Name the Character(s) Best Fit: Season 4

Welcome back, DC Fans, to the new season of Name the Character(s) Best Fit!
First off, I bet you are wondering, where is @kingofspeedsters? Isn’t this his thing? Well, I have asked him and received his blessing. So while he is taking a break, I am going to keep it going for you!
With this new season, I am going to only change a little bit, so don’t worry. Here is the schedule:
Sunday - Weekly vote
Monday- Normal Scenario
Tuesday- Opposite Day
Wednesday-Thursday- Normal Scenario
Friday-Poll Posted/ Normal Scenario
Saturday-Guest Scenario & Judge


Sunday- I will determine the week’s winner
Monday-I will post a scenario featuring DC characters
Tuesday- I will flip the theme of the week
Wednesday-Thursday-I will post scenarios featuring DC characters
Friday- I will post a scenario featuring DC characters, and I will create a poll to decide next week’s theme: Heroes or Villians. The results of the poll will determine the next week’s theme (starting Monday).
Saturday-The winner of the previous week, determined Sunday, will create a scenario, and decide the winner.

At the end of the day, CST, the winner will be announced.
The last week of every month, whoever has won the most scenario will be ME for a week. (They will have to follow the schedule, of course)
Here’s this seasons twist: On Sunday, I will announce a handicap, characters or powers that cannot be used in the answer!

Spread the word, Name the Character(s) Best Fit is back!!! And please, give suggestions on how to run this thread.
First scenario: Monday, 2/10/2020, but the vote for theme starts now!


Here’s the poll for next week:

  • Heroes
  • Villians

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I can’t wait!!


Hi everyone!!!
Just because I’m taking a break from running the thread, doesn’t mean I’m not joining the fun. I will be taking place in playing the game.
P.S. I will be back at running the thread the week after @AmberButane2814 runs it for a week.


Okay guys. Votes are in, and this week we will be stopping the villians of DC!!! Tomorrow morning I will post the scenario, so be ready!!!


Okay, every one. Here is todays long awaited scenario:
Operation Hellspawn.
Felix Faust, Trigon, Solomon Grundy, & Circe have all combined forces to form the horrendous Legion of Dark. They have invaded our city Gotham, freed all the villians from their cells, and cast this beautiful metropolis into the middle of Hell! Due to this displacement, it will take a master of the occult to reach Gotham and save us from these dastardly sorcerers. Please send three Magickals in order to save us!!!

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All of our foes are ghastly, but Trigon is really nasty. I usually avoid the Spectre or the Phantom Stranger in my selections, but defeating Trigon will require the Spectre’s protection.

Next, we need to remove Gotham from its exile in Hell. For this, we require a master of matters dark and fell. The only one who can save the land… is the Demon, Etrigan!

Etrigan can take Grundy and Faust, but there’s still Circe to roust. Because her magical power is so great, I propose confronting her with Doctor Fate.


Gone, gone the Nelson’s form of late
I bring forth mine other, the Doctor of Fate!!
So how might this man reclaim Gotham’s land
What does thee propose,
can ensure Circe goes?
Tell me your tale, ensure thine logic flawless,
Or else Gotham shall remain so lawless!!


I send Zatanna, Constantine & Madame Xanadu. Simply b/c Z & Constantine took down Faust, Necro, & a slew of evil JL members from a different dimension, by consciously leaving their bodies to discuss a plan. Madame Xanadu has been around as long, I believe even longer, then Circe. She’s seen it all & has a cure for it. Plus a close on/off friendly relationship with the Phantom Stranger. He likes to pop in & help her in dire times.

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Okay, come on guys! We only got two today! Tomorrow will be better, right?
Anyway, as much as it pains me to do this to @capo-mage, I pronounce the winner of Monday’s scenario: @BatJamags
I am sorry, but his use of non-traditional JLD members was commendable, as was the format for his solution. But don’t give up, there are more to come.
Tune in next time, same Butane time, same Butane channel!!

