🎶 Mixtape Monday: Applejack 🎶

:sweat_smile: Flattered that my taste is approved.

Speaking of CB (and this is probably best for a different thread), you gotta tell me your thoughts on the live action headed our way.


@CynicalPink BC (no shame!) & CB (cowboys: kinda-sorta a cousin to pirates?? :pirate_flag:lol and therefore @Applejack) I must add a song now…:purple_heart:

@Vroom: :point_down:11/19, yeah?


No silly, it’s 9/13, but good guess. :grin:

Razzz arches an eyebrow, Marisa Tomei-style

Okay. Golly. :wink:

pulls the ripcord on his Google machine

Yes ma’am, 11/19 is the day. :superman_hv_4:

Some intrepid fan should do a WAL for it in the Iceberg Lounge…

whistles, nonchalantly, as he looks about

I nominate @CynicalPink!


It’s a good thing you told me @Vroom! I just gained 2+ months! :tada::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And :face_with_monocle: I shall 2nd this nomination of the honorable, intrepid @CynicalPink!


See, more time to get Halloweens tricks and treats under way! You are most welcome. :clark_hv_4:

bows, gentlemanly

As Nicholson’s Joker once said, “Stop the press, who is that?” :star_struck:

Asking for me a friend. Yeah, a, uh, friend. :smirk: :full_moon_with_face:

@CynicalPink :notes: "You’re our WAL leader if you so choose! We know you can do it, as your WALs would be totes legit! :notes:


This is the perfect song for my afternoon for reasons. :wink:

Group effort! Let’s do it!!


You, @Razzzcat and I can be the Cowboy Bebop WAL Trinity! :partying_face:

ponders if a we have time for a WAL for the anime before the new show debuts

That’s an idea…:thinking:


@CynicalPink Oooh, why? Hopefully it’s nothing bad. :purple_heart: If it is: I’m sorry. :hugs: Do you need some beans?

Of course you do! What am I even saying?! (Beanage is 100% on topic, too. Meow.)

:eyes: I like swords and lassos. Can be the one in the middle?


melts from happiness

Well, I certainly don’t have a lean enough physique to wear her suit, so yeah, you can be our Wonder Woman. :slight_smile:

@CynicalPink’s an ardent Nightwing fan, as am I. However, with my being the chivalrous type, I shall let her procure the role of Batman.

Now Superman, I can fill that role! :superman:

SN: That’s my favorite shot in the entirety of BvS. I may not be much for that movie, but that scene? LOVE IT. The Trinity in live-action for the first time, and at long last. F’ing. AWESOME. :metal:t2:


I’m sure you’d look magnificent in Legionnaire armor, Sir @Vroom. Like this!

Ps. That’s my fave shot too. I may or may not have it on a coffee mug. :coffee: :nerd_face: Okay, bye.


sits back, stroking his chin in thought as he looks at the Legionnaire armor before him

Well, sits forward that suit of armor would be a better fit for a gentleman of my stature and brawn, that’s true.

And, and! :point_up:t2: :face_with_monocle: It does have a red cape!

Which I…kinda like…:smirk:

I wouldn’t have to shave my legs though, would I?

Oh! Would I get a helmet with the fuzzy dealy on top? Or a sword I could swing about, ala Phillip in the Disney iteration of Sleeping Beauty? Phillip’s my SB spirit character, afterall.

IDK though…

turns and looks at his New 52-style Kryptonian armor hanging in the Fortress of Solitude’s armory as Kelex toodles past, then looks back at the Legionnaire armor

Can I have both? I’ll cash in some Cool Points, if it helps.

hums Zimmer’s WW theme as he continues his late-night reads


The idea of me dressed like Batman makes me very :laughing:

But I’m sure you and @Razzzcat can rock the remainder of the trio!


It wasn’t the worst, but belated thank you for the toe beans, which I’ll happily accept no matter what kind of day it is!!


Then dress like Nightwing. Geez. :grin: I would, but like I said, ladies first.

:pleading_face: What a sweet, cute, li’l fuzz muffin.
gives it a few gentle pets