Legends of Tomorrow: I am Legends (spoilers)

Welcome back my Legendary Island of Misfits! I cannot wait for next week’s penultimate episode to see how the Legends come back to life (not much of a show if most of your cast is dead even one that has changed cast as much as this one). Let’s get right into it!

  1. I want to know more about a shadow stone with a disembodied voice that sounds like a crying baby. John has the most interesting artifacts but I’d be scared to touch anything.
  2. Poor bunny has IBS…
  3. I like how the group points out how insensitive it is to say that Sara is just blind now. Very inclusive.
  4. We’re immortal superheroes but we have to wait for a bus. Still get no respect.
  5. It reminded me of the perils of a certain spider person from the marvelous competition when no one had fare to get on the bus.
  6. “As long as I’m driving this bus, everyone needs a fare.” “Ok suit yourself.” Love that Mick just took charge. He looks like a crazed taxi driver.
  7. Love Astra’s demands: prunes gone, dogs remain as puppies forever.
  8. Ava and Sara: co-captains for life.
  9. I had the feeling that Sara saw something but pretended to lose her powers.
  10. When the Fate used the ring, her hand reminded me of Dumbledore in book 6.
    11, Zari giving John a pep talk to not give up now. The mystical seamstresses have not started weaving yet.
  11. Once again they stop John before he can smoke.
  12. So John is unappetizing to zombies because he is a damned soul.
  13. Anyone else get a Weird Science feeling when Gary and “Gideon” worked together?
  14. Love that Zari is only one not immortal but she also says she can’t just sit here and do nothing.
  15. Of course they show Astra the time of her mom’s death and skip over all the happy moments in their new life together. If they do bring back her mom, will that change Astra such that she never went to Hell? Or does the time travel show skip over that?
  16. Acknowledge the past with a quote from Rip that certain things are inevitable.
  17. Was that a Jonah Hex wanted poster the Fate threw her knives at?
  18. Sums up the Legends: Best solutions are when there is no plan at all. Legends are all about improv like free form jazz.
  19. The Legends are mistaken for super zombies who can talk and withstand headshots.
  20. Anyone else worry what would have happened if not immortal and first test they try it is Ava getting shot in the head?
  21. Gary and Gideon with their own spinoff and a theme song.
  22. Anyone else like Gary the unlikeliest action hero? Up there with McClane and Riggs
  23. I like the unique ways Zari used her powers. She blew into an airbag to send the zombie’s head into a pole.
  24. Stopping John from expounding on history instead of just performing the spell. She does have a point he does that a lot
  25. Reformed thief turned romance novelist. Hey who you calling reformed?
  26. Mick saves the day because he was locked in one of these vans before and knew of the weak door.
  27. I love that Mick had promised Lita he would not get locked up again and wanted them to promise not to tell her.
  28. The moron is talking to a rabbit. You mean Gideon was not real?
  29. “Get in losers, we’re going looming!”
  30. World is going to end, Behrad’s dead all because someone forgot to charge the courier.
  31. Who left the note that said BRB Zombie Apocalypse (misspelled)?
  32. Fates are literally against us.
  33. John is an exorcist with a savior complex.
  34. The sexual tension between Zari and a John reminded me of Sam and Diane on Cheers.
  35. The creepy way she said head, shoulders, knees and toes means I will never hear that song in same way…
  36. You could have stayed in Hell but you took Ava’s hand and took a leap of faith.
  37. Charlie gives that knowing look when she sees John and Zari after, you know.
  38. I enjoyed the quiet moment the team had before the zombies where they talk about sitting with their pals, flying through time. They really care for each other.
  39. John initially says multi continent rager but then still wants to do right by Astra after all
  40. Mick wishes he was still a criminal as it was much simpler then. I like that he is much more complex now.
  41. Sara’s vision was of her death and she was saying goodbye to Ava and pushing her to become leader.
  42. We talk about sometimes the cheap effects but London burning in background really looked fake to me.
  43. Astra and her mom loved strawberries. Gary was able to get through to her before she “died”.
  44. I complained about the effects but it was a very cool shot after Sara and Ava kiss and pulls back to see the entire team move to get ready to fight.
  45. Charlie:”I’m done running let’s get to work.” Say it isn’t so. Only living Legend left I hope you have a plan to help from within. Enough with the betrayals!
    I’m not ready to hold a wake yet ( though what a party it would be!) so I’ll wait to see what happens to our Legends. Until next time, stay Legendary!
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Already? :pleading_face: I thought there were more left.

I think it should be a rule that one of them always carry a time courier.

This is the first time I found myself agreeing with her.

You know I never realized this until you pointed it out in an earlier post. And I’m like omg! How could I have never noticed?! Now every time I NEED to see it lit even if smoking is bad.

Side note: why does he even need a lighter if he can make fire come out of his hands?

This made me think of Snart/captain cold.

They must have heard my pleas for a Gary spinoff.

Living legend…ha. I didn’t take it as a betrayal at all. Was it Ava? that told her that she could defeat them because she was smart enough to do it once, so I’m sure she has a plan.

Also, you’re very observant and I think I’m going to rewatch. I didn’t see the misspelling or the Jonah hex poster lol

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That was a good story twist.

That moment was intense - and cool!

Mick is the secret weapon


Yet another reason to love Captain Sara Lance!

It’s about time Gary did something right!

I did not expect a Zombie episode - and that’s what I love about this show - they can do almost anything and have fun with it! Can’t wait to see the finale. I don’t know how they’re going to get out of this one.

If I remember right they said season finale was June 2, which means two more episodes left, one this upcoming week and one next week. Still at least they get to complete their story unlike others

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And I liked that they were fast, like in World War Z.

I kind of like that she was grossed out. but it was definitely a dope move.

I am looking forward to the end of this arc. the “scenes from next week” gave me a remote control teen titans '03 vibe.

Same I was thinking control freak the whole time with that

I got the name wrong didn’t i. curses…

Legends never disappoints.
Loved the whole Gideon/Gary dynamic, Ava getting shot in the head, and the Legends being even more reckless because of their immortality.
Didn’t love the whole idea of basically everyone dying, bit they’ll be back.
Also, who saw Zari and Constantine making out? :raising_hand_woman:

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Not until they started yelling at each other about not wanting to be with the other…

:raised_hand:t3: I was thinking after last episode that they would be hooking up soon. Did/Does Zari know he’s also hooked up with Sara?