Legion Fan Club!

Welcome to the Legion Fan Club, founded April 2019!

If you are someone who has been inspired by the 60 years of comic book stories of the Legion of Super-Heroes or their appearances on TV or animated series, then this is the club for you!

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Once a month on a Wednesday we post the Legion of Super-Heroes reading from the DC Universe Digital Comics Library collection.

We also have a virtual Clubhouse (a group message) where we discuss “live” any Legion-related topics as well as that month’s reading (also using the thread posting for the reading).

By joining this exclusive Club, you will be able to get automatic notifications of club activities and then let your passion for all things Legion be heard during our biweekly comics selection discussion (the 6-year mission)!

For a “map” of where we have been and where we are going during our 6 year slow-but-sure trek through the nearly-900 Legion comics, check out the [Legion Fan Club]'s Google Sheet listing of all Legion comics ever published: Legion of Super-Heroes Issues Chronology.xlsx - Google Drive

Looking for a daily “pick me up” to inspire or amuse? Be sure to bookmark this Legion Panel a Day thread: [Legion Fan Club] Presents: A Panel a Day of 63 Years of Legion of Super-Heroes

Here are links to the complete Archives of all the past [Legion Fan Club] weekly readings:

[Legion Fan Club] Weekly Reader Archive Volume 1 (May - September 2019): Legion Fan Club Weekly Reader Archive Part 1

[Legion Fan Club] Weekly Reader Archive Volume 2 (October 2019 - April 2020): Legion Fan Club Weekly Reader Archive Part 2: October 2019 to April 2020

[Legion Fan Club] Weekly Reader Archive Volume 3:

[Legion Fan Club] Reader Archive Part 4, May 2021 on [Legion Fan Club] Monthly Reader Archive Part 4: May 2021 to Present

Here is the archive collection of the [Legion Fan Club] Watchalongs 2019-2021 of the Legion of Super Heroes Animated Series as well as CW Supergirl Season 3:

Here is the original “forbidden” Legion thread that started the conversation on having a Legion Fan Club here: Sign this Petition for Legion Comics on DCU

Who Should Join?

We ask that the following qualifications be met, just to make sure you are able to participate in the Club to the best of your ability:

  • You are Clearance Level 1 (so that you have the ability to edit Wikis)
  • You are in good standing in the Community
  • You have access to the Example Topic Posting dictionary
  • You are a subscriber of DC Universe Infinite, or have access to the content we will be making examples of elsewhere

Get a reminder when the new monthly selection is posted: Just add “legion-fan-club” as a tag to “Watching First Post” under Notifications / Tags in your Summary area.

Feel free to reach out directly to me if you would like to join or have any questions whatsoever!

Long Live the Legion!

Long Live the Legion!

Long Live the Legion!!


Made it here. Looking forward to carrying it on over here. Thanks for setting this up.


nice ring!


Made it here as well.


Are you taking part timers?


I just took a list at the Google Spreadsheet. That’s some dedication to the Legion. Color me impressed. Glad I can be along for the ride.


@MisfitH Parttimers are absolutely welcome; you can use time travel to make up readings later, lol.

@Meisaj I actually took the main data from the earliest days through around 1998 from a web summary, then beefed it up from there to get us to the present day with other web sources. Then I reviewed what is actually now in the DCU Library and what is missing.

Each week I update what we have read that week. You can see why this will take 6 years!


Glad you made it to this new dimension!


So what makes me an official member of your clubs, Mr. El?


Well, see, you click the “enlist” link above. @MisfitH

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Totes in!

@Don-El Can we also talk about the new Legion ongoing here, or is this strictly for older Legion reads?


This particular room is exactly where we want to talk about the new Legion that will be coming out in early November. I’ll create a separate thread for each reading of the older Legion that we’re marching through for 6 years over in the main community events area

This thread, along with the group Legion messages we’ve been doing, are the actual Clubhouse where we get to sit back and be casual.


Looking forward to joining in. I’ve been a Legion fan since the late 70’s. I wish I had joined sooner, but some of my favorite stories are coming up so it’s all good. Cheers.


@Vroom and @Don-El. That upcoming Legion book is the reason I wanted to read some older Legion material.


@JasonTodd428 I fastidiously avoid buying new comics now that I subscribe to three Unlimited services, but I do plan to purchase a digital copy of the new Legion comic the first week of November.

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I cut my pull list of new books way back myself once DCU changed their comics section. I currently only have four books on my digital pull list and those are four books that I want to stay current on. I was also going to see what the first issue of the new Legion book is like though. Remains to be seen whether it will make the cut for my pull but we’ll see. Depends on the writing and on what Lion Forge’s new lineup for their CP line looks like after Seven Days is over.


I remember this run of the Legion so well. I was on 11th grade I think. I remember watching the Blackhawks in the NHL playoffs with friends and family while reading issue 300. So this puts us in early summer 1983.

There was a lot of great comics this month. For context, this is what folks were also picking up in May of 1983.

  1. Alpha Flight #1. The only artists I wanted to be more that Keith Giffen was John Byrne. The buzz on this was huge.

  2. Batman and the Outsiders #1 - Another big debut that month.

  3. Camelot 3000 #7 was released. A sign of the times as a direct distribution-only series. Brian Boland was amazing. Y this point in the series it was must read.

  4. Cerebus # 50. The end of High Society. Groundbreaking run.

  5. Fantastic Four Annual #17. A great Byrne story. Also nice to have him do the annual in the middle of his run.

  6. Hawkeye #1. Mini-series were not common so this was a big deal.

  7. Grendel #1 - One of the first titles from Comico. My intro to Matt Wagner.

  8. Jon Sable, Freelance #4. Mike Grell at First comics. Boy there was a lot going on this month.

  9. Green Arrow #4. The end of a great mini.

I could go one. Nexus, Teen Titans, the first JLA annual. We still had Charleston. Good times.


Ah Alpha Flight #1. I remember enjoying that book so much back in the day.


In the year nine-teen eighty three…

My wife and I read Camelot 3000 at that time, loved that Brian Bolland artwork. Along with Jon Sable, we also picked up American Flagg by First Comics as well with Chaykin writing and drawing (best he’s ever done at both in my opinion).

Ametheyst was introduced in Legion of Super-Heroes #298 in an insert, and DCU actually has it here (unlike the Blue Devil preview that was in Firestorm).


First Comics had some exciting titles out of the gate. The relaunch of E-man too.