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Dagnabbit, I had a whole “Look What I Just Got II: The Quickening” thread ready to post, too.

Darn you system for beating me to the punch! :smile:

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Anybody got a ladle…or a punch bowl…or some fruit punch?


WHOA!! The first continuation of LWIJG in 4 years!


Grounds for a party, I think.


That was a surprise lol. I thought for a sec, I was locked out

Just like Dear Journal, it’s time for a new chapter in our stories of collecting


At least you got to make the last post in part 1!!


I am impressed LWIJG maxed out! Now I want to buy something to post here. LOL.


I know right! We got to start this thread with a bang


True. Technically, I made the first non-system post here as well.

Do I…get anything for that?

“How about you keep on with the collecting chat?”

Aye, I can do that. :slight_smile:

:smile: Hee-hee. There’s all manner of delightful trinkets and tchotchkes you can buy.

If nothing else, go scour the clearance section at Target right now, as they have oodles of DC stuff at dirt cheap prices.


Reposting my awesome shorts from Walmart since they were the second to last post in part 1.


Really love those shorts.

Hmmm who’s got the dynamite? Anyone seen Crazy Harry? (who got that reference?) lol

Congratulations on both accomplishments, there really should be a badge for that.


Welcome back @Alexis227 Its been a while seeing u in the community

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Thank you, yeah I came back a couple days ago after being gone since February, had some issues in real life, happy to be back!


Yeah! I think I’m gonna have to get 2. One to keep in box and another to customize it, since the more accurate version is probably on ebay for $100 lol


Ngl, I like the blue boots better even if the emblem should be a triangle to fit the ensemble of Action #1’s story.



Oooh … Oooh! I’ll see your Crazy Harry and raise you a Mad Stan!


Just to keep it in universe.


I didn’t even notice the first thread was going to max out. Hello part 2


I was going to edit my post I started while posting stuck wasting time at GameStop. I’ve given up dealing with them, although at least the store manager was nice.

I broke down and bought this at Target last night, because I was in a spending mood and they didn’t have a copy of the unmasked Barry head Flash.

In fact, according to their own site, they are down to a random one here and there, and either sold them very quickly or didn’t get many in LA County. There are probably 40-60 stores (if not more, if you count the little mini-ones that aren’t much larger than a large Walgreens) and right now only about 10 stores have at least one figure.

They did have two Jaime action figures - I’m not sure anyone posted this tall Spinmaster yet, it looks as well constructed as the Speed Force Flash I purchased but otherwise I didn’t really look at it closely:

And, the same pegged 4 incher’s from Spinmaster that @vroom has already pointed out:

There were two other SM Jaime on the pegs but I forgot to photograph the other one:

but I believe it’s already been posted. All these were $8.99 or $9.99 at my store, which I personally still think is too high, but I went ahead and bought two of the 4 inchers, obviously one of the Superman ones.

This is the Westfield near the Big Lots so I walked over and had some fish tacos and then walked a block more to BL, which is next to that same Dollar Tree, which had some overpriced ‘clearance’ Funkos (nothing DC) for $11.99 and a ton of I felt generically overpriced toys, which surprised me. Nothing really on true clearance and what they did have was more of the Lightyear, Frozen, etc. You couldn’t even find Black Adam or The Batman stuff, as if someone came and either cleared out all the DC or they sold it all, which I doubt.

Dollar Tree had these random cheap dolls which made me think someone could kit bash them into a young Poison Ivy:

You probably do not need to die her boots and can get away with painting or applying some flowers and other greenery effects on her hair or painting her hair? I wasn’t going to buy her but I thought someone else might want to for kids or some such. I believe these were the same price as everything else I bought: $1.25

And they also had all these cake toppers for $1.25 each:

EDIT to ping @Don-El - this is what you’re looking for, my store only had a small wall of toys with puzzles, etc. I have few DT stores near me, without going further than 10 miles and to parts of the county that I otherwise have no business so it’s literally a trip just to that particular discount store:

It’s essentially the entire Justice League but no Hal’s - possibly because he wasn’t in the movie, and the Black Adam and Captain Marvel do not look like the actors. Whereas the Cyborg does look like Ray Fisher, (all angry and frustrated that he was forced to say Boo-Yah).

