[Legion Fan Club] ๐Ÿ“บ Legion of Super Heroes Animated Series Watch-Along ๐Ÿ“บ Wednesday March 4th 9 PM ET / 6 PM PT

Three short episodes = a fun way to begin the FAREWELL tour for the Legion Fan Club!

Where: Right here on the forums! In this thread! In the comments!

When: Wednesday March 4th 9 PM EST / 6 PM PST / 7 PM MST / 8 PM CST

Weโ€™ll launch the recordings in perfect unison like a bunch of trained falcons at the appointed time!

What to queue and save to Favorites beforehand:

Season 2 Episode 7: Unnatural Alliances

When Terra Man, a villain from the future, arrives in the 31st century to hunt down a child, the Legion is sure Imperiex is behind the plot. But after Imperiex proves to be the boyโ€™s protector, Legion must uncover why.

Season 2 Episode 8: Message in a Bottle

Superman and the Legion must venture into the legendary bottled city of Kandor in order to stop Imperiex who is after an advanced Kryptonian technology believed to be hidden inside.

Season 2 Episode 9: In the Beginning

While on a mission to rescue the Legionโ€™s benefactor, R.J. Brande, our heroes find themselves reminiscing about how the Legion was first created by Brande and its founding members: Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, and Saturn Girl.

Thank you Don-El for having hosted these watch-alongs as well as your weekly readers.



Who is stopping by for the penultimate watch-along of LOSH?

Little under 5 hours left to showtime!

1 hour to go!

30 minutes!

If Iโ€™m the only one here, that means all of the snacks will belong to me muahahaha

10 minutes

Getting the episode queued up :smiley:


Ghost of Don-El is watching from a place called discord

What kind of monster would destroy a cute little robo-puppy?

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Poor robot dog! These people are very villainous for that.

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@Jay_Kay coming through making sure this WAL wasnโ€™t my villain origin story :sob: :wave:

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Man, first they destroy the robo-doggo, now threatening a kid? Yeesh.

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The two Supermen concept is really cool

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This is supposed to be a kidโ€™s show? The villains are really pushing the envelope here :sweat_smile:

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Maybe they did when they first introduced him, but Iโ€™m wondering what the idea is with the energy powers he has.

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Greg Weisman did write a lot of these, he does tend to push the envelope in that way.


Yup, you could see elements of this show being retooled/reused for Young Justice.


โ€œDoes anyone else want to pet him now?โ€ :laughing:


And we might considering what they hinted at during the end of Outsidersโ€ฆ

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โ€œI stepped on one once.โ€ LMAO

You STEPPED on one once? I wanna hear that story.

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Oh my god, Kell is freaking awful, I love it. :laughing: