More Vertigo Books Have Arrived

So, I’m peeking a sneak at this week’s new to DCU books and there are four Vertigo titles:

-House of Mystery (2008-2011) #1
-House of Mystery Halloween Annual #1 (part of the above series)
-Madame Xanadu (2008-2011) #1
-Vertigo Visions: The Phantom Stranger (1993) #1 (Vertigo Visions was a series of one-shots, FYI)

This is nice and a pleasant surprise. Granted these are characters/properties that have roots in the DCU, so it’s understandable why they’re here, but more Vertigo books on the service is always nice to see.

keeps a seat open for Spider-Jerusalem For someday, just in case :wink:


YOOOOOOOOOO! This is HUGE! Come onnnn, Sandman and Hellblazer!


My hope is that this week’s Vertigo books are but the first drops of an oncoming Vertigo deluge.

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The whole House of Mystery and Madame Xanadu series have been added!


This is awesome!

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Especially House of Mystery. I’ve always liked it. It was such an interesting series. The side stories were not the best, but overall I think the series worked.

I’ve never read Madame Xanadu, I’ll have to check it out.

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@Awesome_Squid That’s gravy, thanks for the heads-up!

They don’t seem to be coming up under comic series searches ATM (only under individual comic book searches, which then allow full navigation of each series), but I imagine by later this morning they’ll have populated into other search parameters/results.

@HCQ Nice!

Speaking of Gene Kelly (and with regards to my previous rain drops/deluge comment), there’s this:

Who knew Gene Kelly was a Vertigo fan?


This is exciting if it does mean that eventually all Vertigo titles will be added, but at the moment I’m thinking this is due to the characters featured in Swamp Thing.


Cool – always wanted to read Madame Xanadu especially.


It’s actually not just the #1s bit the complete series!

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We prefer to say that we got more issues that support our original series- this isn’t indicative of us acquiring more Vertigo series, and want to make sure we’re not marketing our messaging that way :slight_smile:

That being said, a win is a win!


I really liked that House of Mystery series. Never got a chance to read all of it, so hopefully I can revisit while it’s here. I’ve always wanted to check out that Madame Xanadu series as well. So theses are exciting additions.


@AJ A win is indeed a win!

I read that Phantom Stranger one-shot this morning. It was…interesting.

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With The Kitchen movie coming out shortly I was hoping that series would get added.

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@Mae That’s a good idea!

Granted, The Kitchen isn’t involved with the DCU service, but we’ve got Watchmen oriented material here in what is clearly a tie-in to the upcoming HBO series, so The Kitchen comic would indeed be nice to see here.

Maybe next week?


Let’s hope, and it would be fantastic if Watchmen and Before Watchmen get added for the HBO series!


@Mae I’d eat a cold can of beans Rorschach-style to celebrate Watchmen and Before Watchmen if and when they come here.

This is great news, House of Mystery and Madame Xanadu were two of my favourite Vertigo titles and I can’t wait to reread them. Here’s hoping The Losers and Human Target show up too (not to mention G Willow Wilson’s trippy series Air).

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Fingers crossed for Sandman, 100 Bullets, DMZ, Northlanders and Scalped.

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