[Lantern Corps] Knight Terrors: Green Lantern #2

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This series of posts is to discuss the Green Lantern issues of Knight Terrors. This issue can be read here.

Feel free to use any, all, or none of the questions below as discussion starters.

  1. What was your favorite part?
  2. Was anything surprising to see?
  3. How do you like the Sinestro storyline?

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While I did like that these GL tie-ins show that Hal remembers the horrors of his life but doesn’t necassarily feel fear when being confronted by them, I find it a bit weird that the Insomnia character was all of a sudden scared and fleeing Hal. It just doesn’t align with what we know and have seen from this character so far.

I feel like a lot has happened between the start of this new GL title and the end of the last GL ongoing book because I don’t actually remember what happened to Soranik or what is going on with the Sinestro Corps. Did whatever happen to Sinestro happen in a past story that we have already seen or are they going to reveal what happened soon?


What was your favorite part?

Honestly, I loved the whole issue. It’s likely one of my favorite comic issues I’ve ever read. Makes me want to start reading the rest of Knight Terrors. Love seeing Hal overcome all his major past events.

If I had to pick a single part, the chainsaw was pretty good.

Was anything surprising to see?

Wasn’t expecting Insomnia to do a complete 180 and start being the fearful one on the run.

How do you like the Sinestro storyline?

Excited to see where it goes. Assuming he’s in the same situation where Insomnia is trying to exploit his fears. The good vs evil thing was kinda weird, but I guess that could be a strategy for Insomnia to use.

Was hoping the whole fear theme would mean they dive deeper into how the yellow rings operate. All the other colors operate based on the wearer’s respective feeling. Yellow has always seemed different in that it’s offered to those that can “instill great fear”. That would mean it’s about how the wearer makes their target(s) feel, but their rings still work when no one is around to be afraid of them.

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  1. What was your favorite part?

I think it was seeing Hal just really go from living a nightmare to beating the crap out of his inner demons. It’s sort of like someone realizing, “oh yeah, I can lucid dream” and just pile-driving the monster chasing them.

  1. Was anything surprising to see?

I was a little surprised at just how much he enjoyed taking out his zombie family. Like “Damn, man, are there any psychiatrists in the Corps you can talk to?” :rofl:

  1. How do you like the Sinestro storyline?

It was alright. Not a lot happens, I feel like it was mostly just a refresher of what Sinestro has been through so people reading the main series can get a little more context about what Sinestro will do for the rest of the series, but it was still nice to see.

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