🎶 Mixtape Monday: Applejack 🎶

When Applejack ended her tenure here at DCUI (at least under her then current username :wink:) she posted this GIF in regards to my response to her leaving this amazing platform.


I miss @Applejack.
#BGstanPrime :00_batgirl1: :00_dc_2016:


I’m wincing hard right now


Just don’t tell my parents about the swear I uttered. :wink:



Jk, that sounds painful af. I’m w/ @CynicalPink :grimacing: Reminds me of when I’d use the swings to get as much height and speed as I could and then jump off! :raised_hands: …only ONE TIME, I landed hard on one knee and slid across about 5ft of freshly cut grass (on both bare knees and shins). That kinda suct. But my sis said it looked cool, atleast, so I guess: :sunglasses: lol Worth it. :purple_heart:


No, not Billy Mumy from The Twilight Zone! :scream:

Know what? He’s into comics. S’true. He’s a fan, but he’s also written them. Nothing DC, but its a cool fact, all the same.

I did that once and…

…I landed square on my feet! Ta-da! :partying_face:

Makes up for smashing my knee into that concrete floor, lemme tell ya.

If I had cussed at the park that day, Mrs. Donnelly would have had a word with my parents, I bet.

Stupid Mrs. Donnelly.


The goal was to do a trick of some kind in the air or stick a weird landing. (:face_with_monocle: Advanced child daredevils! Don’t get me started on the monkey bars). But that DOES make up for bashing your knee, :100:! :muscle: :purple_heart:


To paraphrase Hudson in Aliens, “Gee, could I?”

I ask as I’ve never been able to do more on the monkey bars than this:

I grab onto the first bar, then the second and…then I just dangle like a 6’ 3" bag of meat until I plop to the ground. I wasn’t my current height back then obvs, but you get what I mean (and I was tall back then too, probably…5’ 8" or so, amongst a sea of 5 foot and unders, by and large).

IDK what the deal with me and monkey bars was. I was (and am) energetic, highly-coordinated and quite capable of putting one hand in front of the other on a repeating basis, but when I tried those things, I just bombed.

Now, the horse on the spring, adjacent to the monkey bars? I rocked that thing like you wouldn’t believe.


We’d take any excuse to do back hand springs and flips- needed to be a little extra crazy, I suppose. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Just like on the swings. Sometimes I’d be standing in the swing, and launch off attempting aerials. Wasn’t always successful, but…practice makes perfect!! :muscle:



I was good at flips and the like. Really good. My 4th grade P.E. teacher’s mind was blown at how I excelled above the rest of the class.

Still had to climb the rope next class, though. I hated the rope climb.


Don’t get me started on how many times we’d challenge each other to jump stuff back in the skating days (my personal best was three hockey sticks laid out end to end #Truth :ice_hockey:). :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


@Vroom I never liked that one either. Every once in a while we’d have to make a horizontal rope “bridge” and pull ourselves that way—I preferred that for some reason. :woman_shrugging:t2: :purple_heart:

@DC89 Awesome!! :raised_hands: That’s one of the best parts is having someone there to push each other to do better. Throwin something crazy down and spending like, 2-3 hours w/ everyone trying to do it or go one better. :star_struck::partying_face: Like this, lol, friendly of course—always: :skateboard:

(Ps. This is Rayssa Leal)


Totally. :+1:

Thank you my Queen!


This is for you, @Applejack



Excellent choice, @LastSon0fMars. I love Enya, and not just to sleep by, either. :wink:

@Razzzcat I can’t say I ever had to build a bridge in my schooling years, but that would be much more fun to do than climb a rope bolted to the ceiling.

4th grade P.E. teacher: “Okay Vroom, you’re next.”

4th grade me: “Exactly how is climbing a rope bolted into the ceiling preparing us for life in any meaningful fashion?”

Teach: “Want to pass?”

Me: “Yes.”

Teach: “Climb it.”

That exchange never occurred outside of my mind during 4th grade, but I frequently thought it.

Like the monkey bars, once I put my hands on the object at hand (so to speak), I just hung there.

I tried and tried to climb that damn thing, but I just couldn’t, for some reason.

Monkey bars and the rope climb were evidently my 4th grade P.E. Kryptonite (go figure, as that was when Batman was my #1).