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Didn’t see a thread so made one. This thread is to discuss Naomi season one. Chat, lurk, theorize, and Enjoy.



Great pilot definitely hooked me in.

I have not read her book yet only the appearances in other stuff such as Young Justice and Action Comics so I don’t really know anything but some basics and I like it. Makes the mystery of this mystery work for me.

Great introduction to the characters. Interested in the Superman connections. Does not seem to be in the Arrowverse earth prime but who knows neither was Balck Lightning at first so that could change if not still seems like a awesome™:+1: show regardless.

Naomi’s life seems to be going well then the event. Who was that Supes fighting. They establish some friends and bring in connection to them and her.

Then she runs in with Zumbado. The big bad or so it seems. Interesting stuff there.

And then the end were she is about to be revealed a lot by the winged friend. Interesting.

Overall nice set up and looking forward to see where it goes.

Who is Naomi? What’s with the wings? Is there more to this mystery? All this and more Same Powered Time Same Powered Channel


I’ll be here with you to discuss every week, @NYJt3.

I read the 2019 series so I know a little about the character but don’t remember it too well. I liked the first episode. Lots of intrigue for sure.

(One criticism right off the top - She tells her dad high fives are no longer cool then skateboards to school and immediately high fives a classmate. Come on, continuity! :wink: )

This is a world where superheroes don’t actually exist outside of comics. There is no Superman other than the one they read about or watch on TV/in movies and that took me a second to recognize. So many of these shows exist in a world with metahumans and superhero aliens that to have a show that is, essentially, set in the real world (at least to begin with) is very interesting.

I was REALLY hoping that would be Hawkman at the end but alas - almost assuredly not. Still wondering who it is (obviously a Thanagarian) and why he’s been lurking in town as a tattoo artist. I remember that being in the book but can’t remember the details.

I think I’m going to watch this episode again to pay more attention this time to the small details and absorb it all and I might go back and re-read that mini-series to refresh my memory on that.


I didn’t love the premiere but I definitely didn’t hate it. I’m just incredibly angry at them saying no crossovers, but hopefully this is just in Season 1. Naomi is famous for traveling the Multiverse and they cannot ignore that.


I mean I doubt they’ll ignore the multiverse in general, but they’ve already made a big change by having this be set in a world where people like Superman are fictional characters. It’s clear the show isn’t completely beholden to the original comic, so we’ll just have to wait and see how else that manifests


I have seen many “adaptations” where they clearly never read the source material. Of course they can.


:laughing::laughing: didn’t catch that.


That was Black Lightning’s plan at first and that changed so who knows what could happen.


I am both nervous and fascinated by having this series set on one Earth. At least, by how this first episode was set up. I read the comic series and it looks like we are going in a different direction from her comic origin, and not doing the multiverse here at the beginning.

But that does open up some cool ideas and I am really curious to see how it goes. I was on the fence about watching the show to begin with but I think I will continue.

My guess is that instead of Aliens and alternate dimensions it is just going to be all Aliens. Supergirl is over and this show can fill that void.

Zumbado being different makes sense but he is still pretty scary, I can’t wait to see more of him.

And, honestly, because I read the comics, this confused me. I didn’t understand why everyone was convinced it was a stunt. Even with the scene in the comic store I was still thinking “Oh, hey they wrote comics about Superman?”. It didn’t click til later in the episode that powers and heroes just don’t exist on this Earth.


I read the original series and really enjoyed it. However, the first episode of Naomi fell kind of flat for me. I’m hoping this was just a pilot problem and that it gets a lot better as the series progresses. It just felt like they didn’t do a good job of setting up the world and the characters before dropping us into the Big Bad storyline. Especially if they’re trying to set us up knowing that this is a world without superheroes. The dialogue felt really weak to me too (I know this is a CW show so the quality can’t be as good as other shows, but I always like to have hope haha!)

Anyway, I’ll be along for the ride and I do hope it gets better as the series goes. I read an interview where the writers said they were going to divert from the original story a bit so I’m interested to see what’s different.


I enjoyed the first episode. I haven’t read the original series, so I didn’t go in with any sort of expectations. I appreciate that they developed the characters and surroundings without getting into superheroics right away!


Although the primary inspiration for this show is, obviously, the 6-issue Naomi miniseries from writers Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker and artist Jamal Campbell, it (the show) also appears to be drawing on elements of the story of Superboy-Prime, a character created in the aftermath of Crisis on Infinite Earths by writer Elliot S. Maggin and artist Curt Swan and who, like the TV version of Naomi, existed in a world where superheroes were fictional characters.


I enjoyed the second episode and the development/acting of Naomi’s character. I like that they always have her wearing something yellow as a tribute/reference to her character in the comics. Naomi’s apprehension at being a superhero with powers is different than most in comics lore but perfectly understandable. It’s hard enough being a high school student and desperately trying to avoid standing out for any reason but to learn you might be an alien with powers has to be terrifying.

Her parents definitely know more than they’re letting on and dad’s new job ought to be very interesting.

The slow burn continues and don’t think I didn’t notice Dee admitting he’s from Thanagar, referencing ancient Egypt and claiming he once fought alongside Superman. I’m still holding out hope that this will turn out to be Hawkman.


I really like the second episode of Naomi. I love that they are doing it at a deliberate pace and taking time to develop the world and the characters. I love Naomi’s reticence at being an alien and even a superhero. Her explanation, of how she was often the only Black girl in her school, really struck home for anyone who has been different in some way from their peers. Given the wings, I wasn’t surprised that Dee is from Thanagar. He is easily becoming one of my favorite characters on the show.


If the show doesn’t change Greg McDuffie’s overall comics backstory, there’s bound to be some huge conflicts of interest coming for him as it concerns his daughter and potentially some huge ‘fireworks’ coming with with regards to Dee and his (Dee’s) role in her life as she investigates both the Superman sighting and her own history.


Second Episode much better than first.

I liked it very much

The mystery angle is great

A little Scooby-Doo gang

A little Four Wall
Going to an abandoned place?
That is the start of every horror movie

That there are three aliens, all with different outlooks, was portrayed well

I hope to read Naomi’s Comic Book Series soon

I already downloaded it from Comixoligy to my Android phone.

But the series is also in our library


Agreed. Pacing was better in this one, and characters starting to take shape.


Second episode was great. I’m liking this show much more than I expected to.

It looks like they are changing the Dad’s backstory? But I guess it’s possible they aren’t? I’m not sure how many episodes are in this season so they might just be doing this very slowly.

I am very curious about this friend group. They are all so close, minus the two guys whose names I don’t remember, but I really like that. But they aren’t forcing a love triangle, or any other shape for that matter. It’s a very nice balance, something that doesn’t normally happen, especially in a CW show.

Also, Commander Steel? So, we’re 100% playing up the fact that we aren’t in the Arrowverse now. I almost missed that reference.

My only weird concern is that Naomi’s powers seem all over the place here. Sometimes she can see far, then she has super hearing, then lights flicker, then she can air bend? Doesn’t she energy project in the comics? It just isn’t balancing out for me. But we are only two episodes in, so I’ll give that more time to figure itself out.

Yeah, this show is much better than I anticipated. Can’t wait for the next epsiode.


Isn’t he supposed to be a Green Lantern?


The second episode was better but still not a mindblowing show. The love square really brings the show down. Dee having organic metal wings is weird but at least they’re real wings.