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Doe-see-doe! That’s what they call it when Jonathan and Clark are picking up bags side by side but one of them are heavy! Sweet!

Oh that’s a great point Michael! Jonathan should have sold Lex his back 40 to throw him off the trail of the actual meteor crash and secure his finances at the same time lol

The amount of times they are filming in the middle of the night or early in the morning is actually upsetting! Only day scenes from now on!

Clark actually doing real farm work! Not just moving things!

They forgot about the key and just realized what folks have been having them sign for years lol

Michael’s so funny how he sides with Lex, as if he’s Lex lol

Season finale part one next week!! :partying_face:

That was a good episode! :smiley: See ya’ll next time! I wish you a great Thanksgiving tomorrow, and many leftovers! :stuck_out_tongue:

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