📺 Late Night Watch Along with Human Target episode 6, Saturday night 4th of July, 9:30pm Pacific, 12:30am Eastern 📺

Due to an uncertain work schedule, I’m postponing the watch along for a week. Hopefully after the fireworks :fireworks: you will all be able to join us for Skyscraper, Christopher Chance style…

2020-07-05T04:30:00Z → 2020-07-05T05:15:00Z

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Sucks that you got stuck, but the rent/mortgage don’t pay itself.


I actually got to go home. It works out though, I am watching The Incredible Hulk “My Favorite Magician” on the NBC app. I would rather have not had the watch tonight then have tried and not been able to be here. I will be back next week though, and we will resume a normal schedule again!!!

I am assuming it’s over time when you have to. which is great. But getting your time off back as time off? Also great.

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Yeah, forced OT is not fun…

No it is not. My mindset is that sometimes the workload goes over the time allotted. And when it does, the best way through is to get done what needs to get done. i’ll post a countdown eventually. Assuming it is go, will you be at the WoW watchalong, assuming the thread is created? I don’t mind creating a bootleg one if she misses, but i will wait until 2 minutes before showtime to do that if the official thread still does not exist by then.

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My weekend to work

alas… But at least I don’t have to create a bootleg thread to cover this week.

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About 5 1/2 days away…

Voting ends Sunday, quarterfinals are set:

i added my $0.02

two days, fifteen hours, twenty-six minutes

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12 1/2 hours

Just about 3 3/4 hours!!! About to go watch the :fireworks::fireworks::fireworks: and then back here for the fun!!!

About an hour and 20…

64 mniutes

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Catching this one lol

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Glad you are able to join us!!!

Just a couple minutes

Also, I hope everyone has their vote in for the DC movie tournament

As I’m paused waiting, the gun sight looks more like the Fantastic Four’s 4

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