New DC. Show Suggestions wish list

Teen Titans continuation.
Green Lantern show.


Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter (a series that revolves around J’onn’s arrival on earth and his attempt to blend in by taking on a human persona to become a detective in order to investigate the potential invasion efforts of the White Martians)

The Corps (following the adventures of the various Green Lanterns, particularly the newer ones since I have still yet to see anything with Jessica Cruz or Simon Baz and really want to. That reminds me I should really watch Fatal Five soon just so I can see at least one piece of media that has her character in it. Anyway the show would mostly focus on them with John Stewart as their mentor)

Justice League Dark (starring John Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman, Black Orchid, Madame Xanadu, and Etrigan the Demon)

The Question (starring Renee Montoya and revolving around her search for her missing mentor, the original Question who in this proposed series would have gone missing on a case that reveals a tangled web of corruption and conspiracy that Renee has to unravel)

True Blue and Gold … or something like that (a series revolving around Booster Gold and Ted Kord’s Blue Beetle and their misadventures as Ted tries to help Booster become a true hero out of finding him amusing and wanting to see him succeed rather than remain a buffoon liable to get himself killed)

Shocked! (a live action static shock series that actually has Richie Foley/Rick Stone, whatever you call him as a genuine gay boy rather than stuck within the confines of heteronormative censorship)

Fire and Ice (featuring the titular characters as an elemental power duo)

These are just a few ideas. What do you guys think?


I would pay to watch that justice league dark or question show right now… also how about a DC Western show kinda like lonesome dove but with hex, bat lash, kid colt and others

Blue Beetle show, they could connect it by having Booster Gold appear on both legends and the Blue Beetle show.

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Redhood and the outlaws
Or a redhood antihero story

BOOSTER GOLD: would be a perfect comedy show with social commentary on fame-whoring. Glenn Howerton would murder in this role.


I can’t wait for Stargirl

The Question as a mystery show would be awesome.

Live action Legion of Super Heroes (would need to be a CW show. Need more eyeballs and bigger budget to do that. It’d be a lot of CGI. But perfect for CW teen young adult dramarama, with plenty of love interest stories to follow. And you could throw so much diversity into that show as well, CW would lap it up)

I agree with the light hearted Blue Beetle/Booster Gold idea. I love Titans and Doom Patrol, but not every show has to be the darkest grittiest show imaginable.

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-A lighthearted Blue and Gold series would be great as a change of pace since the shows this far have been darker in nature. I happen to like variety.

  • I second a Red Hood and the Outlaws series. Jason Todd is a particular favorite of mine whose star seems to be on the rise lately thanks to Arkham Knight and the UTRH movie. I’d like to see DC capitalize on his popularity with more of a presence in live action or animated media.

-A continuation of Green Lantern:TAS. I’d really like to know what happens next since the series left things pretty open and it was cancelled prematurely.

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I’d really like to see them add the arrowverse shows and also some of the newer dceu movies.


Booster Gold. It could be like Legends of Tomorrow but with better writing, acting, cinematography, and special effects. I dont know how lighthearted I would want it to be though. Not dark or gritty either, but something in the vein of Future Man but with much less raunch. Back to the Future in the DCU.
Sorry, when I read lighthearted I always think “lite-hearted”.

How about a Milk Wars animated film with doom patrol and the jla

CW may have Supergirl, but DCU can do Power Girl.

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Sgt. Rock WWII version not New 52.

Some good old sword and sorcery like Starfire the original one. Stalker or even Beowolf if DC can do him. I believe he is a public domain character.

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Some kind of procedural would be cool. Checkmate, Gotham Central, that kind of thing.


My list, not in order…
The Endless I see it as a sort of twilight zone, each show can be about one of the family.
Animal Man
The Demon Etrigan
Sgt. Rock (WWII version)

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Animal man
The Question
Constantine (bring back)


-continue Swamp Thing
-JSA (animated in JLU style)
-Green Lantern animated series revived

  • Catwoman based on Balent’s run.
    -The Spectre and or Dr Fate
  1. Catwoman show of some sorts.
  2. A gay superhero because I’m a homosexual that is starved for content.