[Legion Fan Club] Legion in Green Arrow 2023 Reading January 25 2024

Welcome to another session of the [Legion Fan Club], 4 years 9 months of [Legion Fan Club] fun now, as we continue our quest to read all of Legion and Legion-related tales digitized on DC Universe Infinite…one issue at a time!

January 25th 2024 Reading:

Green Arrow (2023) #3-5 Joshua Williamson, writer. Various for art.

The Legion of Super-Heroes is featured in these three issues, and new villains / heroes appear in the 31st Century. Let us know your thoughts, hopes and dreams as the Legion continues to be a draw for audiences!

Green Arrow (2023) #3 (June 2023)

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Green Arrow (2023) #4 (September 2023)

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Green Arrow (2023) #5 (October 2023)

  1. Can anyone identify every Legion member drawn in these issues? Please reveal all to the rest of us.

  2. What’s the same between this Legion and the last one we saw in the JLA / Legion series last year? Any differences between this Legion and Bendis’?

  3. What are your thoughts on bringing present-day villains and heroes directly into the 31st Century action (like with Darkseid, now Parallax)?

Please share any favorite panels / front pages from this time around!

We’ll plan to do this again next month with next Legion reading! There are more current Legion appearances brewing, we’ll be sure to check those out once they fully hatch!

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Long Live the Legion

Long Live the Legion

Long Live the Legion



So far I like this appearance!


Nice!!! I’ve yet to explore that!!


Which Legion is this? Classic Legion appears in JSA, but this seems Bendis Legion in an intedeterminute sort of way.