:renegade_robins: Luke Fox: Batwing Part 2 :renegade_robins:

Now that we have gotten a good start with Batwing I wanted to ask you how you’ve enjoyed the character and his adventures so far. Our next session is more of the same as Luke continues his journey as the new Batwing in the BatFam.

Let’s go! The Bat Signal is up and crime waits for no one.

If you would like to join us here at BatFam (@RenegadeRobinsClub) just follow Alfred down to the Bat cave and he will get you settled in.

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What to Read

Discussion Point

  • What has been your favorite story to feature Batwing of all time?

From Batman’s Case Files

  • March/April: Adventures of the Super Sons

  • May/June: Batman Beyond

  • July/August: BTAS Celebration


I have to say it’s Batman Eternal, even though his storyline is the weakest in that story, I still really liked him in it. Though Outsiders might supplant it depending on how it ends!


I wasn’t very fond of Batman Eternal myself but I did think that his storyline was a bright spot for me.

I am enjoying him in Outsiders though, which is other reason I wanted to reread his initial introduction.