Legion of Super-Heroes Club: Weekly Reading April 20th 2019

For our initial launch of our Club’s weekly reading fun, please enjoy Adventure #247 and giant-sized Adventure #300, and let us all know your thoughts!

This is the very first appearance and adventure of the Legion of Super-Heroes, followed by a great collection of tales in issue 300 featuring individual members of the team!!!

4 questions to use if you like to get us all reflecting on these classics:

 What is it about the very early 1960’s version of the Legion of Super-heroes that you love?

 What is it about the very early 1960’s version of the Legion of Super-heroes that seems silly and wrong?

 Where do you think the writers of the 1960s Legion stories came up with the enduring  “Time Bubble” 
 concept from?   

What is your favorite story in the Issue 300 collection of Legion stories? Why?

If you want to talk about the Legion Club and discuss what you want this Club to be, many members are on this Discord channel: https://discord.gg/SUs87JP

Next week we use the Time Bubble to leap several Decades into the Legion comics future!!! Then the first week of May there will be a special weekday evening WatchaLong of a Legion show!!!



Adventure Comics #247

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Adventure Comics #300

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Why are we skipping Adventure #267?

Oh we’re going to go back and forth in the time bubble no worries

This is just a serve as an introduction to the legion

I’ll be back on Discord Friday afternoon by the way

Oh…yeah! Looking forward to this!

Query: March 20th?

I’ve only read the first one so far, and:

  1. I loved that Superboy took the high road and didn’t make excuses.
  2. I didn’t like that they Legionaires messed with Superboy so many times. If I were him I’d be like “If this is what you’re like, I don’t want to be PART of your club!!”
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Laughing that I used the wrong month my apologies yes it is indeed the reading for April 24th

That crazy time bubble did it to me again

@Trustymutsi , They really do seem like Junior High kids in this, don’t they?

Is there an ETA for Legion WALs?

I’m thinking Tuesday May 7th at 9 pm Eastern / 6 pm Pacific.

So the first Tuesday of every month

Congrats and great job on launching this! It looks like a lot of fun :tada:




Thanks JL. I hear tell one other “super” focused group is starting up up and away soon too!

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