Marvel “Pausing” Books - Is DC?

NY Times article said Marvel will be putting certain titles (15-20%) on hold due to Covid. Has anyone heard anything like this from DC?

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Aren’t they ALL on hold?

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@Tenzel Distribution is on currently on hold. Marvel is putting production of certain titles on hold.

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Feeling super depressed about comics and comic fans in general these days. Might be time to move on and let the who thing die.

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Ah. That’s what you meant. I think I remember having read something about work being stopped on some of the Generations stuff but can’t recall where I read it.

Just searched for it and found this article on Bleeding Cool I know a lot of people think of Bleeding Cool as nothing but a click-bait site but they have actually been known to get their hands on information like this before others before.

They also have a newer article about how DC is working on a new Batman: Black & White series and that creators are moved there DC May Be Moving Creators to New Batman Black and White Comics

Combined these two articles make sense. As long as the stores are closed it would make sense to do stuff like Black & White which were generally shorter stories. Stories that they can easily put up and sell as digital firsts without it disrupting their regular stuff.

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Now is the perfect time to go back and discover old stuff you have missed though.


No, no! It’s no time to give up hope. I didn’t mean to bring you down. I think just needing to cut 20% of titles is a pretty optimistic thing. It could’ve been half or all and it wasn’t!


@Tenzel That’s everyday for me- only thing this changes for me is more time to do what I was already doing. I just don’t see that enthusiasm in today’s fans. I see it at theatres when new movies hit, but not on Wednesdays when new comics hit. Even here, where you’d think we’d be a collection of the more rabid fans out there- it’s way more quiet than I would have thought/hoped.

I don’t know. I hope things bounce back once we can get out again. Just feeling down today.

This sucks I haven’t been able to get my physical books that I love. There are some comic shops that are completing orders through the mail. My big question what is this going to do to the comic industry as a whole.


As I’ve previously said, both Marvel and DC need to ask themselves which series might be better off switching to digital-only, which ones might be better switching to trade-only (a la the Earth One books), and which ones might do best as back-ups in a more established series. We need solutions that reduce the overall number of monthly issues.


I wonder if that’s because less are buying new releases. Especially these days, when a lot of people are in a really bad spot financially.

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I collect back issues. I have to buy online. Sellers have recently started offering (relatively expensive) issues 25%-66% off in some cases. Just picked up something for $115 with a previous FMV of $300. This tells me shops are struggling a lot.

@dogwelder9 End of July isn’t going to be the case everywhere. I know where I am should be somewhat “normal” by 6/1. Different states will be into July though, so it won’t be all shops nationwide reopening at once. I figure it’ll be August before business as usual everywhere.

I think DC will be fine. They’re still putting out digital content which means the people who are working on it are still being paid, thankfully. And much like with everything else, until I hear it from a verified source, I’ll take anything I read about the future of comics with a grain of salt.

That being said, @Tenzel said it best; now is the time to go back and discover old stuff you might’ve missed. I know I’m going back and re-reading two series that were very influential on me: Planetary and Starman. And let me tell you, it’s been an absolute joy revisiting these again.

@superby1 I considered an interview with Marvel in The NY Times pretty verified. I’ll be happy to post a link.

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I saw the article and it’s not to call your doubts into question.

What I’m saying in terms of taking anything I hear with a grain of salt is about the op-ed pieces and speculation that are springing up about the comics industry shutting down forever which are being taken as fact and spread around. We’re seeing a lot of that right now.

So far DC has managed to still put our digital comics which means those people are still getting paid, which is a relief because with people in other publishing companies, that’s not the case.

I’m hoping DC continues to do what they’re doing during this crisis and when things get back up and running, they can continue business as usual.

That is what I’m saying.

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I get ya. My speculation begins and end with sales. If only 10% of sales were digital for 2019 I wonder if digital only can be the answer. I’m also not very concerned with the publishers. I worry more about the shops. I know one of the three shops (I live in a small town) announced this week that they won’t reopen.

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Oh no! That’s terrible! I totally get where you’re coming from. Anyone losing their business because of this is tragic, but I feel an extra bit of sympathy for comic shop owners. I really hope they’re able to eventually reopen. Fingers crossed for them!

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The shops here were already owner operated and only one I know of had a single outside employee. It’s rough, man. They need those comics on the shelves. Looks like they won’t reopen for 30 more days where I live. :pensive:

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That’s rough. Again, I wish nothing but the best and the hopes that they reopen soon!

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