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It’s ok. Zatanna wasn’t a homer pick tho. Constantine & her already defeated Faust with Necro & the Unjustice or Injustice league (too lazy to look it up) plus tons of other villains in JLD Blight. Xanadu’s an all pro with all things magical, &, in her own series (which is absolutely amazing) Phantom Stranger pops in & helps her out of the toughest jams. Classic 2 for 1. I digress tho, you’re the boss. Don’t call for Zatanna next time you’re in trouble, she’s upset. Jk. :blush:


Sorry I missed this thread, I’ll be ready for the next

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Ok guys, here is your chance to compete in today’s NTCBF. Don’t miss it! (looking at you, @Wildstorm-Jeff)
Operation Batitude
Holy Heavy Handguns! The JLA is having to move confiscated weapons to the #watchtower. This could be our chance to come out on top, chum. Unfortunately, we have some problems. One, they have a METAdampener active. Two, we can only fit five people into the van. Three, one of them has to be Kite-Man. (Luthor said that Chuck needs a chance to get to be part of all this) Oh, and this is probably no big deal, but the five they have moving the shipment are Batman, Wonder Woman, Nightwing, Arsenal, and some oaf named “Booster Gold”. So yeah. You want the score, you gotta go through these guys.


Operation: Archvillain

Kite-Man drives the van. Riding in the back are Joker, Doctor Psycho, Cheshire, and Deathstroke. Get Joker out first, his appearance should trigger both Batman and Nightwing as he does his craziness and maybe draws them away from the fight. Giganta and Psycho get out arguing making everyone uncomfortable. Their fight disguises the fact that they are loading the van. Cheshire engages Arsenal in an discussion about child support, and Deathstroke talks philosophy and circles around Booster Gold. Kite-Man drives away with the weapons, hopefully before Batman get back. Everyone walks away having not committed a crime.


I bring Skeets (handle all our tech problems & melt Booster (figuratively, emotionally) as soon as he sees em’.
Kite-Man. No problem jump in bud, hell…nah? He’s airborne & ready to dive in on command.
Red Hood sets a charge off in the road & brings the van to a hault.
Artemis uses the bow of RA to demolish the van & dampeners.
Black Adam (my big gun now that the dampeners are off) can now get busy.
Artemis & WW pair up, Skeets disables the Van & starts to calculate the best odds of an escape plan with the merch, Red Hood squares up with Arsenal.
Kite-Man dives in & gets a few distracting shots in each time then returns to the air.
Black Adam picks up the slack wherever it’s needed. Skeets has the plan, communicates it thru our earpieces & kite-man swoops in & grabs the merch. With a carried lift off from Adam he soars off while Skeets attaches to his Kite & transforms it into a flag shaped turbo jet. The rest retreat leaving a stunned JL in dismay.


Operation: Immunity
I choose Felix Faust, Circe, Ares, Black Beetle, and Kiteman.

All 5 of these villains are either magic based or regular humans with gadgets, thus rendering them immune to the METAdampener.

Black Beetle will be paired with Batman. We would need someone with “two minds” and alien tech. to even come close to taking Batman down. But seriously, the scarabs tactical planning with a host as experienced as Black Beetle can definitely match Batman’s tactical abilities.

Ares will be matched with wonderwoman, because…well…that’s how it is.

Felix Faust will be paired with Nightwing. A skilled magic practitioner with a skilled fighter.

Circe would be paired with Arsenal. She can do some heebie jeebie magic and make all his arrows into noodles, etc.

Lastly, but most definitely not least… Kite-man (the oaf) will be paired with the “oaf named Booster Gold.” They both have very wacky personalities. Personally I think they would just end up hanging out, but if they were to fight, Booster good would win…but at the end of the day that doesn’t do much.

Now you must be thinking…what about the weapons!!!
Well children…before this all began, while Kiteman was driving the van filled with the other four, the three “magicians” created a decoy. That decoy was infact…a…FAKE KITEMAN!!! SO WHILE THE FAKE KITEMAN WAS FIGHTING BOOSTER GOLD, THE REAL ONE WAS LOADING THE VAN!!! THE REASON THIS IS FOOL PROOF IS BECAUSE A FOOL FAKE IS JUST AS DUMB AMD “OAFY” AS THE REAL KITEMAN!!! BET U DIDNT SEE THAT COMIN’


For this, we’re sending in Scarecrow, Lady Shiva, Gizmo, Catwoman, and (sigh) frickin’ Kite-Man.

