🎶 Mixtape Monday: Hal Jordan 🎶

Thank you. :smiley: That might be one of my favorit gifs now.


That’s always a great choice. :slight_smile:


This is always a fun song to listen to, and I’m always happy whenever the Beatles show up in a Mixtape. :smiley:


I’m late again, but this line about music being an aeroplane makes sense for @Green.Lantern good luck!


Thank you! :slight_smile: This looks like another great addition.


That’s in my top 50 ever list. That leaves 49 to cover the entirety of musical history. It’s not too often that someone selects a record from my lifetime top 50 collection!!! That song dominates!!


Dear @Green.Lantern (and anybody else reading this),
First, if I had known this list was technically for you, GL, I would’ve brought better songs! :see_no_evil: Since you’ve popped in recently, tho, and I remember you mentioning Woody Guthrie quite a few times over the years, I have something special for you (should you see it)! It’s going to come with a story, too…

(Wait. Gotta go get one of my fave gifs, first :stuck_out_tongue:)


Anyone here who knows me, knows that I came from a multi-generational/multi-cultural home, so I tend to have all sorts of strange references and am nostalgic for things I have absolutely NO business being nostalgic for :laughing: but I am! And this is a prime example.

I had begged for a guitar for years, and when I was about 12, I finally got one. I was hoping for an electric by then, because a rebellious streak was beginning to show, but I was thrilled either way, and in the end, was gifted an acoustic. One day, an uncle of mine told me that ‘I didn’t need an amp to dissent or tell the truth’ and handed me a cd. It was Woody Guthrie (and Memphis Minnie). It definitely changed some things for me, and ever since, every guitar I own—hell, even my laptop and banjo has :point_down: this saying somewhere on it (that’s a pic of my first :guitar: btw)

So! For you, I have both personal faves and the first songs of theirs I ever learned, when I was but a wee lass. :dancer:t2: Plz enjoy.

Ps. There’s something about Hal mowing Supes down with a tank that amuses me deeply. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I’m glad you enjoy it too!! :green_heart: Great to see you, btw!


Sorry I had to read as soon as I saw “I’m a huge fan of Woody Guthrie” , there was no minding my own business after that, like I usually do lol…


Thank you for sharing that, I love that story! My dad has always liked country and so I have I, so I think that’s how I got into liking Woody Guthrie. I had a little high school graduation party with family and the one CD I played was one of his. :stuck_out_tongue: I also put on All in the Family for us to watch, for some reason?


You’re welcome, its the first one i could think of that had flying &music.

Thanks, as soon as i posted my brother told me I should’ve picked a better one lol!

youre making me want to try to learn guitar again! good story.


:joy: oh man…I have 2 older sisters but yeah, that’s how they do ya’. High Poppy Syndrome. Once u start feeling yourself your siblings will be sure to knock u right back down to Earth where their problems exist lol


oh yea, thats their job lol, they re really good at it


@Green.Lantern This gives me an overwhelming need to call someone a meathead :see_no_evil: :laughing: I had a stretch where I was weirdly obsessed w/ Laverne & Shirley reruns and did something similar once. I get it! :green_heart:

:face_with_monocle: Now I have to drop this, you understand: (starts singing) :microphone: :notes: there’s nothiiing we won’t tryyy, never heard the word im-poss-ible…

@capo-mage I don’t mind, buddy! :hugs: You always add something to the conversation, and I appreciate it.

@MaxR :raised_hands: :smiley_cat: :notes: :guitar:



I watch sitcoms more than most anything else. There’s a lot of old ones I like and need to watch more of. I haven’t seen Laverne & Shirley much, but I’d like to watch it. I need to watch Sanford and Sons and The Jeffersons more, I love both of those.