Not sure if you can tell, but there was a small set of the of the Legion of Super Pet OC pets, but in their actual super suits, so themed with the JL members. No Krypto’s although I might have passed on him given the number I did buy and I was also scoring some art supplies.

I bought the blue and this AU gray/blue suited Bats, since I only have one cake topper of him, and I know have extra’s of Barry. I wanted to buy the Diana but I really didn’t like her appearance and there’s some ornaments I’ve seen I might grab instead for extra’s of those.

I also bought the B/G bats because I thought people would want to get a good close up view of him to decide to schlep out to DT. I will eventually take them out of the package but I am out of space to display them so they went into a box. But for all you batfans, these were only $1.25, the Ace was also surprisingly cute that I’ll just pretend Kevin Hart had nothing to do with him and instead picture someone else as his voice.

Here’s a good close up of Cap and Not Dwayne:

I liked that the capes were long and flowing and since I really haven’t found a Black Adam that I like and I have no interest in the movie related items, I’ve decided to pass on all things and will eventually sell the Hawkman Spinmaster I bought, probably at a loss, and the Atom Smasher. Now that I’ve seen the Dr. Fates MTSs, particularly the Injustice one, I don’t really like them enough to pay even $10 for one.

I actually didn’t like that Barry because these are static stances and I have one that’s essentially very similar, so I should have passed on him and put him back but it was starting to get late and I had him in hand, whereas the Diana never made it off the peg.

The two Clark’s, of course, were expected GETs, I passed on a few others, and two other Batmen.

At Target, besides the Life magazine (and I degress and have only skimmed it, but it looks really boring and uninteresting) - but just think, it’s now owned by someone who is essentially living off of what the name used to be, and one point, Warner Brothers was Time/Warner, until Steve Case forced them into a shotgun marriage with AOL.

I wish the magazine at least had different pictures, I’ve seen almost everything inside, even the ones from the Atom man movie, or the radio show and TV show, etc. Hopefully the stories will be good, I’ll likely start with the one about Jerry and Joe.

I need to keep it in pristine condition, because when I am done, I want to donate it to my local library. They have a dearth of DC stuff. I’m trying to sell a very small set of DC books that were given to me that I either don’t want, wouldn’t read, etc. I sold one for a lot less than it was worth on EB, but likely won’t sell the rest, so I figure in a month or so, I’ll donate them and include this magazine.

But at Target, I took the two obvious SP 4inchers, who here besides @vroom and @TheCosmicMoth bought some? I want to see a picture of it articulated before I decide to take them out of the package. I just really don’t think that $9 gets me value for my money. Not when I suspect I’ll see a bunch of these eventually at discount stores or at least hear of them there.

But if anyone owns them and wants to (or has posted some snaps, I looked and didn’t see), I would appreciate it, no rush.

I bought a Christmas ornament, which has not arrived, because the seller was willing to take an offer of $4 for it, and I really like the way the cape flowed:

And although it was an ornament, it’s 4" tall and works fine as a figurine. It’s circa 1990s, but it will come with the box so I will know. I don’t really care that it’s ‘antique’ or ‘vintage’ - I liked the look of the Daily Planet globe as well, and now that I have paintbrushes, especially since some of my acrylic paint was metallic, I may paint the base so it’s not that generic gun metal pipe looking. And I will probably - very slowly and carefully - paint the DP verbiage so it stands or pop outs more. It will be good practice before I try to do painting on an action figure that I will care more about.

The same seller has some old stands, including the S shield one, where the peg broke off and that DC Universe, which I like for the older Mattel’s, and those other stands which I figure will let me save some of the MTS stands I bought for about $1 each, to replace with these. She also sold these for about $4, plus combined the shipping, I think the entire order with postage and tax was about $14-15.

There’s a trick to ‘deyellow’ clear plastic (white vinegar works, bleach - watered down, which I am going to do to all of them - the bleach wash - save for the S shield, which will just get wiped down with rubbing alcohol and I’m going to try poster adhesive for the missing peg, unless someone has a better suggestion?). But I’m going to paint a couple with red and yellow (for Flash) streaks and try my hand at a lightning emblem, and if that works, do the entire set that way, including the black ones.