We don’t know exactly how this gear is being transferred, which would be helpful, but I can lay out a general plan. Scarecrow whips up a batch of fear gas. We’ll want to lob this in unexpectedly, so if the forced meme wants to feel useful, he can drop it from a kite or something.

Anyway, our primary strike team is Gizmo and Shiva. Gizmo needs to hijack any vehicle they’re using to move the goods, but his equipment could be useful on some of the heavier hitters. Shiva’s just there to knock heads together. Between these two and the fear gas, we’ve at least got an adequate distraction. This should give Catwoman the breathing room to break in, grab the goods, and make an escape before the Leaguers rally.


Hey everybody! Sorry I am late, I up and passed out at 19:30. So the winner is… @Wildstorm-Jeff.
Sorry to the other competitors (@capo-mage, @kingofspeedsters, not you, @BatJamags. You do not dis my main man, @KiteMan.{I don’t know who that is, but they are Kite Man})

Don’t worry though, today we are back with…drumroll…

Operation M(L)E(X)TA

Oh, no, Butane fans! Lex Luthor broke into S.T.A.R. Labs! We don’t know what he stole, but… wait. The TV over there! Lex is on it, and he is speaking. Turn it up.

“-zztz-And I want to inform you that the METAhuman plague has been rampant, but we have found a cure! In 3 minutes, I shall release it and rid you of this ‘super’ powered cancer.-ztzt-”

Quick we must find him! Where is h…BOOM.

What was that? Why can’t I teleport? Does anyone have a light? HELP?

Please send us three non-METAs to help us take out Luthor, and restore our powers! Be careful, his security is fearsome! Especially Captain Cold and Parasite. Quick, Parasite is F-R-E-A-K-Y!!!


Operation Lex (forget initials & punctuation but got the rest).
I send Batman (boring…but…) he’s had the most experience as a non-meta vs big threats & he has the coolest toys. Nightwing. Can’t send the boss in w/o his right hand man. The duo have been taking down bad guys since they were in underwear (literally for one). & finally…Batgirl? Yep, I went there. The trio of truth ( made that up ). However, not the Batgirl from way back when. Cassie Cain. Her record speaks for itself. While Bats & Wing take care of the toys. This Batgirl is trained & lead the League of Assassins, Defeated her mother Lady Shiva ( one of if/not the best hand to hand fighters in the world) basically I’m saying her resume speaks for itself. She’ll handle Lex’s guards, if Mercy Graves should show up (& u know she will) she’s got her & the army of guards handled. I’ll leave Parasite & Captain Cold to the dynamic duo, who’ve done this a thousand times with their teamwork & gadgets. As a popular cartoon pig still says that’s all folks. On a side note. Thank u for responding amber butane. I didn’t want to use an @ & your spelling cuz I knew u would get this alert anyways. Didn’t want to keep going on someone else’s thread. Thanks for answering tho. dead, squashed, over. I’ll never bring it up again. I’m happy we’re good cuz I enjoy talking to u.


Operation: Who are these guys

What a horrible thing Lex has done, for this I’m going to use the Take No Prisoners Squad ™

Arsenal, Red Hood, and Damian not being familiar with each other will make them mistrustful of each other and keep them ultra sharp.

These 3 are members of the shoot first and don’t bother with questions. Parasite shouldn’t pose much of a threat as he doesn’t do ranged combat.

Captain Cold could take a bit longer before a crossbow bolt or bullet finds the mark.

Damian frustrated at not getting a chance to show off his moves will make short work of anyone else including luthor so he can disgust Jon Kent with his story of saving his life later.


I’ll give u a like for using my boy Damian. Even tho u spelled his name wrong, it wasn’t easy to do, but this world needs more heroes. @BatJamags is coming & he hates Damian so I’m sneaking off…
P.S. hands off the edit button mr. wildstorm.

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