


Read through all of the Ultras! Milestone was pretty fantastic! Then again, I always like it when they add a new number to the multiverse :smiley:


My app still shows the comics for last week. Can somebody help me out and tell DC for me? Thanks.


I’m sorry you’re having this issue, @JohnAAustin79! If you’re not seeing the newest releases yet, I’d first try uninstalling and reinstalling the app, just to be safe. If that doesn’t fix the issue, I’d reach out to support here so they can look into this further for you. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, it’s a strange problem, @Green.Lantern. I don’t think uninstalling the app is going to work because when I sign out the new comics show up. But,when I log into my account, it only shows the comics from last week still. I think my app needs to be refreshed on DC’s end that’s why I’m asking for help.

Thank you, by the way, for your suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:.

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You’re very welcome! I hope you’re able to get it resolved soon. :slight_smile:


Me too :slightly_smiling_face:.


Hey, @Green.Lantern,the problem with my app has been fixed. Thanks for that link. I dropped DC an email and they sent me a reply two seconds later saying that they were working on it. Then I go and open up the DCUI app and guess what’s there waiting for me like Christmas presents under the tree on Christmas morning?

The new comics :slightly_smiling_face::sparkling_heart:. I think my app just needed to be refreshed from DC’s end. That happens sometimes with these apps. I learned about that when my Mom had a subscription to the original DC Universe app.

Thank you for all of your help. I really appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face::+1:.


That’s great to hear that it was fixed so quickly! I hope you enjoy reading the new comics. :slight_smile:

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It’s hard for me to pick which one I want to read first. Haha

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My firsts for this week are the Milestone anniversary, Eclipso 2 and Who’s who Update 1 (although I’m still curious why the jump to update from issue 1 of the main series.)

But as always, I’ll read them all.

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The issue is not fixed, @Green.Lantern. I thought it was but it’s not. The reason why I thought it was fixed is because I was signed out and I forgot that I was signed out because I usually just stay signed in. I have a medical condition called Huntington’s Disease and I’ve had a couple severe concussions so my memory doesn’t store passwords in it now like I used to be able to when I was younger and that’s why I just leave myself signed in.

So, when I went back to the app and signed in, it was still showing last week’s comics. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it still made no difference. The problem lies on DC’s end. Hopefully, they can fix it for me tomorrow.

It just sucks because I enjoy sitting on Tuesday afternoon and going through the new releases and now I can’t because their app’s messed up on their end. And I don’t understand what’s going on because the new comics are on the home page but not my home page. I don’t understand it. And I’m really looking forward to the GCPD comic and now I’ve gotta wait until the issues’s resolved.

What can I do,right? Thank you for your help. And sorry for any confusion that I caused you.

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You aren’t alone. Having the same issue and facing the same disappointment as you today. Even though our homepage is not updated (DC please fix), Looks like you can manually search the latest issues and read that way. Not ideal by any means.


Thanks for the tip, @joelantern :slightly_smiling_face::+1:. Sorry to hear that you’re having the same issue that I am. I did get a response back from the DC Support Team and Jamie said they’re working on getting the new releases uploaded to the DCUI home page and appreciate our patience. Now that I know the comics are available to read, that makes the wait for the upload just a little more bearable.

Thanks again, @joelantern :slightly_smiling_face::+1:.


App is still broken. Any ETA on when it will be fixed?

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I’m sorry you’re still having this issue, @JohnAAustin79, I was hoping it had been fixed for you.
I’m also sorry that you’re having problems, @joelantern. If you haven’t yet, please reach out to our support team here. They’ll be better able to assist you with getting it resolved.

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Still not updated. Support not helpful.

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Hey @Green.Lantern anytime I see Batman: One Bad Day title, it reminds me of this song, I think it’s a perfect fit for it. :smiley:

My issue has been resolved, @Green.Lantern. They were upgrading the home page in my app and that’s why it didn’t change this week. The home page is pretty cool now and I absolutely love it :sparkling_heart:! Now, when I click on the app and get to the home page, it shows a bunch of different reading suggestions like Poison Ivy #1 and The Saga Of The Swamp Thing #34 and other ones too and I think that’s pretty cool :+1:!

It also slides to the next suggestion all on its own without me touching the screen. So that must’ve been why the home page didn’t change this week because they were upgrading it. Thanks again for your help, @Green.Lantern :slightly_smiling_face::+1:.

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Check your home page again, @joelantern. Mine has been upgraded. Now it shows reading suggestions for other comics at the top and it slides to the next recommendation all on it’s own. I think it’s a pretty cool addition to DCUI :slightly_smiling_face::+1:.

The upgrade must be the reason why the screen didn’t change this week. Hope you like it as much as I do, @joelantern :slightly_smiling_face::+1::sparkling_heart:.