More Vertigo Books Have Arrived

Honestly, Sandman is going to get sorted into that “Sorry, these sell too well so we’re not going to put them on DCU” category.

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I really hope Transmet doesn’t fall into that category too, though.

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Now DCU just needs to make a Fables TV series so that all the Fables comics and tie-ins can be added, all of them. Or just have Bigby guest star in fables and then because of that add everything Fables related.

Get on it DCU! :wink:


I’ll take it, @Applejack! House of Mystery in particular is a great get.

Now I’m hoping we get Wesley Dodds on Stargirl — that could be a foothold into Sandman Mystery Theatre.

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House of Mystery from the Bronze Age is fantastic

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Anytime i see this, i get excited about the full boat of 80 years of dc funnybook anything/everything. Off to read about the time Lois met Pat Boone…

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Well the Netflix Sandman is coming so perhaps then the Sandman stuff will be added?

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No, I don’t think it works that way Mae. It’s got to be a DCU original show for us to get a foothold. Otherwise we’d have Lucifer in the archives by now.


rolls the dice for a DCU Transmetropolitan show

C’mon red and green dice!

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@Vroom Hey, Garth Ennis got his two big series adapted. It’s Ellis’ turn now. And Ellis even has TV experience (Castlevania). He could help adapt his own stuff.

@DeadmanBrand I agree.

If we can get a Warren Ellis penned G.I. Joe animated mini-series, surely he can pick up the phone, dial Warner Brothers Television and say “I’ve got something for you. Here’s when production starts, mmmkay?”.

I firmly believe Transmet has the potential to be the next big thing for TV. Big time.

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@boodikhan I’m eager to check out that issue of Lois Lane. I saw Pat Boone on the cover and said “Sold!”.

Actually the entire series of Madame Xanadu and House of Mystery (2008) are available! Nice!

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Can we get “The Kitchen” to read before the movie comes out?



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Stuff like 100 Bullets that has no connection to DC characters is the least likely to be released here.

Shhhhhh… Don’t let Auto Mod know this will disappear like House of Whispers did!!

Another typical 24 hour long work day for AUTOMOD…

"I sense Vertigo in the DC Comics library. I must Eradicate it per my Mod parameters, lest the Celestial Lawyer arrive!

House of Mystery…hmmm I sense Vertigo in the 1980s run of Suicide Squad, let’s eradicate that too!!"

AJ: “no, no, bad little Automod, back in your server! That’s COUNT Vertigo, not the Vertigo label. Stand still while we run today’s latest Windows security patch on you.”

“Ouch, that hurts, Ultimate Moderator!!”

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