[Legion Fan Club] Monthly Reader, 9th Month of Year 3

[Legion Fan Club] and Legion of Super-Hero Fans everywhere, it’s time again to skip across the many many decades of Legion Storytelling Excellence, sampling as we go!

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Bronze Age :

THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (1980-) #282 The Legion of Super-Heroes (1980-) #282 The almost unbelievably pretzel-like conclusion to the amnesiac Superboy as Reflecto Saga!!

DC COMICS PRESENTS (1978-1986) #80 (releases April 1985) DC Comics Presents (1978-1986) #80 While trying to return to their own home in their own time, the Legion of Super-Heroes gets diverted to a strange world that has many “Supermans.”

Modern Age, Post Zero Hour Legion :

Legionnaires #52 https://www.dcuniverseinfinite.com/comics/book/legionnaires-52/7daab5df-a593-43bf-9e8d-5461cc1a9a7e/c

By popular demand, it’s Shrinking Violet in “LeVIathan”!!!

Modern Age, post Final Crisis :

Adventure Comics (2009) #521 (December 2010) Adventure Comics (2009-) #521 The rebuilding of the Green Lantern Corps in the 31st century starts here (as compared to say …the Gold Lantern Corp).

Adventure Comics (2009) #522 (January 2011) https://www.dcuniverseinfinite.com/comics/book/adventure-comics-2009-522/910810f4-5c60-4fb1-a813-a87b3d0491c4/c The all-new Green Lantern of the 31st century has been chosen!

As always, please post your favorite panels / covers or quotes from these Legion of Super-Hero stories!!!

Long Live the Legion!

Long Live the Legion!

Long Live the Legion!

Lots of powerful women in the Legion!!!

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LSH 282
An action packed tale, with a fitting conclusion to the Reflecto mystery, and the Time Trapper gets his comeuppance what more could you ask.
DCP 80
The Legion in the 20th century, Brainiac uses them to trap Superman, cheap Superman robots, Jan tricking Brainiac, a good tale. What I don’t understand is why Superman at the end didn’t help the Legion return to their own time.
Legionaires 52
Vi becomes Leviathan, Vi and Gim a couple who knew.
AC 522
This series just gets better and better, maybe it’s due to the Legions absence, but I don’t remember this being so good when I originally read them. Mon El as a Green Lantern, talk about OP, and what does Saturn Queen have cooking.

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Glad you found some storylines this time around that were fun to read, @RexRebel !

I also feel like WE are time-traveling Legionnaires as we dare to sample a bit from each of the eras / time streams that feature always slightly-different takes on the characters.

It sounds like this time around, the most recent storyline featuring Mon-el as a Green Lantern was your favorite. I also liked the …I guess it’s considered “retroboot” version with Paul Levitz. I also went nuts at the time with the “white” covers and bought lots of them, great concept, looked good on my office wall lol.

I have a feeling not all of our club members are going to be fond of the Legionnaires #52 tale- but we are trying to march through every Legion issue that has been digitized, God willing and the creeks don’t freeze that is.

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