Munchie Mondays: Alfred's Bats in a Cave Recipe!

Got a favorite recipe from Negative Man? Can you bake a pie as good as Martha Kent’s? Ever had a dream of opening your own DC themed restaurant? Like showing off how good (or bad) your food looks? Just… enjoy food?

Ready those ovens, dust off those aprons, and get ready to make some grub! Create your way to the top and be featured as Kent’s Kitcheneer for the month in our news section!


  1. Every Monday, I’ll post a new recipe for you to try in honor of a specific theme or character.
  2. DC it Up! Give it a DC inspired name, take a picture with a collectible or book of its inspiration, or bake an image right into it!
  3. Create the recipe right in your own DC Kitchen!
  4. Post pictures of your results here in this thread! The good, the bad, and the… creative!


New Years!

Pay homage to the New 52, Rebirth, or a DC character you’re resolving to get to know better this coming year!

Here’s this week’s example recipe for HORS D’OEUVRES:

Alfred’s Bats in a Cave


1 8 oz tube crescent rolls
1 12 oz package mini cocktail wieners

  • Preheat oven to 375º. On a lightly floured surface, unroll crescent sheets and tear where perforated. Cut each triangle into 3 smaller triangles.
  • Place one cocktail wiener on thinner side of each triangle then roll to thicker side.
  • Transfer to a large baking sheet.
  • Bake until golden, 12 to 15 minutes.
  • Let cool and use a cookie cutter or carve the Batman symbol into them!
  • Have a Happy New Year!

Post your pictures in the comments below! We’ll be picking our favorite to feature in the news section every month. Get that Kent’s Kitcheneer title!

The New Year is going to bring a shiny remodel to our kitchen, so be sure to stay tuned. The possibilities are endless, and you really won’t want to miss what we’re cooking up! See you next year, folks! :green_heart:


DC-licious! Sorry I missed this one ooh! The bats are nawing at it! Ooh wee! I need to push up the sleeves & get to it! Yum!


Aw, I missed it too, but I’ve gotta try this recipe!

It seems like this has ended.
I should stop searching for new posts?
@BestBeastBoy Did you hire a chef for yourself & the Titans? We knew giving them their own Live Action Hit TV series would go straight to their egos, didn’t we?
Too good to create food creations on your own now?
Hmmph. Robin has tiny hands … [Runs & Hides at Kate Kain’s Wayne Tower.]

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@toonatonian Quite the opposite! We’ve renovated and have a fresh new kitchen and DCU Cookbook in Fan Creations! With the new year we’ve changed it up a bit. The latest iteration of our tasty topic is Wonder Wings! You can also find all new threads (and all the old Munchies!) by following the DCU Cookbook tag!


If you have any advice to give in the Wonder Wings thread, @toonatonian, it’d be more than welcome. :man_facepalming: My first batch ended in disaster and even with @BestBeastBoy’s wisdom I think the second is doomed already!