[Legion Fan Club] 6/22/23 Reading: LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (1984-) #10-12 May-July 1985

Welcome to another session of the [Legion Fan Club], 4 years 2 months of [Legion Fan Club] fun now, as we continue our quest to read all of Legion tales digitized on DC Universe Infinite…one issue at a time!

June 22nd 2023 Reading: THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (1984-) #10-12 (May-July 1985), during the first few issues of the original Crisis on Infinite Earths!

Click on blurs below to go to the issues (blurred to prevent spoilers, these are only 38 year old tales after all):

Legion of Super-Heroes (1984-) #10 May 1985 It’s election day for the new President of Earth, and someone is trying to kill all three candidates! Paul Levitz / Steve Lightle

Legion of Super-Heroes (1984-) #11 June 1985 Paul Levitz / Ernie Colón The three founding members of the Legion take care of some old business. ( @Lincolnfan78 )

Legion of Super-Heroes (1984-) #12 July 1985 Paul Levitz / Steve Lightle Amid an interstellar battle, three Legionnaires resign! Plus, the Legion’s election results for the team’s new leader!

Please join in the discussion below.

  1. In issue #10, which of the attacks did you think was the most action-packed and dramatic?

  2. What did you think of Bouncing Boy and Comet Queen’s adventure in issue #11?

  3. Which is the best drawn member in issue #12 in your opinion?

Please share any favorite panels / front pages from this time around!

We’ll plan to do this again in a few weeks with next Legion reading!

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Long Live the Legion

Long Live the Legion

Long Live the Legion


…and I wonder which cover is everyone’s favorite?

  1. A tie between Wildfire and Colossal Boy, Wildfire’s use of his powers against his opponent was mpressive as was Gim winning without powers.
  2. It was a nice romp and look at the characters.
    3.Tellus actually.as to the covers 12 I’m a sucker for the covers that showcase a bit noch of Legionaires.
  1. I would say Colossal Kid was the most dramatic save. He did a great job protecting his mother.
  2. Comet Queen is quite the handful! Nice to see Bouncing Boy use his brain to save them.
  3. I thought Timber Wolf was drawn well.

I found the cover featuring Superboy to be the most striking of the three.

  1. I thought the most dramatic candiate attack was Invisible Kid’s, if for not otherr reason than his erratic powers added an extra dramatic element.
  2. Bouncing Boy and Comet Queen’s adventure is my favorite part of issue 11 and possibly of the whole trio of issues. The story was delociously over the top and showed off Giffen’s always effective story telling.
  3. I thought Phantom Girl was the best the most conistantly well drawn character in issue 12, with honorable mention to Superboy, Brainy, and Dawnstar.

I liked issue 12 the best. For me, there’s always something special about Superboy on a Legion cover.