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I could never make a solid judgment if Duke Thomas is ever a truly tragic superhero or a aspirational one. I think it’s in the middle.

You see Duke’s parents were poisoned by joker gas and Duke later on would see Bruce at the hospital where Bruce would comfort him and later offer the position of signal.

It’s important to mention Duke Thomas was already showing his heroic qualities prior to that. Meeting Bruce for the time after Duke’s parents found Bruce and saved him in #30 of the New 52 Batman. Duke as a child began to try to figure out Riddlers clue in a attempt to save Gotham from Riddler’s control. Revealing a sense of obligation to help others just like his parents helped Bruce.

Not to mention as a teenager, he was recruited in a Robin group that he slowly became a leader of where he later again helps Batman fight Mr. Bloom. Even after discovering his parents were semi permanently affected by the joker gas, he still went to help Batman.

I have a deep appreciation for heroes like Tim Drake and Luke Fox who only wanted to help people because it was their choice and not informed by a tragedy. Duke Thomas life was tragic but I don’t think it informed his decision to become a hero. He already was one before he became Signal and I like that a lot about his character.


I want to see the Young Justice '98 crew play Cards Against Humanity together I feel like there would be a lot of chaos


Young Justice + anything = chaos


Ok yeah true


Timmy’s internal monologue is “Abs. Abs. Abs. Arms.”
Timothy this is serious business stop being such a bisexual disaster about your own boyfriend, we get it, he’s hot, but you are literally dating him I’m sure you’ve seen him without a shirt before calm down


Such a disaster. <3s


I’m not opposed to it per say, but I’m just so tired of repetitive characters. We have Wonder Woman, Donna Troy, Cassie Sandsmark, Yara Flor, Nubia (I haven’t seen her lately, but she was similar to Wonder Woman in the 70s) and now her daughter.

We have the Batfamily, Shazam Family, Superman Family, it seems like a bazillion Green Lanterns (and others of various colors)…

Can it stop please?


DC is obligated to give us some kind of Trinity comic with the kids of Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman.


The Earth 2 Wonder Woman had a daughter in the 80s. She was Fury.


Any favorite character you have that you wish team-up with certain heroes more often. My example is Batwing with the following:

5. Jim Corrigan

Jim Corrigan and Batwing in Batman Eternal fighting Asylum monsters and it’s dangerous inmates will always be my favorite part of that series. If I didn’t know Batwing beforehand I think this series would have made me a instant fan of the character.

4. Azrael

Much like his partnership with Jim Corrigan, Azrael helps Luke find his lack of faith in the irrational of magic and in turn helps Azrael battle his literal inner demon to use a tech suit that has programmed moral code of Batman. By the end, they helped each other out to become better heroes.

3. Tim Drake

Two of the smartest people in the Bat-family. I enjoyed Tim Drake for being hyper focus on little details and he had some scenes with Batwing in the Belfry team I wish a entire issue would just be about them.

Batwing could maybe even have Tim get those wings he flew in the 52 for a flying mission.

2. Duke Thomas

The lack of interaction these two have is super disappointing. I think this one panel from Signal in Detective Comics could make their interactions more interesting if Duke Thomas team-up with someone who he looked up to when he was younger.

I imagine Batwing can teach Signal a lot and vice versa. Similar to how it was done in the Webtoon series.

1. Jace Fox

One of my pet peeve with John Ridley’s Batman series. I wanted a series where the Fox Brothers team-up as super-heroes and if not team-up than one where the constant sibling rivalry is the focus. For shame John Ridley for that and causing Luke Fox to be diss for 2 years. Their lack of relationship than anything else is utterly baffling in a series exclusively about the Fox Family.


Hop Harrigan return home, seeing Gerry(his then girlfriend) and Miss Snap(a old school teacher of Hop) and the little gremlin child hippity (I don’t know about him and I don’t want to know) :smile:

I don’t why but it’s somewhat good to see a crying happy Hop Harrigan. Reading about his origins I now know he had a pretty sad backstory. Get that sad violin ready…

When he was a child, his mother took his sister for Columbia but left Hop and his father behind and soon after his father died in a plane crash attempting to search for them. Hop had to live with a cruel farmer who made him do hard labor and took his father farm and inheritance.

Eventually escaping as a teenager on his father old biplane and found himself on a airport where he saved the life of his future life-long friend Tank. He was awarded by the pilot Prop Walsh thankful for saving his mechanic and Hop flying skills helped Hop get a job at the airport taught him how to fly and became his legal guardian.

He’s certainly earned that crying moment. By the way, his childhood teacher Miss Snap, strong as hell.


Recommend me some comics. Anything you guys recommend that I can get through my library system I will put on hold and read at some point in the next few months.


Supergirl: Reign of the Cyborg Supermen
Batman: Strange Apparitions
Super Powers by Jack Kirby
Human Target by Tom King


I found Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham at my library and I read it, it was very good.


Sword of azrael
Supergirl woman of tomorrow
Robin year one
Batgirl year one


I’ve been reading all of Duke Thomas Signal material and I totally forgot why I even started. :smile:


kicked off the summer by starting bombshells volume one. i like it so far.


you can have more then one favorite there is nothing wrong with that
I have many favorites in comics I use my name because I like telling stories
my pic is one of my sims I made in sims4 because I don’t have a whole lot of pics on my pc


I want more


Batman: Rebirth #1

You must be someone special if Bruce shares his famous tree kicking training with you.