New DC. Show Suggestions wish list

What would be kind of cool in a way would be a “DC Universe” show that would focus on a hero/heroes story for a few episodes (with lots of easter eggs to the rest) and then transition to another. Something that immerses you into the DC Universe while focusing on a great story of a small part of it

Batman beyond season 4 or static shock season 5. Also a new batman show based on the grant Morrison batman and Robin run with dick grayson as batman.

  1. Constantine - continuation of the old show/2nd season
  2. Batman Beyond - continuation of the show
  3. The Question - Some sort of Film noir or hardboiled show around the character
  4. Etrigan/Jason Blood - Some sort of time-spanning show based around Etrigan/Jason Blood, that shows their life through the centuries, both in King Arthur’s court and the modern era; similiar to how the tv show the Highlander was set present day but would flashback to moments in his life through the centuries.
  5. Fable - yeah I know it’s Vertigo so it won’t happen, but still wish the would they change their minds about featuring imprints, lot of great content out there. If not Fables, then Catman/Secret Six based of the 2005-2006 version of the team, villians fighting villians, always fun.

For already-existing series like Constantine, Batman Beyond, Static Shock, or any of the other DCAU series, “the ship has sailed” on a revival.

Young Justice was brought back because there was interest in doing so from both the creators and the fanbase, but is the exception, not the rule.

The future of DC properties on TV is and should be forward-looking, not backwards-looking, and so people really ought to be wanting to see new stories told and new properties developed, not only for this service, but across the television network landscape.

Okay, rant over. Here’s my “wish list” for future DCTV:

  • Live-action adaptations of StormWatch, WildC.A.T.s, and Gen-13 (make them all part of a connected franchise)

*A live-action “Big 7” Justice League series

  • A live-action Green Lantern series that makes the mythology and lore digestible for the “layperson” by starting somewhat small-scale with Hal and then building outward and upward

  • A live-action adaptation of the Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld comics

  • An animated series about the Creature Commandos, either with or without the actual Frankenstein’s Monster character

Green Lantern would be pretty expensive show to do, just from a cgi standpoint.

Jason/Etrigan Show could be a pretty cool idea. At least test it out the characters in an episode or three of LoT. Forcing Constantine and Jason/Etrigan to have to work together would be very interesting to see as I’m sure they probably can’t stand each other.

If they could get Michael Keaton to play Bruce I would be so excited for a Batman Beyond live action adaptation. Other than that I would love to see either Robin (Tim), Batgirl, or Nightwing have their own show.

“Green Lantern would be pretty expensive show to do, just from a cgi standpoint”

Not necessarily.

I think people automatically have this idea in their heads that Lantern constructs have to be these massively elaborate creations requiring tons of CG effects to realize, but that’s part of the impetus behind stripping the lore and mythology of the characters down and making them as simplistic and easy-to-digest as possible.

Treating the Lanterns and their energy constructs the way most Procedural dramas treat the weapons and resources they give their hero characters - and limiting the “focus” of the wider Corps to a tight group of characters - reduces the need to have a massive set of resources and assets in order to adapt the GL comics.

I want a new Constantine from the creative team behind Swamp Thing. I know: a very long shot. Or at least let it be a mini-series

  1. House of Secrets anthology series with Madam Xanadu introducing each show

  2. Hawk and Dove

  3. Metal Men

  4. Blue Devil

  5. Metamorpho

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  1. Animal Man
  2. Amethyst
  3. The Question.
  4. Richard Dragon
  5. Metal Men (animated)


  1. Justice league dark live action
  2. Deadman live action
  3. Metal men live action
  4. An animated flash (Wally west) series
  5. New gods/forever people live action

They’ve been mentioned already, but I will back up the interest in Batman and the Outsiders (a good way to use the Caped Crusader without stepping on the big screen’s toes), Justice Society of America (which I assume would start off feeling like Wonder Woman and would slowly become more like Watchmen in later seasons as the JSA finds the nation turning on it after the war), and the Blue Beetle/Booster Gold Bwahaha Hour (aka JLI).