Legends of Tomorrow: Bishop's Gambit (spoilers)

Welcome back my Legendary Island of Misfits! Let’s take flight and hope we don’t go missing like Amelia Earhart!

  1. “You’ll never guess in a million years.” “You’re a clone.” Sara knows her clones, maybe even more personally than we thought before…
  2. Bishop has conquered death by being able to take his memories and insert into a new clone should the other one die? And yet he makes multiple Ava’s to just act as his servants. It really seems he is trying but can’t really make friends.
  3. “You’re like a caveman, or a monkey, or like a cave-monkey.”
  4. Mick can’t keep up with Kayla’s drinking because he can only double-fist it, while she has eight tentacles.
  5. I’m sorry but can I say how much I love John’s pajamas?
  6. 12 pizzas for Behrad “Mario” Tarazi (“that’sa my pizza”) because they can no longer use the Waverider fabricator so he needs to plan ahead.
  7. Cathode ray tube from 1974 to power Gideon…seems like something CHester R Funk would do.
  8. “Stay off the black tiles unless want toxin-tipped darts.” Now John’s house is like the Indiana Jones simulator - There was no J in Jehovah!
  9. “We are living and breathing as one.” “So I am also Behrad Tarazi?” He really needs to teach a philosophy class, but with snacks.
  10. Nate knows how to play “Stairway to Heaven”? Um, not really.
  11. Aww, Kayla’s mom got her ship for her 300th rotation.
  12. Amelia beats Kayla to the punch in stealing the Waverider.
  13. Max Headroom and modem sounds for Gideon…love it!
  14. “Gideon, you don’t um.”
  15. “We never meet the chill aliens.”
  16. “Speaking as a house guest, is bringing a rampaging alien back to John’s house the best idea?” Worst Houseguests Ever.
  17. OK, real question time, how did they time travel without the Waverider? They also got to John’s house in the right time period from their previous mission in the 60s
  18. I’m sorry, but they have now mutated my childhood hero Amelia into an alien/human hybrid. I just don’t know what to think.
  19. “Maybe I’m not a shoot first ask questions kind of girl.”
    “You’re working on yourself.”
    “You can find out their deepest fears, and exploit them.”
    “That was dark” and yet she impresses Astra
  20. B and Spooner play bad cop and Behrad cop
  21. Gary the Octopus squeezing through the sewage pipes…ewww, but impressed?
  22. “Can I count on you?” “I’m your man, er alien man.” loving this Gary/Sara interaction, reminds me still of PennySheldon mismatch
  23. “You’re at Shady Acres, the chilliest sanitarium around.” Gotta love Behrad.
  24. “I love when aliens give specific addresses.” This never happens, but we need to move the story forward, so lets speed it along…
  25. Gary has the title of biggest idiot in the galaxy, but he also has the biggest heart.
  26. “You’re the freak who ate D squad!” Yet they are OK with it because he is their hero when the atmosphere goes down.
  27. “I can forget about you imprisoning me if you can can forget me snapping your neck.” Let’s let bygones be bygones.
  28. “You cant ever tell what a person is thinking even if you open her brain” - why do I get the feeling Gideon would be giggling over this statement?
  29. “Sugary carbs one of benefits to have bodies to spare.” Oh if only…
  30. Rory is very belligerent and intoxicated - yup that describes him to a T but also loyal.
  31. “Gideon’s Mescal is toilet water”, but Gideon’s blueberry kush is… good to know
  32. Spooner starts to worry she will lose her humanity as she keeps pushing her alien powers. I wonder where this will go.
  33. Don’t think about your past
    Don’t think about your future.
    On time machine, past and future don’t exist.
    That is really deep, Behrad.
  34. Yeah! Mick has a gas mask and is able to survive! He also cares enough to help Kayla breathe even though he hides it under need to carry fuel cell.
  35. “Ava has amazing hair like you.” Ava must be a great leader to have a servant like Gary who knows his hair products.
  36. Guitar afflicted by tone deaf banshee - guess Nate did not know Stairway.
  37. Astra is helping to hide John’s lack of magic, but for how long? This won’t bite them in the butt, will it?
  38. “A battery is missing.” “Why are you telling me and not inventory Ava?” Is it size DDDDDDD?
  39. I want to know what type of appies that Bishop has.
  40. I love the fact that Mick does not defend his species, calling them cheats, liars, frauds, but then tells Kayla that Sara is different and this is why he needs to save her. I’m tearing up.
  41. Bishop genetically modified his pain receptors to help him evolve.
  42. “I wasn’t born yesterday. Oh wait, I was.”
  43. Kayla was scared back there and no one has accused Mick of being smart. You could sense the tension building to that moment like the Titantic, but with tentacles against the fogged window.
  44. Sara did not fear Amelia. Yes, two bad@$$ women facing off and no one blinked.
  45. Sara is still holding on to all that anger, and it is not healthy, well according to Bishop.
  46. “Every scar on my body is a memory a lesson learned in blood and I don’t forget it. You’ve just forgotten yours.” that’s right, Sara, you tell hi…
  47. …waitaminute!!! Sara has no scars?!?
  48. Sara died and is now a clone? It was definitely a shock, but hear me out. There is nothing wrong with clones. Ava is a clone and she a fully developed character and Sara loves her. I would much rather have an alive clone Sara than a dead original Sara. After fighting death and coming back, this just seems another stop on the journey, though she must get frequent flyer miles for coming back from the dead.
    OK, let’s have a moment of silence for the original Sara.

Now, let’s give a hand to the writers of the show for keeping it fresh and always guessing! Until next time, stay Legendary!

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This show is just… This is why I love this show!

Only Mick! It was so in character for him to do that.

Yeah, me too. I’m used to weird and crazy on this show. I did not see that coming and I felt my heart break a little. She can live on as a clone, but still. I never thought I’d see Sara dead, well, again.

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I would enjoy a snarky comment such as “true story” or perhaps “and how”.

It’s both. Although I was anticipating him pulling out another mask.

Every scar tells a story. But I am also okay with cloneSara.

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