McFarlane DC Multiverse Wish List

I’m honored to be here lol

I’m already on that train, preordered that a short while after we talked about those other collected editions.

YES! That would be my complete Batman McFarlane collection if we got this wave. Main players of his rogues gallery, the Batfamily. I don’t think I’d be collecting more Bat related figures if this wish list came about, because it would feel complete


Woohoo! :partying_face:

I’ve got the Hush 20th AE on my Dear Santa list, but I might just treat myself to it prior to Christmas.

Oh, there’s other Bat-related figures you’d want cough Two-Face cough. Just wait. :wink:


I always 4get that Wildstorm is DC now. I still remember the Image era.


An entire line of Warlord figures that me and maybe 10 other people would buy.



Actually if they were done in the Masters of the Universe style, a lot would buy them. I know many MOTU fans want Warlord (remco/Motu style) redone in that same style with added articulation (like Mattel’s doing with MOTU Origins).


I don’t have the nostalgia feelings for those Remco figures as I was too old for them. I want something like the custom Warlord below:


No time like the present (WildStorm’s 30th anniversary) to engrain their DC-owned status then, is there? :wink:

slides over a copy of Divine Right: The Adventures of Max Faraday

If you’ve read that, I will slide this…

turns and points to a ginormous bag of Cool Points sitting in the back corner, then turns around

…your way. :nerd_face:

Remco heard you in the early '80s:

Of course, those are hard to come by on-card, much less loose, in good condition and complete with their accessories, so as a fellow Mike Grell and Warlord aficionado, I too would like to see a Warlord-themed line (or series in an apropos line, should a full-blown Warlord line be out of the question).

raises an imaginary Warlord sword and says “For Skartaris, and for toy geeks everywhere!”


I’d like to see figures based on The Jurassic League, because that mini is ridiculous in how wonderfully nutty and b*lls to the wall FUN it is.

Getting them in 2023 would be swell, since dinosaurs will be all the rage, due to Jurassic Park’s 30th anniversary.

Definitely a good year to release TJL figures, just sayin’. Maybe get a taste of that sweet Jurassic Park anniversary scratch along the way, too.


I’d like to see figures from Dark Crisis and DC Vs Vampires. Won’t say certain ones so I dont do spoilers.


Yes to both, especially the former.

The latter is likely due for figures, as a DCvV Joker has recently made the rumor rounds. Where there’s a Joker, there’s other characters to follow, I’m sure.


Just waitin for those Stargirl figures

JUSTICE LEAGUE — Glimpse at DC Universe's Stargirl in Crisis on...


It’s been a while since i commented on here and some have shown up and other characters have been on my mind as far as this topic.

A mega fig of the Anti-Monitor

Dark Crisis Pariah
A McFarlane comic version Deadshot
Power Girl


I still want some DCW related action figures, especially now that most of that universe no longer exists and likely won’t exists in the future. A Brandon Routh Kingdom Come one would likely sell really well as would a version of Tyler Hoechlin in the classic Fleischer suit. But besides those two, we never really got any of some of the others except I believe there were a few Funkos and there was that Multiversal Flash - which I had hoped would lead to more characters from the DCW.

I also would like to see from other live action, stuff that isn’t obvious, like something from Doom Patrol or even a Swamp Thing, as just too random examples.

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I really want a Wesley Dodds Sandman from Sandman Mystery Theatre.


World’s Greatest Super Friends Super Friends meet Frankenstein


The McFarlane Action Figure subreddit could fill a number of these threads. I pass along several comments which were repeated a number of times:

Stop with the faux scarcity crap - if something is popular, reissue it. Even if you reissue it as a repaint with slight variations.

Do away with the crappy boxes; and it’s corollary - design better boxes, if you serious want people to collect them, and their further corollaries: have consistent box art, and have consistent trading card art. Pick a lane, use comic book art, OR take images of the toys.

As far as specific figures, Zatanna was a popular name drop. More female characters generally were referenced. Animal Man; some Vertigo characters.

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Waiting for my fellow Italian pizon to get made. They’re not the only ones

I get the card art complaint. Sometimes, the comic art that’s used doesn’t really match the figure itself. Does it bother me much? Not really, but I see where they come from

The boxes on the other hand are not a problem. I like the look of the packaging.


Next up on ye 'ol wish list, a wave in the Collect to Build assortment featuring The Terrifics:

  • Mr. Terrific
  • Phantom Girl
  • Metamorpho
  • Plastic Man

Collect to Build item: The War Wheel.

Thanks to those from McFarlane who may be reading. :sunglasses:


They had an entire thread on whether you save the boxes. About 20 plus people replied. Only one or two said they were box collectors and even one of those, IIRC, admitted that the MTS boxes were essentially bland and uninteresting. Many commented that they were too large, and many commented that they took up a lot of space.

The most common response was that they went straight to the recycle bin.

Those that do save boxes said they tended to do it when it would add value to the figure (which the opinion of this subreddit was that this was rare for MTS figures, even with what they also often term the “fake scarcity” creation) or because they had such a small collection that saving the boxes was no “BD” - most people said they were glad not to have to store them or were thrilled to have freed up the space when they got rid of them.

I personally only have about ten, but I can see if I ever got to around 20 or more that I would likely get rid of them and I’m only keeping because some of these I am reselling spare figures or because I currently do have the space. I only see a genuine benefit in keeping statute and figurine boxes. But I have over 50-60 figures, many loose, and most not MTS.


I must admit that I’ve been pretty impress with the amount of different characters that Mcfarlane has made throughout DC. I’m thankful for someone to actually be making many of these different characters. That being said I would still love to see a Wildstorm wave with the other WildC.A.T.s and a Grifter with his trenchcoat. Maybe have Maul as the Build A Figure. Other than that, I think my list is still pretty similar.

  1. Azrael, Jean-Paul Valley in his classic Sword of Azrael suit
  2. Zatanna
  3. Red Hood: Outlaw
  4. Cassandra Cain as Orphan
  5. Prometheus
  6. Bloodwynd

Let me know what you think about if these would be good figures.