Michael B. Jordan Superman Show News

Just saw this from IGN. I thought it sounded pretty cool and was wondering what everyone else thought.


Darn, you beat me to the punch, I was just getting ready to post my thread on the news. Oh well haha!

Seems pretty sick to me! Michael B. Jordan has been a fan cast for lots of people for years now and he’s a great actor so I get why. I think it’s pretty cool we’ll be getting two different live action portrayals of a Black Superman. Not to mention great shows like Superman and Lois, the new animated series, and more. It’s a pretty great time to be a fan of Superman.


Yes, it is! I’m excited. I think he could do a good job with a Superman show. I figured he’d get in on Superman at some point given that people love the idea of him being a Superman. Interesting choice going with Val instead of someone like President Superman.


Maybe the other film in the works will be testing around with President Superman a bit. I know they’re saying it’s a movie about Kal-El but nothing as confirmed it’s Clark Kent from what I know. I’m fine they do that, I just don’t think it’s been confirmed. Beyond that, maybe it’s just not as relevant as it used to be since Obama has been out of office for a few years now so the commentary wouldn’t be as poignant. That said I’ve really enjoyed seeing Calvin Ellis in Infinite Frontier and he stands on his own as a character beyond the title of president. I guess it’ll just be lots of speculation until we get some trailers.


That’s true, he’s been awesome in pretty much everything I’ve read so far. Seeing him in live action would be really cool.

I honestly need to study up more on Val-Zod, cause I don’t know enough of his story to really know what a show staring him would be like.

I’m also interested to see if MBJ will be the lead (I’m sure he will) or if he will cast someone else.


Really hope this works out. MBJ would make a great Superman.


He really could be a blank slate for a series, as he’s only really existed in one story arc (albeit a pretty big one) and isn’t well known enough to be anything people will hold an adaptation accountable to. All that really distinguishes him is being kept secreted away most of his life, so instead of being a proud farmer’s son, he’s a timid, pacifist kid, forgiving of his jailor, who needs to be convinced he’s the world’s greatest hero. (Famously offered aggroBats chamomile.)

They could use the name and not do any of that, though.

All that said, I love the fact that he’d playing Val-Zod instead of Kal-El, if only to potentially tie it in to Krypton. If they can get any of the former cast of Zods (Ann Ogbomo, Georgina Campbell, Colin Salmon) to sign on, even for just a brief flashback/memory type cameo, could help to bring the Krypton continuity in to the “DCU/HBOM multiverse” (as Earth-2 or otherwise), and give them a phenomenal starting point. If they go down the apocalyptic World’s End story in any manner, it could be leveraged to be the “150 years later” result of the altered timeline Adam Strange created that we never got to see when Krypton was canceled.

Yeah, it would be better to stand completely on it’s own, but a boy can dream.


This :point_up_2:.

The more DC lean into Superman, the happier I am, whatever the incarnation.


On one hand, this could be pretty cool, a more different take on Superman that could be interesting to see.

On the other hand…I can’t help but remember when Jordan was announced to be producing the Static Shock movie, with the idea of making it into it’s own franchise, and then I think about a certain Superman like character that’s in Statick’s universe, who’s been in at least one project out of the comics and his getting his own book soon…

Okay, what I’m really saying is that WB should really stop beating around the bush and MAKE AN ICON AND ROCKET MOVIE/SERIES ALREADY.


What?!?!?! I completely missed the news on a new animated series.


Yep! Here’s a thread on the topic you can check out since I don’t wanna pull this one too far away from the main subject. But, yeah, it looks pretty cool!


Sounds :00_superman1:uper :+1: