Legends of Tomorrow: What Happened?

I remember in Season 2 feeling like it had the highest stakes out of the entire Arrowverse. Eobard Thawn, Malcolm Merlin, and Damian Dahrk got their hands on the Spear of Destiny and had reshaped the universe as they saw fit. They had even recruited the Legends deceased Teammate, Leonard Smart the manipulate Mick Rory into helping them. The legends ended up having to “die” in order to save the universe and reality itself. Like I said. Pretty dire straights.

Fast forward to season 3 and they are using a stuffed animal named Beebo to kill a Time Demon and I’m just groaning on the inside. What happened? Now I had really high hopes for season 4. They bring in John Constantine and I’m thinking the show will get back to its dire straights. After all Constantine and his conflicts are for a more mature audience. But I’m rolling my eyes as Nate realised Ray and Mick have been turned into pigs and he’s apparently fluent in pig as the snorting animal gets across that it is indeed Ray Palmer and Nate can understand the animal and I’m like…“What happened to this show?! When did it become a Saturday morning Cartoon?”

I can’t be the only one that feels this way. I hope the show can come back from this. I really like it. Here’s to hoping it gets back on track.


ShrapnelX2, I completely agree with your assessment of Legends of Tomorrow. Season two was so good I was hoping for a Legion Of Doom spinoff. Thawne, Merlyn, and Dahrk were wonderfully evil in season two. Things started going off the rails by mid-season three and so far season four has been a disappointment. They couldn’t find a more fearsome foe than a fairy godmother to go up against freakin’ John Constantine? Oy, at least Arrow and Black Lightning are still holding up their ends.


The Hellblazer being bested by an old woman in a sparkly dress is probably the most Hellblazer thing I think I’ve ever seen. You really do need to jump into the comics. Part of John’s charm is the fact that the living world mocks him in every possible way during his every waking moment because he’s so completely and utterly damned.


The show was kind of always terrible. It was kind of a fun-dumb concept done poorly. Poorly written from the gate and too reliant on the idea that people in 2016 were still as juiced for Doctor Who as they were in 2008. I kind of appreciate how meta the show has become now that they know they’re essentially cancelled.

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I think they just wanted to give each show it’s distinct flavor. Arrow is dark and gritty, Flash is a mix of drama and comedy, Supergirl echoes Flash but puts a more feminine spin on things, Black Lightning is a serious drama, and Legends just leans full on into comedy now. I recently watched the entire series on Netflix before the new season launched. The tone of the first season is a far cry from what the show has turned into.


I’m 100% fine with legends being a comedy series. A premise that dumb needs to be light. The problem is that the show isn’t very amusing. Like imagine how funny a similar show would be with Booster and Ted Kord. I hate saying this, but it should have been less DC Doctor Who and more DC Rick & Morty.

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Totally disagree. I like the aloofness of Legends. For me,Arrow and Supergirl are hard to watch


Yea maybe I need to read more Hellblazer. I just love these shows and want them to suceed

They embraced the sillyness that fans enjoyed. For me personally, I prefer the seriousness from season 1 but I still watch it. Don’t take it too seriously man.


I agree with the OP. I liked the show at first up to mid S2 but am so over it now

I don’t think Constantine fits with the Legends, I was all for it till it happened, I was wrong. He is so much better on his own, come on DC give Constantine his show back.

As for the rest of the crew, don’t like Sara having a steady girlfriend, it was more fun watching her sleep her way through time. They should also try to bring back evil Rip, he was a fun character.

As someone who loves the 2nd season I thought the 3rd was just as great and I like what is going on with S4 so far.

News flash;Legends had third highest gain in 14/49 age bracket. This show is clicking with non-nerds…and that is a good thing.

I have really enjoyed the current season of Legends so far. People whining abt Constantine in it really aggravates me to no end. Would you rather have no Constantine at all, because that’s the only other option right now.

Personally season 3 was my favorite of LoT. Beebo the Hero ftw!

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I would rather have no Constantine at all, than what were getting on Legends. The summer camp episode was it for me, I’m dropping Legends.

I love Legends of Tomorrow. It’s unapologetically quirky and fun. Not everything needs to be grim-dark.


i love legends its a nice break from the seriousness of the other cw shows and it does not take its self to serious its a nice break


There’s a difference between light hearted humor fun and whacky camp like legends now.

It’s not simply either dark and gritty or goofy

I’m good with whacky camp. I like that there is ONE show that is completely bonkers and different from all the other DC shows. The show is self-aware that its nuts, and it owns it. It’s the arrowverse show that I look forward to each week because I know it’ll make me laugh or say what the?!?


might be silly on the surface but Legends explores character and relationships as good or better than the rest

Zari’s episode last season could be the best story across the whole 'verse