When I was at Dollar Tree and BL, I also looked for sticker paper, or DC stickers, without luck, or for metallic sticker paper, the kind they use to make stencil letters out of in arts and craft class. So if anyone has suggestions for DC Stickers or metallic sticker paper, please chime in (cheap - and please do not suggest Bezolandia; I was sure I had seen DC stickers at Target but this one didn’t have anything other than animals, alphabets and numbers, and the like).

I bid and won the Atom Brandon Routh and he arrived, this is the unmasked version with the baby Atom.

I have no idea what the point was of that Returns figures paint job, but I also got paint that I’m going to test out on him. While the figure is in good shape, he was only $0.99, and essentially came shipped free, since he came with that unopened Biz, unopened Blue Supes, and unopened JLA Kon and that mullet Supes ornament, in one box for like $10 postage.

I looks like the Atom head is taller and the Returns head is wider, but I’m going to swap them once I have the Superman re-painted.

I bought a statue I will post later since this is already long and combo shipped it with the only other thing the seller had that I could possibly buy:

She new, in flawless mint card condition, and only ran $7 and since I would have paid the shipping desired as the statue is one of my Grail Objects and I got it for a very good price as well, it was worth getting but I have no idea what I’m going to do with her, unless I get something else.

I do really like the Desire from that line, but nothing else (this is a stock EB photo beeteedubs):

And all of these are nose bleed pricing, I was surprised this Death went for so little which was another reason I took her and didn’t expect it to be a flawless card:

I’m sure she’ll be easy to sell but I’m mainly going to post her for the same reason I’m going to post the new in card Biz (which is not flawless) - it will attract people to my storefront and hopefully they will look at the rest of the crap I do really need to unload.

I also won a Koto Justice League Superman with this new in card black suited Henry (from the 2013 movie?, not the Cult Leader fan fiction?):

with like a $2.50 bid, after the auction sitting at $0.99 and one bid for an entire week. I’m surprised it didn’t get snipped but I guess Warner Consumer Products does have a reason not to want to want to flood the market with Superman product. The seller also had the auction badly described, while Koto was searchable it was not the first image, nor was it the opening part of the title, the Movie Master was. And I have seen those posted for absurd prices, since I haven’t been interested, I have no idea if there is any demand. The least expensive one I see at the moment is still over $17 with most in the $40+ range.

With my collection of punching Henry’s plus the ones I have already started taking apart and repainting, I’m set on MoS, especially with that statue from MoS I won last week:
Man Of Steel Dragon Model Kit

Now, when someone wants to put out the Boudoir Edition from The Tudors, let me know.

Or if they released an action figure version of Theseus from the Immortal movie, give a shout:

All those Ed McGuinness Public Enemy figures with various problems came in but the seller forgot to ship the stands and also forgot to ship some accessories so I’ll post those latter.

I did buy a used CD case for $20 off Craigslist, which is not going to become the new Flash fortress, I wanted to take out the shelves and wipe it down and take out the metal dowels and make it a display case for action figures eventually, mixed with a few other things, so this is temporary.

^ that’s the new DC Icon’s but I have better pictures for another post,

I had previously posted that Diamond Select Flash which was an in-store purchase from GS in Vegas (under $18 IIRC) and that’s the talking light up movie Barry I bought in June on release from Target.

Anyways, welcome new thread!


Shouldn’t this have some of the extra tags? It doesn’t pop to the top when I am sorting for “collectibles” and I just realized it’s because, presumably, the bot just put it under the collector’s corner MAIN tag but none of the other tags the older thread had?

I know I end up digging more because some threads don’t have tags. The My Adventures With Superman threads do not have a Superman tag, for example and because the OG “Adventures with Superman” had WALs it doesn’t even come up under relevance, with a MAWS (spelled out) search, you really have to dig to find it.

I’m sure it would be a lot of work for engineers to go back and fix these globally, as well as difficult to create an automated process after the fact, but perhaps for new threads, including ones created by a BOT, at least for the first few weeks, we could have drop down suggestions and members could suggest tags, which would then go into a cue and mods would have to approve them or they would never take effect? Or some alternative suggestion. I know this is a site suggestion but I also wanted to post it to see what other users of the thread may feel about this need for this one, much less about this need generally, and then the conversation can be snipped off and moved? It may be that this is all just a ME thing, versus a COMMUNITY thing, in which case I’m just fine having the entire conversation deleted (or if it’s site rules, then moved and ignored).