Neal Adams Batman *Reading Order*

What is the reading order of his Batman. I don’t want stories where he only illustrates the cover, I want to read stories where he illustrates it all.

I don’t know if there’s any real point in reading the issues chronologically (as many of them are completely unrelated stories), but his bibliography is available on Wikipedia:

If you’re in a Neal Adams mood, I’d recommend checking out this week’s World of Bats Book Club reading:

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Thanks! That was a really helpful article.

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I believe the “Batman by Neal Adams” volumes or omnibus has them in chronological order.

(Read Batman: Odyssey at your own peril)


What is wrong with Odyssey?

It’s a rather bizarre, wacky story that isn’t to everyone’s tastes.



Neal is a great artist, but his writing could use some work. Things tend to jump around and not make sense. (He could use a co-writer to help straighten things out)


I don’t know the order either, really need to find out

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